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Four Main Reasons Why People Don’t Get What They Want and What to Instead

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 As I was reflecting that evening, I was thinking about major roadblocks I have had in my life.

As I felt mix emotions about those moments, my mind in late evening couldn’t stop me to look at the underlining threads.

What I came up with was 4 Main reasons that I wanted to share; hopefully you can relate and/or I hope this will serve you to some extent.

  1. The Number one reason that most people don’t get what they want is an obvious one, but that is so simple that it’s like the air we breathe, we don’t pay attention to I unless we are in real troubles.

Most people don’t know what they want and desire. It is the number one stumbling block of any major deliberate achievement.

There have been literatures from all era and cultures about this aspect of getting what we want.  A famous one is the saying that people without vision will perish from the bible; even most recent one is from Helen Keller a deafblind person who said “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Amazingly Stephen Covey the famous writer of the 7 habits of highly successful people- Had been coined with the idea of “Keep the end mind”.

Napoleon Hill the famous author of think and grow which is attributed to have created the most millionaire on planet is well known for the idea of “Definiteness of purpose” is a key to any success.

We could go on and on… but I hope that this drive the point home of why most people don’t succeed.

Now a natural follow up question is why people don’t know what they want- many reasons could contribute to that-I will be curious to hear yours.

Besides the fact that our education system doesn’t raise us that way, the reality is that many of us don’t stop to ponder for ourselves and ask those questions. As sad it is, many people might spend more time planning their next vacation than they would take time to think, plan about what they want in their own lives.

The second reason is that by nature human are more prominent to be driven by fears, than pleasure/desire, even tough at times the ratio (pain/pleasure) might be different but it makes sense as part our survival and our instinct wants us to stay alive. Which is why every human action indeed has underlined a positive intent (even tough we might not agree about the actions and behaviors interpretation). In every actions we’re seeking love or giving love in the goal of our existence.

For that reason, it’s easier to know what we don’t want because we’ve easily experienced it at some point and we want to run away from it; while what we want is most of the time an experience we haven’t experienced yet (reason why we want it), or if we have experience it, we forget that in the end all we are after is the “feeling”; so when we hold on to ONLY the experience we haven’t experience yet. It becomes harder to know what you want unless you’ve seen example or are applying active imagination to hold on what you want.


There are many ways, and technics to work on what you want that I have used personally and helped people with. Obviously that’s one important part of getting what we want.


  1. The second aspect that is a block for us to not get what we want is the most devastating cause and it’s almost a secret because it runs below our daily consciousness.

Most people don’t feel they deserve what they want.

This is powerful roadblock like an iceberg that stop many of us. It’s one thing to know what you want, and it’s another to know that you deserve what you want. It’s ambiguous because the “deserve” feeling or “having meter”, is like a thermostat of what we allow ourselves to receive. It’s power and hidden because it blends subconscious beliefs and our emotions and the way we feel NOT Only about ourselves but also about the goal we’re seeking.  You might be thinking like come on Soul; I am confident and I know I deserve.  Trust me, this became apparent to me recently through a deep acknowledgement and surrendering.

I saw a wealthy billionaire with his own private jet. I told myself yes that billionaire is not different than me and I deserve it too. BUT please stay with me here. Honesty is the first step to change. What I had to do was to slow down late that night when the only thing I could hear was the frog making noise. I was honest with myself. I had a picture of a private jet, and to be honest “rationally” I could see the plane, BUT feeling wise I couldn’t yet see myself tin that private jet. I felt a “not ready, or not enough, or not deserving yet” feeling that I had to acknowledge and come to surrender to.

I’m not ready to own a private jet at this point in time. Not that it matters whether it’s a private jet or whatever it is, I hope you understand that the point I’m making all about our “deserving meter”. The reality things we have in our lives, we had to raise that level of ownership feeling.

There’s nothing wrong to accepting that idea and be real with it. This why many traditions have claim that it’s all about the journey and not the destination.

I have finally understood why- Because , the journey is all about who you become- and hear me here, who you become is what NOBODY can take away from you! Because through those experiences your level of deserving is raised and can never go back. A portion of it could be called self-image, or identity, but in reality the narrow answer is that feeling of deserving and most people are NOT present to that feeling.

Let me suggest this clearly to you. Next time you have a new goal, ask yourself privately and honestly about your level of deserving. What is your blueprint (beliefs and emotions around your goals).

That is the only place where you cannot lie to yourself because if you do anyway, results are showing, what you truly “feel deserving” and it’s not wrong; it’s a matter of being aware of it.

  1. The third element of why people don’t what they want is the mechanics. The How

People not taking enough time to learn the mechanics and the skills needed to execute.

No need to spend much time but the reality is many people think it’s this issue, but in fact this is a small issue. Like Tony Robbins says. The problem is rarely in resources, but most importantly how resourceful are you?

  1. Finally, people don’t take actions. Which could be related to one of the issue cited above.

One of the easiest way to resolve this is to ask yourself by when you would resolve the steps you have determine as milestones


As I went by I realized that those would be the 4 main areas where we could stumble.

I would be curious to hear your feedback.

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How Do You Tap into The Most Powerful Redemptive Force in Your Life?


Imagination is more important than knowledge shared Albert Einstein many years ago.

With Easter week end we just had, I was pondering about the meaning of redemption.

Our Imagination has a powerful redemptive function. With imagination we can renew ourselves.

That’s one of the reason probably Albert Einstein mentioned that Imagination was more important?

If we come to this realization, there are two main reason to be aware.

Number one- knowledge is already known, while imagination is what could be.

Second, imagination is the most powerful redemptive power we possess in our human experience.

If you can think about a wave, imagination is like a wave, full of possibilities, moving changing, vibrating while knowledge is discreet, it’s known, like a particle, it could be compared to a bucket of that ocean

Why this matter to you?

It matter, because if imagination is the most powerful redemptive resource we‘ve got.

In order for us to change, our thoughts must change. Our thoughts change as we create the ideal of what we want.

Let’s first dig into the meaning of redemption, or to redeem. To redeem means to buy back (something you already had).

What that means for you?

With imagination we’re helping ourselves to buy back what we have already inside us.

Let’s think about this thoroughly.

Water is made of molecule H2O, so does oxygen and air in our atmosphere contain the same molecule but in a different configuration.

Similarly, in our essence and nature, as human we are made of similar elements.

Hence the idea that we’re all energy and everything is energy; the clue is to realize the power of the following; difference does not consist in variety of substance, but rather difference in form consist in a different arrangement of the same substance.

Many people seems to understand this, But I’m not sure that many people understand the power of that statement above.

If we truly understood the power of this statement we know that there’s only one time to claim our power it’s is Now, and only one place to claim here.

In a way, all is here within us right now, like all the sages have claimed in all tradition. What we have to exercise then is the power to redeem ourselves, by assuming with our imagination what we desire.

In fact, Wallace Wattles said -By thoughts, what you want is brought to you. By only action what you want is received. So you need to act in order to receive.  In The science of Getting of Rich.

The biggest secret is controlled imagination.

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Embrace Your Power in The NOW!!!


What is ultimate freedom? Depending on the context you might get different answers, but I would agree with Viktor Frankl suggestion of the last authentic freedom- The freedom to choose at will one own thoughts and emotions.

Certainly being able to observe at a distance your thoughts and feeling and choose what you want is a immense that all the masters of this world have demonstrated.

Have you found yourself sometimes overwhelmed with the feeling that you need to do, do, do, and do a lot of things in order to get somewhere or to get something?

Well it happened to me the last 3 weeks, hence I didn’t get a chance to publish my weekly publications(which I apologize for that, as I know some of you look forward it); but I’m here today to share my findings and what I went through. I trust that it will help you in transmuting your destiny. Some of the concepts might seem obvious or even common sense, but I hope that you grasp the power of the principles. If you really do embrace the power of what I’ll be sharing and if you apply it, it will change the quality of your life.

The main concept stems from this notion “I AM is stronger than I WILL BE”.

In other words, the power of the moment, your power in the present.

I read over 15 years ago the famous book of Eckhart Tolle-The power of Now.

And have read many more literatures about the power of the moment. What I’m realizing is really a level up, It’s your power in the Now; I finally came to understanding the wise and masters wisdom shared through ages.

Let’s stop here and think for a minute. Let’s do an exercise.

  • 1-Can you think of a moment in the past where you felt happy and fulfilled? Did you find a moment? Now stay that moment and freeze. How do you feel right now in this moment before you move on to the next phase please freeze.
    • Assuming you did the exercise I suggest above, Let me guess right now as you’re reading this sentence, you feel happier than thirty seconds ago before you reached this sentence?
    • How do I know?
    • Because FEELING and EMOTIONS happen in the present moment.
  • 2-Now can you think about a dream, or a goal you have?

Did you find one? Do you have one? Please find one before you move to read the next lines.

Now assuming you have one, could you please describe how will you feel if that dream and goal is achieved?

Let me guess again, you’ll feel happier? How do I know?

Because FEELING and EMOTIONS happen in the present moment.


So let’s summarize this perspective, we went into the past and we went into the future.

And when it came to feeling we HAD to in the present moment.

Clearly, my point is this- FEELING, don’t happen in the past or in the future, they happen in the present; which means that your power resides in the present moment.

In your beingness, in your IAM ness, that’s what move molecules and energy around you.

Now why is this all relevant to you?

A lot of us especially in nowadays lifestyle, find themselves overwhelmed and chasing, doing, chasing, d the future working in anticipating our future or running away from our past. We’re caught between what was, what happened and what will be. We’re running everywhere, but not being in the present.

This so important here, because, emotionally or energetically, when we admit we will be happy when we get xyz, we’re confessing that we’re not xyz yet. So our vibration is instable and our signature is a “lack” of xyz; not an abundance of xyz.

This is very subtle, very simple, but very powerful, and I want to repeat this, because it changed my life and I hope you embrace the power of this.

When we say, I Will be grateful when I get abc, or I will be happier when I get abc, or will have abc.

Let’s analyze this; it’s good that as a “go getter” we’re not satisfied and want to improve the status quo, but at the same time when you say I will be you are saying you are not.

So it’s important to be aware of that; as real power will come from a higher energetically signature, not ONLY your will power. That’s the difference between real wizard and warriors.

Your Power is in the present. Your Power is not in I WILL BE, but rather in THE I AM.

I AM Loved, is more powerful than I WILL BE LOVED.

So next time, when you find yourself running, overwhelmed, chasing, just take a deep breathe ask yourself. What am I after? What am I chasing?

What is the ultimate feeling and emotions Am I looking after?

Then emulate that feeling first and foremost.

In that emulation, you find momentum, you find your true power!!!

Next week we’ll view a level up and an extension of the application.

Stay tuned. Till Next Week-Live Your Power with Purpose, Passion & Prosperity.

How to Find Your Power & Create Your Impact!!!


How to make an impact within a short amount of time in your organization, or at home?

The number one skill that can help you optimize your gifts and impact starts first with the most basic skills that wise men have shared for millennia-self-knowledge and self-awareness.

The oracle at Delphi, The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” is not a coincidence, indeed it’s the source of our power in term of influence and impact. As we reviewed last week, our identity is what allows us to explore this world with our senses.

In order for us to “function normally”, our brain help us and is designed to “reduce” and filter information from all the billions of data coming at us. It is necessary for our survival.

That combination and necessity give us a subjective perspective on events around us; therefore the concept of human cognitive bias.

What that means?

When we communicate with each other, it’s really both our filters communicating to each other.

Based on what we have acquired since childhood and throughout our growth, certain set of filters that can be qualified as beliefs, shape our filters etc….

Here, what I wanted to address is a set of tools that I recently discovered and that helped me become more deliberate and impactful in my dealings both professionally and personally; I’m hoping that the sharings below will help you too.

If you want to let loose your power for about ten minutes and learn more about yourself, then read on below.

There are many tests out there that suggest our profiles about who we are, and what motivates us, so forth and so on. Initially, I had found Myers-Briggs, very helpful; Kolbe test, or even the six human needs from Tony Robbins is very helpful; just to name a few.

Recently there’s a perspective that I find very useful, quick to handle and that will allow you to take charge quickly.

It’s the view from David McLellan from Harvard University. It’s the Learned Theory or the three needs Theory. The model was developed in the 1960s soon after Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in the 1940s.

I personally found this very powerful and simple. In case you’re not familiar with it, let me briefly share it.

Mclellan findings were that each of us is holistically motivated by 3 main needs-

The need for Power, The Need for Affiliation and the Need for Achievement. Each of us has different variation and degree of these needs obviously.

As we find out more about ourselves, we could identify our motivation in each situation we enter and therefore we can predict our own motivations and behavior ahead of time.

Why is that important?

The power of anticipation is powerful.

If we can anticipate a group behavior ahead of time, it’s powerful leverage in any situation.

I found this grouping very simple, but very practical as well. With a direct and “honest “self-analysis”, you can know what are your top two needs. Therefore you can also “decipher” people in your surrounding very quickly.

If you are in customer service or in product management, this view is so helpful and almost priceless and most importantly in leadership position. The 3 needs are- the needs for achievement, power, and affiliation affect people’s actions.

People with achievement-motivation are primarily driven by results and outcomes and the motive to master tasks and situations.

People with affiliation-motivation are primarily driven by the desire to connect, create and maintain social relationships. They love belonging to a group and want to feel loved and accepted.

People with power-motivation are primarily driven by the desire to influence, teach, or encourage others.

Obviously there’s not an answer that fits it all, but I hope that within couple second you have been able to guesstimate your top two needs?

How about if you knew the top motivators of your partner? Your managers, your associates, your top clients?

Would that be helpful?

Certainly it would be very useful.

Now taking it to the next level of practicality is a finding in Neuro Linguistic programing (NLP)

As NLP suggests there are two types of motivation- We’re either moving away from a motive or we’re running toward a motive.

So with those 3 motives revealed above(power, achievement and affiliation), a practical use of these is to find out if we’re subject to or more incline to move away or running towards.

There’s no wrong answer, from coaching clients, what I found useful is that we all have a small dose of each.

The moving away is more urgent and more pressing usually, it’s always a good way to “jump start” the movement (from a long status quo state). The moving away reveal our perception of the need for survival in one or another. As you can imagine that is a good start but that cannot be sustained.

The moving toward a goal produce more consistent and pleasant feeling and refers more toward our need to grow and reproduce.

Now To be effective, in our communications, in our dealing with even ourselves, a superior idea, would be to mix and match.

First initiate with moving away framing on the top two needs (example if one value is power) and then follow up with moving toward framing.

For example if your partner is primarily driven by let’s say “power”.

Move away from “power” could be like- fear related to being out of control, being subdued…

And moving toward could be like- being the leader, building the vision wanted and maintaining the status.

So your communication could start with avoiding being subdue etc… and how it will be nicer when finally, the partner will be in in control etc…

In that way, you can easily make an impact within a short amount of time in your organization, or at home.

Without a doubt, you would have found Your Power, and you would have Exercise It, and you would have Created Your Impact!!!

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The Most Successful People Ninja Tricks.


What Separate successful people and people that are not?

It’s the Successful people Ninja’s tricks.

Given the same skills and experience and same field, what differentiate success and failure is the way people think (their beliefs) and the way they feel.

I believe the way we think has been discussed in many literatures. What I want to share here is a perspective that’s not much discussed and that allowed me to change my relationship with performance and results.

If you’ve been in athletics or any kind of performance activities you probably will relate.

It has to do with the way our culture has entrained and conditioned us; now is THE time to unlearn.

As we know, actions is what generate results and performance. The issues is that people won’t act if they don’t feel confident.

Confidence is highly correlated to how we feel (about ours skill, competencies on the topic, subject we need to act on).

Now the biggest issue that I have seen is the way we’re conditioned; basically most of the time our emotions and feeling are the results or outcome of our actions and most of the time they are not chosen by us.

Especially, people will not act if they don’t feel deserving; on top of lack of confidence, the “not” deserving feeling is what stop people from actions.

Let’s dive in.

For common people, Emotions and the feeling of deserving is a result and an effect. In our daily lives for 99% of people.

Why, because of the Pavlov Dog conditioning effect.

As we’re growing up, we have to eat our vegetables before we’re allowed the “ice cream”.

The cause/effect intent is worth it. It’s the idea that every action we do carry a result and consequence; which is the responsible way of education for a productive society and culture; you reap what you sow.

However, if it’s not done with strategy it can impede our growth.

With that model the results of our actions are at cause and our feeling of deserving is an effect.

The key word here is result.

We’ve been conditioned in this order- to associate our results and outcome and then feel after that.

While the ninja trickster and the successful people understand that you have to feel first and act first. Feeling must precede our actions (especially if we’re going after something out of our comfort zone).

Taking luck out of equation, as an athlete in order to win a championship, you have to feel deserving of winning; which will boost your confidence for action.

That’s the main secret for all masters of this world- they are masters of their emotions.

The key and secret to all masters’ success through all human ages is that they were able to generate their own emotion regardless of the circumstances. In fact, as an athlete, if you truly analyze all your key successes, you had to feel first that you were winning before it showed.

Here’s the challenge-

In our daily practices, most of us wait for outcomes and events to trigger our emotions, but the truth is we can trigger our own emotions, by changing our rules or neuro association to events that we’ve created along the years through conditioning. We’ve confused achievement with feelings. We’ve associated them, and like the Pavlov dog, being conditioned to salivate and emote only when there’s result and outcome. We became slaves to the outcomes.

We become depress if we don’t win a super bowl ring, or this or that… where in opposite that’s when we need to double our feeling of hope and trailblazing emotions to move forward.

I understand if you’re saying easier say than easier done. Let me share with you few tricks that help me and that can serve you. It’s the Successful people Ninja’s tricks.

Here’s what need to be done.

So we’re going to reverse engineer. We’re going to create the emotions at will First and create new rules.

So for example the feeling of being alive.

When I was on the judo mat and competing as an athlete at world class level- For example , the feeling of aliveness for me was easily generated when I was on the mat and whenever I throw my opponent, I would feel alive, because I knew I was doing my best and I was 100% present.

Now the question is how can I can generate that same feeling of aliveness without depending being on the mat and competing. Notice I’m using the word “generate” and create that same feeling of aliveness. The premise is clear, as we feel great, well act great and therefore produce better results. We’re not waiting for “results” to validate us.

So we’re going to reverse engineer. Now the idea is to rebuild the same neuro association in a heightened state that I had when I threw my opponent. The goal is to create a simple rule.

In a way it’s like Outcome Reversal. We’ve reversed our outcome orders, by starting with the emotion at first. Because as we emote we’ll be able to act as if.

We need to put ourselves in heightened state and use a simple place on our body that we can reuse (but not use all the time). Let’s say our arm pit just as an example (assuming it’s not frequent body part you use or trigger all the time like your hand etc…)

The new rule could be, I feel alive whenever I touch my armpit and create that neuro association (like we were conditioned with the Pavlov dog example).  The key is to have heightened emotion attached to it; and repeat that connection couple times.

Personally, now the new rule I created is I slap my heart with my right hand, I stop and stand still, I take a deep breathe air with my eyes closed, I feel alive. So basically I go back to that emotional “zip code” I use to feel whenever I was competing.

In that way I’m able to keep the emotional component first, which will allow to trigger the physical elements (regardless of the workout).

In that way I’m generating my own emotion first. Using physical anchors to trigger emotion so I can act (versus waiting for results and feel after that).

Being able to perform outcome reversal will be so key in order to be able to relive the emotional and physical self-expression.

It’s not a secret that high performers have control over their emotions, because they understand that they are at cause for their emotions.

On top of changing their beliefs this key understanding is so overlooked that I think if truly understood and applied, one can achieve wonders.

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One of The Best Holiday Gift From Santa Claus!!!


Do you remember the best gift you’ve ever received during the holiday’s season?

What was your gift last week?

As the year end it’s definitely a great time to reflect and take “inventory” about ourselves, our businesses, our career and our lives.

Last week with holidays I was reminded of the gifts and blessings I had.

Starting with my health and well-being, my wonderful family (married with 2 Toddlers), kept me grounded as I “purposefully “slowed down so that I can spent quality time with them.

I like the holidays just for those moments where we take time to acknowledge what we have.

Yet I understand how it can be stressful at the same time (especially for people that are not with family).

I had been in that place where as a student, I couldn’t afford to purchase tickets to fly overseas to visit my family and at the same time, where feeling of loneliness would “momentarily” creep in.

I would see some people severely depressed during those times; seeing that made me even more grateful to what I had.

As those years went by, I developed more deliberate ways to purposefully slow down and be grateful during the holidays.

This year was very special; on top of the gratitude I had for my family and my health, I had some worries when we found out with my siblings that my mother lost consciousness in the ICU with headache (which we found out is a brain tumor that we’re hoping she’ll defeat as I’m writing this message).

In a way, I was grateful, but a little anxious (As we didn’t know yet for my mother diagnostic).

Why this matter to you? I have a gift that was given to me, I want to share with you.

I want to share with you and most importantly, I hope you can take that with you as we embark on this New Year, which require new perspectives.

As I shared the context of my emotional state, I wanted to share the content of the message I wanted to share with you.

It’s a gift, I got from a random stranger on Thursday afternoon the 24th of December.

As, I went running an errand about a mile away from my house; it was a beautiful sunny day; about 55% degree Fahrenheit (about 12 degree Celsius). I had a white T shirt and a green running short when I went into the grocery for about 15 minutes.

I came out of the grocery store- It was raining –I’m surprised and concerned (I’m not properly prepared and dressed for rain) as I’m getting wet.

I’m starting to slip into “complaining” mode, all of the sudden, I caught myself like a little boy excited and I said it loud- Wow- “Rain and sunshine at the same time? Is there a rainbow around somewhere”.

I’m excited in a hurry, looking in the sky, trying to get a better view of the skyline so that I can find that rainbow.

As I was all joyous looking for it, I repeated my comments to an old man with white hair who was passing by “There’s probably a rainbow around somewhere “; As I said that, right in that moment I got the best gift from that man –

The gift was this

There’s always a rainbow in the sky, you just have to look for it “.

I still have that sentence resonating in my body-

There’s always a rainbow in the sky, you just have to look for it “.

Right in that moment as I was present to the vanishing man in the crowd, I thank him for the best gift I got-That was the gift of perspective during those holidays season-

I was grateful to him and I tried to run after him to thank him, but he disappeared-

There standing, I was thankful about what just had happened.

I was grateful I was present so that I could receive the gift of perspective from a “random” person.

How many of us receive message from people on a daily basis but we can’t receive them because we’re not looking for it or are not ready for it?

As if you would ask to receive some money by opening your hands and simultaneously close your fist (thinking that we’re asking and not receiving at the same time).

This was wonderful reminder for me at many levels, I wanted to share-

We cannot receive if we’re not open.

As it is I wanted to share with you the gift of perspective in these holidays season- the gift of perspective- What new perspective can you adopt coming into this New Year that would help you move forward?

As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say in graceful manner what quantum physicist have proven-“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

That was the gift I receive from that strange man-

There’s always a rainbow in the sky, you just have to look for it “.

Happy Holidays to you!!

How to Strategically Win in Your Life & Business-using 3 Powerful Timeless Judo Principles. Part 2



In our previous post we discussed the foundation of Judo and for what it stands.

Judo stands for “Minimum Effort/ Maximum Efficiency”- Minimum Effort/ Maximum Yield or ROI.

In my opinion understand the principles of Judo can be the most powerful tool that will change your business and your life forever (if understood, and mastered properly).

As we learned in the last part, the first principle deal with the break fall principle; learning how to fall; how to fall safely?

As we discussed, it’s not the matter of how many times you fall, but rather how many time you stand up again after you fall.

For that matter, it’s all about recovery time.

What is your recovery time in all major areas of your life and your business?

Are you holding to these events of “hurt” or “betrayal”?

If you haven’t I just wanted to share a black mamba story with you.

Where I grow up in Central Africa, right by the equator, it’s a region which has very rich ecosystem full of animals and I grew up being comfortable all around almost all animals but two of them-black and or green mamba snake.

They are world known and deadliest snake on the planet. As I grew up and went to university, I got a chance to study further about them and how to “rationally” protect myself from them.

There was one thing that freed me- People don’t die from the mamba strike or bite regardless of the depth of the wound. What people die from is the venom being mixed into people bloodstream. The fastest you can get rid of the venom, the safer people are.

That was a powerful metaphor for me, as I got into self-development and got deeper into Judo and grew. Most Events (not talking about fatal accidents where we can be physically extinct of course) in our lives might not be always the deadliest. The events for the most part are like the mamba bites, it hurt because of the bites; but what kills us, is people holding to the “negative-limiting” meaning associated to the events that happened.

Again how quickly can you recover from those “setbacks”?

How quickly do you recover emotionally, physically and mentally?

Without a doubt it’s all about recovery time- break fall- learn how to rebound quickly.

As you remember I talked about the 3 principles-BBL

First Break Fall-

Second is the principle of Balance.


Above you can see 8 planes of balance in judo Front, Back, Side Right, Side Left, Front right Diagonal, Front Left Diagonal, Back Left Diagonal, Back Right diagonal.

After learning to break fall, learning these 8 planes of balance or out of balance plane is critical for the judoka.

Judokas primarily are trying to throw each other, swipe each other, on the mat/ground with as much as impact as possible.

Knowing and learning the plane of balance are critical.

These are fundamentals that a practitioner need to know about and study and be aware about.

The center is where we are in balance and one cannot be out thrown. This is where the game lies -In order to win or throw your opponent, you want to move or induce your opponent into either one of these 8 planes (that’s how you’ll be able to “not” use strength or power).

This is where the word “gentle way” comes into play. Knowing these plane allow a masterful judoka, to notice the opponent stance and use the opponent own strength to throw them.

If the opponent full weight is for example front right diagonal as the opponent is pushing forward on us, it makes sense to pull the opponent into the same direction to break opponents’ balance- in that way it’s like using the momentum of opponent own strength.

Enough of Judo, now. How does this apply to my life or my business?

Very simple, in our lives and in our business there are couple “balance” planes.

Plane of rhythm-everything has its tide-rise and fall

Plane of Polarity-everything has its pair of opposite

Plane of cause and effect-everything happens according to law.

Plane of Vibration- everything vibrates.

As we wrap ourselves around these four planes in our business and or in our lives we want to put it in context of mentalism and correspondence.

Everything is created twice, first in the mind, second physically. Even tough everybody knows about this, not everybody understand the power of this.

If one can understand this balance principle, and be aware of it, one can be prosperous and be in harmony and win the game very easily.

Then the winning principle consist in checking ourselves or our business daily as a checkup point.

As the Judoka need to know first where her own balance is, she would need to also notice her opponent balance in order to win the game.

Similarly, in major areas of our lives for example (health, relationship, career, hobby, and finances) we need to track our planes of balance-Are we in the upward swing (Rhythm plane), are we on the opposite end of the goals? (Polarity plane) etc…

In business are we on the upward swing in revenue, in growth etc… (Rhythm plane),

Are we attracting talents in our hiring or not? Are we growing as an organization or the downward swing?

Now your turn to think and apply this principle of balance.

Is there something in your life or in your business that needs tracking that can optimize this principle?

The reality is this we’re either in expansion mode or contraction mode.

Expansion is welcoming creation and acceptance while contraction is more restraining.

Checking our Balance plane is a gauge that help us as a compass.

Next week, we’ll discuss and review the third principle leverage, my favorite, it wrap up all these two principles and take it to the next level of impact.

How to Strategically Win in Your Life and In Business-using 3 Powerful Timeless Judo Principles


Truly, if there is a martial art and Olympic sport that is not much advertised, it is Judo; yet Judo is in my opinion the most powerful tool that will change your business and your life forever(if understood, and mastered properly).

The wisdom of this martial art or sport is so untapped that I feel the need to share its benefit to the general public.

Being a judoka (judo practitioner) for over 27 years now, has had so much profound positive impact in both my professional and personal areas that me sharing the benefits of its power here is just like paying it back just a penny on a dollar.

As an Elite Athlete for over 12 years , if there’s something that I understood was result and performance under stressful timeline and conditions

Even further advantage taught by Judo are the principles the martial art has been created on.

The essence and meaning of Judo is “Gentle Way”.

In 1882, Dr. Jigoro Kano (The Father of Judo) made a comprehensive study of the ancient self-defence forms and integrated the best of these forms into a sport which is known as Kodokan Judo.

The categorization of Kodokan Judo was completed about 1887. The Kodokan had three broad aims: physical education, contest proficiency and mental training

The term Kodokan breaks down into ko (lecture, study, method), do (way or path), and kan (hall or place). Thus it means “a place to study the way”. Similarly judo breaks down into ju (gentle) and do (way or path) or “the gentle way”.

The genius of Dr.Jigoro Kano is that he traveled the world and “democratized” the martial art in many countries. Which allow people to adopt the martial art and add their own perspectives to it.

In fact if you heard about Now popularized Brazilian Jujitsu, it got it roots with the Gracie family who was taught by a Judo master Mitsuyi Maeda).

Enough of history, How does this apply to business or life?

It’s very simple- Judo stands for “Minimum Effort/ Maximum Efficiency”- Minimum Effort/ Maximum Yield or ROI.

Jigoro Kano as teacher was a small and tiny man who was obsessed with simplification, efficiency, and results. Judo is all about using, converting your opponent energy.

Before we got to the 3 major principles that I’ m sharing below, I have to say, the number one thing that attracted me to the martial art is the principle of mutual welfare.

Each Judoka, before to go on the mat, bow not only to the mat(the room and space), but also the fellow practitioners and teacher. That symbolism of bowing is a recognition and acknowledgment of the person in front of you-It’s a sign of mutual respect. It’s honoring their presence. In a way it’s like saying “I see you”.

I have heard similar concept in Yoga or Indian tradition- “Namaste”.

That humility but profound awareness if understood is powerful because whether in business or in our lives we’ve got to connect, deal with and, relate to people. That recognition is just a way to ignite our compassion. Which can be translated in terms of customer care. Put into these terms- Businesses all around the world exist because they resolve people/organizations problems for profits, period; nothing less nothing more.

Having that compassion toward other can only be a competitive advantage regardless of your beliefs.

So it’s important to understand that anything after this foundation context is in this environment of mutual welfare and true prosperity thinking. Based on the fact that If I grow, we’ll all grow together, or universal golden rule-do unto others what you would want them do unto you.

Three Principles-BBL or Break Fall- Balance & Leverage.

First Break Fall-How to fall, how to absorb a shock? How to protect your head and your brain from throw and falls.

It doesn’t matter how much you fall all that matters is how many time you stand up.

In fact real elite athlete, across almost all sport will tell you that the margin of winning is accomplished on the edge of recovery time. It’s all about recovery time. How fast can you recover from a blow? Physically, mentally and emotionally?

It’s not a matter of how much failures you’ve gotten but instead how much failures you’ve risen from.

I didn’t understand when I first started the martial art. My teacher who was a true master made me spend over two months just learning about break fall; learning how to fall.

In fact there are so many style of falls that it became fun for me, to practice falls with obstacles, so on and so forth. I remember in the beginning being frustrated, as I wanted to learn the techniques right away looking at students that started before me. In the end learning this fundamental only led me to mastery. Why?

Because as I learned to fall (even eyes closed) and therefore mastered to stand up after the fall gives the student the absolute confidence to go all in, in most of the situation knowing that you’ll be able to recover and keep on no matter what.

In fact, I had noticed that judokas, that didn’t spend much time in mastering this skill, had the most injuries on the mat, therefore shorter athletic successes lifespan, which led to less confidence on the mat in the long term. It is subtle but critical.

Well In business, no need to emphasize that there’s competition. How fast do we recover from competitive products assault on the market place?

Or do we keep whining and trying to figure out what happened and move on quickly?

It’s all about recovery time.

How quickly do you recover emotionally, physically and mentally?

In Athletic, that’s the ultimate answer at the high level.

It’s not a matter of how much competition exist coming your way or not (if you don’t have competition yet, it’s a matter of time or it means you are not playing yet a bigger game).

The best people that recover have learned to reengage quickly- They have learned how to break fall in life and in business.

The how is another long subject that we can discuss at a later time.

To keep it succinct we’ll review the next 2 principles next time. But before I’ll would like to share a quick story from a great movie. Batman Begins.

Batman Begins is a 2005 superhero film based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman, co-written and directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale.

In that movie there’s a powerful line in there, which had so much impact on me.

It’s basically the foundation of how batman became batman.

The young “batman” who was 7-8 years old of age, fell down in an old well full of bats; from that event which was a significantly emotionally event for the young batman. After that fall he asked the servant “Why do we have to fall?”

The answer from the servant was this “The reason we fall is that so we can stand up again…”

I thought it was powerful line.

In fact looking at my two toddler when they were learning to walk, after each try, they didn’t get mad and say, I’ll never walk again. They stood up again and again after each fall till they started walking (all the falls they had didn’t matter anymore).

I could go further on this topic but I hope my point is well illustrated here. Learn how to break fall, because it’s all about recovery time; how fast do you stand up again after a  fall.

On this first principle, which is necessary for any long term success.

Now your turn to think about and apply this principle.

Is there something in your life, in your business that had impacted you negatively /positively and that you have NOT recovered from it yet?

What could you do to recover faster?

How Intention Lead to Optimal Leadership?

Every one of us has a positive intent, regardless of the actions carried out.


How can this be said to an obnoxious person or to a despicable person?

That is the secret that all powerful and influential leaders have understood in the world, regardless of their origin, gender or fields.

As we know true leadership is one world “influence”.

How true leaders move people to actions without force rather just by inspiration?

Not only they understand elements like having and sharing a vision, but most importantly, people follow them because they feel compassion and true heart felt from the leaders. That distinction is very important and it was all coming full circle for me, as in my journey to helping people, I was at the same time fearful as I wasn’t sure of human unpredictability.

This is what I understood that change my perspective about people and leadership for life. I believe that’s what true leaders have understood- Each human being has a positive intent regardless of their behaviors. That’s a strong belief I think all true leaders held strong to.

Why, am I saying that?

Because that’s what create true compassion. Understanding that everybody has ultimately positive intent allow you to give everybody the benefit of the doubt.

Where is the catch?

It’s the next level of understanding the power of positive intent. When you think about it even a despicable person has a positive intent. Now the catch is to be ahead of them, or be one step ahead in understanding those people better than they do at understanding themselves. The reason one person would be repugnant or offensive is a result and a symptom indeed revealing the model of the world of that person.

Everyone wants to survive, and express more of life. Life wants to express more of life (not less). That is why everybody has a positive intent.

Now people interpretation, and actions carried out may not be necessarily positive- and this is based on their model of the world.

I knew of a gentleman who was very resentful and very feisty-What we discover is that from his childhood he belonged to a gang and in order to survive, he had to be the tough cookie otherwise he will be eaten alive as he would be seen as the weak link. That model of the world followed him as he grew in professional environment later on.

That is where the secret power of the true leader resides in- They can anticipate people model of the world-(people beliefs, decision tree etc…).

Coming from that place of understanding, accepting people from this approach creates naturally compassion. It creates a true curiosity, in trying to understand people, of trying to first seek to understand. Not only theoretically, but really this knowingness anchored in me an unshakable compass in being myself and being confident that I can enter any environment with that foundation.

Truly as we understand and adhere to that idea that everyone has a positive intent, only two things are left for us a world class leaders-

Number one then is what is their model of the world?

Two-is it ecological sounds? (Is it inductive more of life in the environment? Is it prosperous for everyone-win/win situations?)

If it is as a leader- How can we provide and fill that need? If it’s not, as a leader our role is to help people change their model of the world so that they can be contributing to the community and their environment with prosperity.

If you look at any leader in the world that is revered, that leader has created one or two these situation I described earlier.

It’s not magic, it’s just encoded in our nature.

When we know that our leader care about us, we are willing to follow that leader, not because of his status but because we all understand that the leader is coming from pure positive intent. As it is, intention is felt, it is energy, and it’s what bound us all.

I’m suggesting that as we look at leadership and influence we should look at intention as a sibling with same parents of these two. Because truly, it doesn’t matter of your status as a leader, what people will always remember is how you made them feel…

How to avoid The Number one Reason Why People Fail ?


In homage of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who just passed away two days ago-I wanted to share with you something from him that impacted my life in meaningful way.

His Book the Power of Intention, Learning to co-create your world your way-published in 2004, had a profound impact on me. As I was just finishing university trying to find myself.

One of the most preeminent reason why most people fail is because they don’t know what they want.

Wanting starts with intention, first.
Why don’t we dig deeper into the meaning of it.

Let’s go the definition-to intend according to Merriam Webster dictionary means-to direct the mind on, to design for a specified use or future, to have in mind as a purpose or goal,to be used for a particular purpose or by a particular person.

What that means clearly?

Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action in the future. Intention involves mental activities.

Ask yourself-What would I love Today, in my health, career, relationship etc…?

What I wanted to further discuss was the small difference but that make a big difference.

Being intentional and the verb to intend.

As it, we should scratch from our vocabulary the words, I want or I hope.

We should all adhere to I intend.

I intend implies a deliberate active effort to carry out the action desired.

As we intend we are using a part of our brain called RAS (reticular activating system).

What is the RAS?

Simple way to understand the RAS is this? Have you ever bought a car? To notice the next day that there are many more cars like yours…

The RAS allows us to pay attention to things that matter to us.

As we intend, during our daily activities we start to pay attention to things that matter to us.

The tragedy, is that the majority and average people just wish and dream, without properly “intending”.

Each evening before to go to bed and each morning make sure to “intend”.

Till Next time, Live Your Power with Passion, Purpose and Prosperity.