How to Quadruple Your Productivity Using the Natural Law of Rhythm? The “I/O” Productivity tool

We are either in INPUT state or Output State .Nothing in between as suggest the law of rhythm.



The real question is whether you realize it or not and HOW CAN you leverage those natural laws to your advantage?

You are always in one mode whether you want it or not.

The principle of rhythm is something universal and that manifest itself everywhere if you pay close attention. In our plane of consciousness, between polarities the law of rhythm is expressed.

Let’s look at some obvious manifestation of the law of rhythm: night and day; ebb and flow; growth or decrease; rise or fall; birth or death; summer or winter.

The flow is constant toward one end or another. The illusion of being stagnant is the biggest fallacy ever given into our culture. Clearly, you’re either growing or dying, nothing in between!!!

When we look ourselves into the mirror every day, if we could answer this question genuinely, we’ll start to realize our power: are we growing or dying? That will trigger intentionality in our growth.

With the increasing demand in our daily’s lives, how do we balance and increase our productivity?

First, the root word for productivity is to “produce”.

Nowadays, with the 24 news cycle, the social media bombardment, the MOST Important asset that we have is our focus (mental, and emotional) in order to optimize our productivity.

Similar to the law rhythm, I’m here to suggest a derivative of this law that is not new to physics, but in fact I see a great use of it, in human performance. I’m here to say that we are either in INPUT state or Output State .Nothing in between as suggest the law of rhythm.

At any given moment, we’re either in Output/Input mode.

How is this related to being productive?

Well, fundamentally to produce stems from “OUTPUT; So we become producer in an output mode.

If that’s the case, we should ask ourselves, how often are we in an “output” mode or state?

The reason I’m asking this obvious question, is because clearly nowadays, the majority of people spend their time in consumption “mode”, watching the news, people posting etc…

Yes it’s necessary to be informed and connected, BUT the real question is; Are you doing this intentionally or are you letting the events dictate your mode?

The way you increase your production is WHEN YOU learn to take control of your INPUT/OUTPUT modal state.

There’s a time and moment for each state. But the reality is the way you quadruple your productivity is when you are prepare to produce, you want a high yield, the way you get a high yield is by having first or of all a high degree of clarity; clarity in your planning and the last step is clarity in your execution phase which is the “working your plan” phase.

This last phase is where nowadays many people fail to realize. Let’s use this metaphor of car engine power; people gifted with their V12 engine are running their engine as V6 engine, because of the leak that their V12 engine have.

The leak in our daily lives are the lack of attention and focus, both emotionally and mentally. We get distracted when we’re supposed to be producing. Distraction means we’re moving into an Input mode. Sometimes it’s ok to be in Input mode as long as we‘ve chosen that mode.

In fact that how inspiration breakthrough come from sometimes, we need to absorb and be in an input mode. But there comes a time, where we need to pivot between input and output.

Let’s look at our human biology or circadian rhythm just an example.

After lunch hours, our stomach is usually full and we got enough blood supply to our stomach; it wouldn’t make sense to be in an output mode right after lunch as we might need our brain power?

Should one schedule some brainstorming session, or team gathering to socialize after that? Maybe that’s a better idea at that time where you can allow to be input mode.

Similarly, how about if you take charge of your peripheral mode, every day, every hour, every minute. Decide consciously, what mode you’ll be in and what you will produce.

Do you think your productivity will improve? No doubt about that.

I have used that technic and my productivity has gone through the roof, just because the time I have allocated for being output, I blocked myself to not let any distraction come my way, similarly, when I decided to be in Input mode, I was open and soaking in ideas and input.

Next time, when you ask yourself when you want to increase your productivity- just pause and ask:” in which mode have I been functioning in?

In fact I have created this new ritual for myself as a “time” management tool; really there’s a better term for it. Its productivity management tool, because at the end of the day, we all have the same time and that’s the same element for everybody. I’d rather call it “productivity” management tool.

The Input/Output paradigm Productivity tool.

Till Next time, Live your Power with Purpose & Passion










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