How Do You Tap into The Most Powerful Redemptive Force in Your Life?


Imagination is more important than knowledge shared Albert Einstein many years ago.

With Easter week end we just had, I was pondering about the meaning of redemption.

Our Imagination has a powerful redemptive function. With imagination we can renew ourselves.

That’s one of the reason probably Albert Einstein mentioned that Imagination was more important?

If we come to this realization, there are two main reason to be aware.

Number one- knowledge is already known, while imagination is what could be.

Second, imagination is the most powerful redemptive power we possess in our human experience.

If you can think about a wave, imagination is like a wave, full of possibilities, moving changing, vibrating while knowledge is discreet, it’s known, like a particle, it could be compared to a bucket of that ocean

Why this matter to you?

It matter, because if imagination is the most powerful redemptive resource we‘ve got.

In order for us to change, our thoughts must change. Our thoughts change as we create the ideal of what we want.

Let’s first dig into the meaning of redemption, or to redeem. To redeem means to buy back (something you already had).

What that means for you?

With imagination we’re helping ourselves to buy back what we have already inside us.

Let’s think about this thoroughly.

Water is made of molecule H2O, so does oxygen and air in our atmosphere contain the same molecule but in a different configuration.

Similarly, in our essence and nature, as human we are made of similar elements.

Hence the idea that we’re all energy and everything is energy; the clue is to realize the power of the following; difference does not consist in variety of substance, but rather difference in form consist in a different arrangement of the same substance.

Many people seems to understand this, But I’m not sure that many people understand the power of that statement above.

If we truly understood the power of this statement we know that there’s only one time to claim our power it’s is Now, and only one place to claim here.

In a way, all is here within us right now, like all the sages have claimed in all tradition. What we have to exercise then is the power to redeem ourselves, by assuming with our imagination what we desire.

In fact, Wallace Wattles said -By thoughts, what you want is brought to you. By only action what you want is received. So you need to act in order to receive.  In The science of Getting of Rich.

The biggest secret is controlled imagination.

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Your Desires Can be your curse or blessings depending how they use you or on how you use them.

Because of their power certain traditions suggest to learn to suppress our desires. We’ve all probably heard of master leaving austere and ascetic lifestyle who believe in depriving self in order to reach “Nirvana” or to realize their highest self. Some group of people promise to stay poor, in order to avoid material acquisition and more wants. Their approach to happiness is to reduce the desire part of the equation.

On the other hand, the current predominant culture in capitalism foster consumerism, which naturally and purposefully lead people to activate and exercise their want and desires muscle- which is the primary goal of our master marketers-How to incite people to want and desires their products?

Regardless of what you think is right or wrong, the real question is why these two extremes polarities?

Below, I’m going to share why and what you can do about it in order to come ahead.

Frankly, the answer lies in this sentence “Your Desires Can be your curse or blessings depending how they use you or on how you use them.”

 Why this matter to you?

It does matter because for the same reason that fire can be used to keep you warm and cook your food, we all agree that fire can be used to destroy or cleanse.

Similarly our desires are like a knife with two edges. Which is why I believe it’s important for us to learn to use them effectively and WITH A CLEAR PURPOSE FOR THE OUTCOME we intend to use it for.

It’s a follow up in some way to what I share last time about our emotions.

Our desires invoke in us, EMOTIONS and FEELINGS.  I personally believe that we shouldn’t run away from our emotions, but we can use them as dashboard indicators helping to give us feedback on our states, and many more useful information.

The key is to learn how to use them.

Having desire and want, create in us polarization. As we get polarized, our perception is skewed and our subjectivity meter is higher and higher;

In a way the real question that we should ask ourselves are there benefits (or disadvantages) in being subjective about a subject or a desire outcome?


The “natural” answer is probably to jump to conclusion and say no; as nowadays many of us   are raised to be “rationale” and as much objective as possible that in many ways we’re being led to deny that we’re also emotional being.

The real secret lies in what I shared last time; it’s about understanding the power of this concept-

FEELING and EMOTIONS happen in the present moment, not in the past or in the future, But in the moment.

How is that relevant for us here?

When we have desire, we’re polarized already. The key is to use that as a guidance system.

The desire and the want help us to identify what we want, what we want to become.

In fact Napoleon Hill in his classic book “think and grow rich”, talk about the power of having a burning desire; which is your longings, or discontents. A Burning desire is powerful because it’s like being pregnant with that idea and desire as you are present with that idea and cannot escape from it. One cannot be “half pregnant”. That’s the power of identifying our desires and our want, AND NOT run away from it; instead we should embrace it and use it as a leverage.

In a way running from it is like being “half pregnant” and you might never experience what you want deep down. In a way it’s like saying to a gardener I want vegetable in my garden and not providing to the gardener the seeds that need to be planted in your soil that you already have.

Here’s the biggest secret that make the huge difference and understanding that power is paramount.

Why is it a big secret? Because majority of people don’t use it even tough it’s a very simple concept.  

Most people stay in the feeling of “wanting” happiness (for example). Or when I get xyz, I will be happy etc…  Here’s the nuance- When you say, I WILL BE happy, you are saying I AM NOT happy; as we just learn, feeling and emotions happen in the present.

Small detail But very powerful.  What that means?

The desire, and the want help you to identify what you need to Become, what you need to be emoting. In a way, that polarization is a prelude, and a life preview of what need to happen in order for you to get what you want. Mastery consist in transmuting that want into the present moment. Here in lies the power of REAL Masters of ALL AGES in ALL Cultures.

They understood that everything they want to experience is within them and right NOW. So they resonate in that vibration (whether or not their realities or current circumstances show different). And it’s not heresy or magic thinking, but here in lies mastery.

That’s how you can leverage the power of your desires to lead yourself, your community and the world at large. That’s how a Mahatma Gandhi inspired his country or a mother Theresa transform a whole community.

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Embrace Your Power in The NOW!!!


What is ultimate freedom? Depending on the context you might get different answers, but I would agree with Viktor Frankl suggestion of the last authentic freedom- The freedom to choose at will one own thoughts and emotions.

Certainly being able to observe at a distance your thoughts and feeling and choose what you want is a immense that all the masters of this world have demonstrated.

Have you found yourself sometimes overwhelmed with the feeling that you need to do, do, do, and do a lot of things in order to get somewhere or to get something?

Well it happened to me the last 3 weeks, hence I didn’t get a chance to publish my weekly publications(which I apologize for that, as I know some of you look forward it); but I’m here today to share my findings and what I went through. I trust that it will help you in transmuting your destiny. Some of the concepts might seem obvious or even common sense, but I hope that you grasp the power of the principles. If you really do embrace the power of what I’ll be sharing and if you apply it, it will change the quality of your life.

The main concept stems from this notion “I AM is stronger than I WILL BE”.

In other words, the power of the moment, your power in the present.

I read over 15 years ago the famous book of Eckhart Tolle-The power of Now.

And have read many more literatures about the power of the moment. What I’m realizing is really a level up, It’s your power in the Now; I finally came to understanding the wise and masters wisdom shared through ages.

Let’s stop here and think for a minute. Let’s do an exercise.

  • 1-Can you think of a moment in the past where you felt happy and fulfilled? Did you find a moment? Now stay that moment and freeze. How do you feel right now in this moment before you move on to the next phase please freeze.
    • Assuming you did the exercise I suggest above, Let me guess right now as you’re reading this sentence, you feel happier than thirty seconds ago before you reached this sentence?
    • How do I know?
    • Because FEELING and EMOTIONS happen in the present moment.
  • 2-Now can you think about a dream, or a goal you have?

Did you find one? Do you have one? Please find one before you move to read the next lines.

Now assuming you have one, could you please describe how will you feel if that dream and goal is achieved?

Let me guess again, you’ll feel happier? How do I know?

Because FEELING and EMOTIONS happen in the present moment.


So let’s summarize this perspective, we went into the past and we went into the future.

And when it came to feeling we HAD to in the present moment.

Clearly, my point is this- FEELING, don’t happen in the past or in the future, they happen in the present; which means that your power resides in the present moment.

In your beingness, in your IAM ness, that’s what move molecules and energy around you.

Now why is this all relevant to you?

A lot of us especially in nowadays lifestyle, find themselves overwhelmed and chasing, doing, chasing, d the future working in anticipating our future or running away from our past. We’re caught between what was, what happened and what will be. We’re running everywhere, but not being in the present.

This so important here, because, emotionally or energetically, when we admit we will be happy when we get xyz, we’re confessing that we’re not xyz yet. So our vibration is instable and our signature is a “lack” of xyz; not an abundance of xyz.

This is very subtle, very simple, but very powerful, and I want to repeat this, because it changed my life and I hope you embrace the power of this.

When we say, I Will be grateful when I get abc, or I will be happier when I get abc, or will have abc.

Let’s analyze this; it’s good that as a “go getter” we’re not satisfied and want to improve the status quo, but at the same time when you say I will be you are saying you are not.

So it’s important to be aware of that; as real power will come from a higher energetically signature, not ONLY your will power. That’s the difference between real wizard and warriors.

Your Power is in the present. Your Power is not in I WILL BE, but rather in THE I AM.

I AM Loved, is more powerful than I WILL BE LOVED.

So next time, when you find yourself running, overwhelmed, chasing, just take a deep breathe ask yourself. What am I after? What am I chasing?

What is the ultimate feeling and emotions Am I looking after?

Then emulate that feeling first and foremost.

In that emulation, you find momentum, you find your true power!!!

Next week we’ll view a level up and an extension of the application.

Stay tuned. Till Next Week-Live Your Power with Purpose, Passion & Prosperity.