“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

Those were the wisest words from one of Martin Luther King Jr mentor.

What makes you come alive would requires you to you grow and expand. As the universe is in expansion, what makes us evolve will stretch us.

Coming from a place of being to impact your powerful living.

Let’s pause for a bit and look at a bigger picture.

Regardless of your beliefs, one thing that is certain, is that for example the breathe, or your heart beat, is not something that you have created or generate. Yes you can end it, but for sure you didn’t generate it. If we agree that it’s beyond our self-power, then we would have to attribute it, to something (whether it is a process, a mutation, a randomness etc..?), someone (regardless of how you want to call it or frame it) that has precedence or anteriority before us. Different cultures have called it differently, and have attributed different power. For our purpose what we know for sure is that creation was before us and bestowed upon us. When something is handed to you- We call it Gift.

So I would like for us here to agree that our breathe, our heartbeat etc… are gift that have been given to us. What I know is that I’m given a gift, I’m thankful and grateful for that gift.

Now if we summarize it very simply, our breathe, is a gift; our life is a gift that every day we ought to be thankful for; And Each experience is the beauty it has in it.

As in reciprocity, the more grateful one is, the more one does receive more.

Are you grateful for your gifts?

Let’s go down further to be practical. Your life is then define by the time that has been given to you. Every day, when we wake up we’ve been given that gift. Not everybody sees the next day.

So only few get that gift every morning…If time is indeed that gift, are we treating our time with such reverence and delicacy?

The expression of “time is money” is definitely an expression that is relevant to people that have really understood the value of time.

To confess, it has taken me some time personally to value time. Now that I’m correlating it to my life. I have more emphasis, more relevance to my daily actions and agenda. Treating your day , your time with relevance and reverence, and with appreciation shows the “giver”, your understanding and importance of the gift handed down to you.

I invite you to look around yourself, how are people around you utilizing and leveraging their time? I bet you most of the successful people are more deliberate and more masterful about their time than the average ordinary people.

If the time given to us is our life, the relevant question is what are we trading our lives for?

Are we wasting it in job that have no meaning to us? Are we checking our soul out of the door when we go to our jobs?

In that way, what seems to matter is most importantly what we become during those time and not the destination.

One of my favorite movie of all time is the lord of the rings and one of my favorite character is the wizard Gandalf and one my favorite line in the movie is a dialogue between Gandalf and one of the hobbit (Sam who is the right hand man of Froddo).Sam ask the Wizard a very potent question, while they were running away from danger about lives why the struggle so on and so forth and Gandalf answer goes like about Life.

The only thing you have to do, is to decide what to do with the time that has been given to you.

What would you love if you could be, have, or do everything you want?

Do you have any longing, any discontent?

It’s more of life trying to express itself through you!!!



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