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Four Main Reasons Why People Don’t Get What They Want and What to Instead

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 As I was reflecting that evening, I was thinking about major roadblocks I have had in my life.

As I felt mix emotions about those moments, my mind in late evening couldn’t stop me to look at the underlining threads.

What I came up with was 4 Main reasons that I wanted to share; hopefully you can relate and/or I hope this will serve you to some extent.

  1. The Number one reason that most people don’t get what they want is an obvious one, but that is so simple that it’s like the air we breathe, we don’t pay attention to I unless we are in real troubles.

Most people don’t know what they want and desire. It is the number one stumbling block of any major deliberate achievement.

There have been literatures from all era and cultures about this aspect of getting what we want.  A famous one is the saying that people without vision will perish from the bible; even most recent one is from Helen Keller a deafblind person who said “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Amazingly Stephen Covey the famous writer of the 7 habits of highly successful people- Had been coined with the idea of “Keep the end mind”.

Napoleon Hill the famous author of think and grow which is attributed to have created the most millionaire on planet is well known for the idea of “Definiteness of purpose” is a key to any success.

We could go on and on… but I hope that this drive the point home of why most people don’t succeed.

Now a natural follow up question is why people don’t know what they want- many reasons could contribute to that-I will be curious to hear yours.

Besides the fact that our education system doesn’t raise us that way, the reality is that many of us don’t stop to ponder for ourselves and ask those questions. As sad it is, many people might spend more time planning their next vacation than they would take time to think, plan about what they want in their own lives.

The second reason is that by nature human are more prominent to be driven by fears, than pleasure/desire, even tough at times the ratio (pain/pleasure) might be different but it makes sense as part our survival and our instinct wants us to stay alive. Which is why every human action indeed has underlined a positive intent (even tough we might not agree about the actions and behaviors interpretation). In every actions we’re seeking love or giving love in the goal of our existence.

For that reason, it’s easier to know what we don’t want because we’ve easily experienced it at some point and we want to run away from it; while what we want is most of the time an experience we haven’t experienced yet (reason why we want it), or if we have experience it, we forget that in the end all we are after is the “feeling”; so when we hold on to ONLY the experience we haven’t experience yet. It becomes harder to know what you want unless you’ve seen example or are applying active imagination to hold on what you want.


There are many ways, and technics to work on what you want that I have used personally and helped people with. Obviously that’s one important part of getting what we want.


  1. The second aspect that is a block for us to not get what we want is the most devastating cause and it’s almost a secret because it runs below our daily consciousness.

Most people don’t feel they deserve what they want.

This is powerful roadblock like an iceberg that stop many of us. It’s one thing to know what you want, and it’s another to know that you deserve what you want. It’s ambiguous because the “deserve” feeling or “having meter”, is like a thermostat of what we allow ourselves to receive. It’s power and hidden because it blends subconscious beliefs and our emotions and the way we feel NOT Only about ourselves but also about the goal we’re seeking.  You might be thinking like come on Soul; I am confident and I know I deserve.  Trust me, this became apparent to me recently through a deep acknowledgement and surrendering.

I saw a wealthy billionaire with his own private jet. I told myself yes that billionaire is not different than me and I deserve it too. BUT please stay with me here. Honesty is the first step to change. What I had to do was to slow down late that night when the only thing I could hear was the frog making noise. I was honest with myself. I had a picture of a private jet, and to be honest “rationally” I could see the plane, BUT feeling wise I couldn’t yet see myself tin that private jet. I felt a “not ready, or not enough, or not deserving yet” feeling that I had to acknowledge and come to surrender to.

I’m not ready to own a private jet at this point in time. Not that it matters whether it’s a private jet or whatever it is, I hope you understand that the point I’m making all about our “deserving meter”. The reality things we have in our lives, we had to raise that level of ownership feeling.

There’s nothing wrong to accepting that idea and be real with it. This why many traditions have claim that it’s all about the journey and not the destination.

I have finally understood why- Because , the journey is all about who you become- and hear me here, who you become is what NOBODY can take away from you! Because through those experiences your level of deserving is raised and can never go back. A portion of it could be called self-image, or identity, but in reality the narrow answer is that feeling of deserving and most people are NOT present to that feeling.

Let me suggest this clearly to you. Next time you have a new goal, ask yourself privately and honestly about your level of deserving. What is your blueprint (beliefs and emotions around your goals).

That is the only place where you cannot lie to yourself because if you do anyway, results are showing, what you truly “feel deserving” and it’s not wrong; it’s a matter of being aware of it.

  1. The third element of why people don’t what they want is the mechanics. The How

People not taking enough time to learn the mechanics and the skills needed to execute.

No need to spend much time but the reality is many people think it’s this issue, but in fact this is a small issue. Like Tony Robbins says. The problem is rarely in resources, but most importantly how resourceful are you?

  1. Finally, people don’t take actions. Which could be related to one of the issue cited above.

One of the easiest way to resolve this is to ask yourself by when you would resolve the steps you have determine as milestones


As I went by I realized that those would be the 4 main areas where we could stumble.

I would be curious to hear your feedback.

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How Do You Tap into The Most Powerful Redemptive Force in Your Life?


Imagination is more important than knowledge shared Albert Einstein many years ago.

With Easter week end we just had, I was pondering about the meaning of redemption.

Our Imagination has a powerful redemptive function. With imagination we can renew ourselves.

That’s one of the reason probably Albert Einstein mentioned that Imagination was more important?

If we come to this realization, there are two main reason to be aware.

Number one- knowledge is already known, while imagination is what could be.

Second, imagination is the most powerful redemptive power we possess in our human experience.

If you can think about a wave, imagination is like a wave, full of possibilities, moving changing, vibrating while knowledge is discreet, it’s known, like a particle, it could be compared to a bucket of that ocean

Why this matter to you?

It matter, because if imagination is the most powerful redemptive resource we‘ve got.

In order for us to change, our thoughts must change. Our thoughts change as we create the ideal of what we want.

Let’s first dig into the meaning of redemption, or to redeem. To redeem means to buy back (something you already had).

What that means for you?

With imagination we’re helping ourselves to buy back what we have already inside us.

Let’s think about this thoroughly.

Water is made of molecule H2O, so does oxygen and air in our atmosphere contain the same molecule but in a different configuration.

Similarly, in our essence and nature, as human we are made of similar elements.

Hence the idea that we’re all energy and everything is energy; the clue is to realize the power of the following; difference does not consist in variety of substance, but rather difference in form consist in a different arrangement of the same substance.

Many people seems to understand this, But I’m not sure that many people understand the power of that statement above.

If we truly understood the power of this statement we know that there’s only one time to claim our power it’s is Now, and only one place to claim here.

In a way, all is here within us right now, like all the sages have claimed in all tradition. What we have to exercise then is the power to redeem ourselves, by assuming with our imagination what we desire.

In fact, Wallace Wattles said -By thoughts, what you want is brought to you. By only action what you want is received. So you need to act in order to receive.  In The science of Getting of Rich.

The biggest secret is controlled imagination.

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Your Desires Can be your curse or blessings depending how they use you or on how you use them.

Because of their power certain traditions suggest to learn to suppress our desires. We’ve all probably heard of master leaving austere and ascetic lifestyle who believe in depriving self in order to reach “Nirvana” or to realize their highest self. Some group of people promise to stay poor, in order to avoid material acquisition and more wants. Their approach to happiness is to reduce the desire part of the equation.

On the other hand, the current predominant culture in capitalism foster consumerism, which naturally and purposefully lead people to activate and exercise their want and desires muscle- which is the primary goal of our master marketers-How to incite people to want and desires their products?

Regardless of what you think is right or wrong, the real question is why these two extremes polarities?

Below, I’m going to share why and what you can do about it in order to come ahead.

Frankly, the answer lies in this sentence “Your Desires Can be your curse or blessings depending how they use you or on how you use them.”

 Why this matter to you?

It does matter because for the same reason that fire can be used to keep you warm and cook your food, we all agree that fire can be used to destroy or cleanse.

Similarly our desires are like a knife with two edges. Which is why I believe it’s important for us to learn to use them effectively and WITH A CLEAR PURPOSE FOR THE OUTCOME we intend to use it for.

It’s a follow up in some way to what I share last time about our emotions.

Our desires invoke in us, EMOTIONS and FEELINGS.  I personally believe that we shouldn’t run away from our emotions, but we can use them as dashboard indicators helping to give us feedback on our states, and many more useful information.

The key is to learn how to use them.

Having desire and want, create in us polarization. As we get polarized, our perception is skewed and our subjectivity meter is higher and higher;

In a way the real question that we should ask ourselves are there benefits (or disadvantages) in being subjective about a subject or a desire outcome?


The “natural” answer is probably to jump to conclusion and say no; as nowadays many of us   are raised to be “rationale” and as much objective as possible that in many ways we’re being led to deny that we’re also emotional being.

The real secret lies in what I shared last time; it’s about understanding the power of this concept-

FEELING and EMOTIONS happen in the present moment, not in the past or in the future, But in the moment.

How is that relevant for us here?

When we have desire, we’re polarized already. The key is to use that as a guidance system.

The desire and the want help us to identify what we want, what we want to become.

In fact Napoleon Hill in his classic book “think and grow rich”, talk about the power of having a burning desire; which is your longings, or discontents. A Burning desire is powerful because it’s like being pregnant with that idea and desire as you are present with that idea and cannot escape from it. One cannot be “half pregnant”. That’s the power of identifying our desires and our want, AND NOT run away from it; instead we should embrace it and use it as a leverage.

In a way running from it is like being “half pregnant” and you might never experience what you want deep down. In a way it’s like saying to a gardener I want vegetable in my garden and not providing to the gardener the seeds that need to be planted in your soil that you already have.

Here’s the biggest secret that make the huge difference and understanding that power is paramount.

Why is it a big secret? Because majority of people don’t use it even tough it’s a very simple concept.  

Most people stay in the feeling of “wanting” happiness (for example). Or when I get xyz, I will be happy etc…  Here’s the nuance- When you say, I WILL BE happy, you are saying I AM NOT happy; as we just learn, feeling and emotions happen in the present.

Small detail But very powerful.  What that means?

The desire, and the want help you to identify what you need to Become, what you need to be emoting. In a way, that polarization is a prelude, and a life preview of what need to happen in order for you to get what you want. Mastery consist in transmuting that want into the present moment. Here in lies the power of REAL Masters of ALL AGES in ALL Cultures.

They understood that everything they want to experience is within them and right NOW. So they resonate in that vibration (whether or not their realities or current circumstances show different). And it’s not heresy or magic thinking, but here in lies mastery.

That’s how you can leverage the power of your desires to lead yourself, your community and the world at large. That’s how a Mahatma Gandhi inspired his country or a mother Theresa transform a whole community.

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Embrace Your Power in The NOW!!!


What is ultimate freedom? Depending on the context you might get different answers, but I would agree with Viktor Frankl suggestion of the last authentic freedom- The freedom to choose at will one own thoughts and emotions.

Certainly being able to observe at a distance your thoughts and feeling and choose what you want is a immense that all the masters of this world have demonstrated.

Have you found yourself sometimes overwhelmed with the feeling that you need to do, do, do, and do a lot of things in order to get somewhere or to get something?

Well it happened to me the last 3 weeks, hence I didn’t get a chance to publish my weekly publications(which I apologize for that, as I know some of you look forward it); but I’m here today to share my findings and what I went through. I trust that it will help you in transmuting your destiny. Some of the concepts might seem obvious or even common sense, but I hope that you grasp the power of the principles. If you really do embrace the power of what I’ll be sharing and if you apply it, it will change the quality of your life.

The main concept stems from this notion “I AM is stronger than I WILL BE”.

In other words, the power of the moment, your power in the present.

I read over 15 years ago the famous book of Eckhart Tolle-The power of Now.

And have read many more literatures about the power of the moment. What I’m realizing is really a level up, It’s your power in the Now; I finally came to understanding the wise and masters wisdom shared through ages.

Let’s stop here and think for a minute. Let’s do an exercise.

  • 1-Can you think of a moment in the past where you felt happy and fulfilled? Did you find a moment? Now stay that moment and freeze. How do you feel right now in this moment before you move on to the next phase please freeze.
    • Assuming you did the exercise I suggest above, Let me guess right now as you’re reading this sentence, you feel happier than thirty seconds ago before you reached this sentence?
    • How do I know?
    • Because FEELING and EMOTIONS happen in the present moment.
  • 2-Now can you think about a dream, or a goal you have?

Did you find one? Do you have one? Please find one before you move to read the next lines.

Now assuming you have one, could you please describe how will you feel if that dream and goal is achieved?

Let me guess again, you’ll feel happier? How do I know?

Because FEELING and EMOTIONS happen in the present moment.


So let’s summarize this perspective, we went into the past and we went into the future.

And when it came to feeling we HAD to in the present moment.

Clearly, my point is this- FEELING, don’t happen in the past or in the future, they happen in the present; which means that your power resides in the present moment.

In your beingness, in your IAM ness, that’s what move molecules and energy around you.

Now why is this all relevant to you?

A lot of us especially in nowadays lifestyle, find themselves overwhelmed and chasing, doing, chasing, d the future working in anticipating our future or running away from our past. We’re caught between what was, what happened and what will be. We’re running everywhere, but not being in the present.

This so important here, because, emotionally or energetically, when we admit we will be happy when we get xyz, we’re confessing that we’re not xyz yet. So our vibration is instable and our signature is a “lack” of xyz; not an abundance of xyz.

This is very subtle, very simple, but very powerful, and I want to repeat this, because it changed my life and I hope you embrace the power of this.

When we say, I Will be grateful when I get abc, or I will be happier when I get abc, or will have abc.

Let’s analyze this; it’s good that as a “go getter” we’re not satisfied and want to improve the status quo, but at the same time when you say I will be you are saying you are not.

So it’s important to be aware of that; as real power will come from a higher energetically signature, not ONLY your will power. That’s the difference between real wizard and warriors.

Your Power is in the present. Your Power is not in I WILL BE, but rather in THE I AM.

I AM Loved, is more powerful than I WILL BE LOVED.

So next time, when you find yourself running, overwhelmed, chasing, just take a deep breathe ask yourself. What am I after? What am I chasing?

What is the ultimate feeling and emotions Am I looking after?

Then emulate that feeling first and foremost.

In that emulation, you find momentum, you find your true power!!!

Next week we’ll view a level up and an extension of the application.

Stay tuned. Till Next Week-Live Your Power with Purpose, Passion & Prosperity.

How To Tap Into the Secret of Your Emotions?


Sensations precede outcome and manifestation. Energy precede Form.

Our state of being is captured by how we feel and think. In previous posting we’ve discussed on what to think; here, I would like to explore about more the hidden power of our emotions; especially in our current western dominated civilization we tend to discount our feelings; while understanding them and leveraging them can make you powerful beyond measure in business or in our personal lives.

Why is that important?

Because it’s been proven that 80-90% of our disease (“dis- ease”) are stress related.

Emotional disturbances, especially suppressed are the cause of all disease. Our body is an emotional filter and carry and store the most prevalent emotions we’ve had in our past.

This is why the golden rule that is been expressed across all cultures and all era is so powerful, because it is ingrained into our cells. The most popularized version is “do unto others what you want done unto you” or the reverse I’ve heard is “don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you”.

From the behavior perspective it makes sense to suggest to control our actions. But I think we need to go to the root and further teach it from childhood- before the Doing part, we should suggest, the thoughts, and the feel- in a way it should be –

Do not think, Do not wish or Do not feel “ill” of people, because you don’t want that to be done unto you.

You don’t want to entertain the feeling of regret or failure towards your outcome, because your body will register that which you feel. Instead feel the feeling desired or sought after.

Both our conscious mind and subconscious have their role into helping us navigate this plane.

Our conscious mind which is the male element is discerning, personal and selective, while the subconscious is more the female element of our mind, very accepting and welcoming.

The caveat is that the subconscious preferred language of communication is “emotions/feeling and pictures”.

If the subconscious mind is welcoming all emotions, we ought to make sure that we “control” the emotions we welcome into our subconscious mind. Because in the end every feeling makes a subconscious imprint.

The dominant of two feelings is the one that is expressed into our subconscious mind. Therefore we need to choose carefully our feelings.

It’s important to notice here, that choosing and control notions are not necessarily synonym of “suppressing”, rather the disciplining of self to imagine and dwell upon the feeling of expansion, joy, abundance, simply because The dominant of two feelings is the one that is expressed.

It’s important to express the feeling and let them flow, but at the same time understand that nature doesn’t “allow” void; which means counter balance the “negative” emotional signals with the positive ones.

Also most importantly the “negative” emotions are guidance from our subconscious mind signalizing to us that we’re getting out of our “comfort” zone, therefore threatening our current sphere of identity or knowingness.

That self-awareness is indeed a compass for us to wake up and act.

Understanding these two principles about our emotions help the masters of this world because they have understood How to tap into the Secret of their own Emotions.

For quick homework, action guide.

Can you track your own state of being this week? Daily each morning for 4 hours

Look at the variation of emotion you go through, let’s say from the time you wake up to about your noon time.

Step 3- monitor those feelings. Do you find yourself into the “warning emotions” (which are the negative emotions” or do you find that you are mostly into positive ones.

One thing you’ll notice is that if you are finding yourself bathing into the warning emotions, you are probably in transition phase while the positive emotions are saying that you are looking forward a compelling future.

Whichever it is, don’t forget The dominant of two feelings is the one that is expressed into our subconscious mind. Therefore we need to choose carefully our feelings.

The Most Successful People Ninja Tricks.


What Separate successful people and people that are not?

It’s the Successful people Ninja’s tricks.

Given the same skills and experience and same field, what differentiate success and failure is the way people think (their beliefs) and the way they feel.

I believe the way we think has been discussed in many literatures. What I want to share here is a perspective that’s not much discussed and that allowed me to change my relationship with performance and results.

If you’ve been in athletics or any kind of performance activities you probably will relate.

It has to do with the way our culture has entrained and conditioned us; now is THE time to unlearn.

As we know, actions is what generate results and performance. The issues is that people won’t act if they don’t feel confident.

Confidence is highly correlated to how we feel (about ours skill, competencies on the topic, subject we need to act on).

Now the biggest issue that I have seen is the way we’re conditioned; basically most of the time our emotions and feeling are the results or outcome of our actions and most of the time they are not chosen by us.

Especially, people will not act if they don’t feel deserving; on top of lack of confidence, the “not” deserving feeling is what stop people from actions.

Let’s dive in.

For common people, Emotions and the feeling of deserving is a result and an effect. In our daily lives for 99% of people.

Why, because of the Pavlov Dog conditioning effect.

As we’re growing up, we have to eat our vegetables before we’re allowed the “ice cream”.

The cause/effect intent is worth it. It’s the idea that every action we do carry a result and consequence; which is the responsible way of education for a productive society and culture; you reap what you sow.

However, if it’s not done with strategy it can impede our growth.

With that model the results of our actions are at cause and our feeling of deserving is an effect.

The key word here is result.

We’ve been conditioned in this order- to associate our results and outcome and then feel after that.

While the ninja trickster and the successful people understand that you have to feel first and act first. Feeling must precede our actions (especially if we’re going after something out of our comfort zone).

Taking luck out of equation, as an athlete in order to win a championship, you have to feel deserving of winning; which will boost your confidence for action.

That’s the main secret for all masters of this world- they are masters of their emotions.

The key and secret to all masters’ success through all human ages is that they were able to generate their own emotion regardless of the circumstances. In fact, as an athlete, if you truly analyze all your key successes, you had to feel first that you were winning before it showed.

Here’s the challenge-

In our daily practices, most of us wait for outcomes and events to trigger our emotions, but the truth is we can trigger our own emotions, by changing our rules or neuro association to events that we’ve created along the years through conditioning. We’ve confused achievement with feelings. We’ve associated them, and like the Pavlov dog, being conditioned to salivate and emote only when there’s result and outcome. We became slaves to the outcomes.

We become depress if we don’t win a super bowl ring, or this or that… where in opposite that’s when we need to double our feeling of hope and trailblazing emotions to move forward.

I understand if you’re saying easier say than easier done. Let me share with you few tricks that help me and that can serve you. It’s the Successful people Ninja’s tricks.

Here’s what need to be done.

So we’re going to reverse engineer. We’re going to create the emotions at will First and create new rules.

So for example the feeling of being alive.

When I was on the judo mat and competing as an athlete at world class level- For example , the feeling of aliveness for me was easily generated when I was on the mat and whenever I throw my opponent, I would feel alive, because I knew I was doing my best and I was 100% present.

Now the question is how can I can generate that same feeling of aliveness without depending being on the mat and competing. Notice I’m using the word “generate” and create that same feeling of aliveness. The premise is clear, as we feel great, well act great and therefore produce better results. We’re not waiting for “results” to validate us.

So we’re going to reverse engineer. Now the idea is to rebuild the same neuro association in a heightened state that I had when I threw my opponent. The goal is to create a simple rule.

In a way it’s like Outcome Reversal. We’ve reversed our outcome orders, by starting with the emotion at first. Because as we emote we’ll be able to act as if.

We need to put ourselves in heightened state and use a simple place on our body that we can reuse (but not use all the time). Let’s say our arm pit just as an example (assuming it’s not frequent body part you use or trigger all the time like your hand etc…)

The new rule could be, I feel alive whenever I touch my armpit and create that neuro association (like we were conditioned with the Pavlov dog example).  The key is to have heightened emotion attached to it; and repeat that connection couple times.

Personally, now the new rule I created is I slap my heart with my right hand, I stop and stand still, I take a deep breathe air with my eyes closed, I feel alive. So basically I go back to that emotional “zip code” I use to feel whenever I was competing.

In that way I’m able to keep the emotional component first, which will allow to trigger the physical elements (regardless of the workout).

In that way I’m generating my own emotion first. Using physical anchors to trigger emotion so I can act (versus waiting for results and feel after that).

Being able to perform outcome reversal will be so key in order to be able to relive the emotional and physical self-expression.

It’s not a secret that high performers have control over their emotions, because they understand that they are at cause for their emotions.

On top of changing their beliefs this key understanding is so overlooked that I think if truly understood and applied, one can achieve wonders.

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How Water Can Help You Optimize Your Leadership Success?


Do you want an amazing 2016? Read this carefully till the end. It’s a perspective never shared before.

As a martial artist for over 26 years, one of my favorite artist is Bruce Lee; Not necessarily because of his art form or creation but most importantly because of his leadership and because of who he became in the process of “perfecting” his art through the pursuit of excellence.

It took me 25 years to really understand one of his famous quote that I had long admired.

“Be Like Water, when you put water into a tea pot, it takes the form of the tea pot, when you put water into a cup it takes the form of the cup, water can flow, but water can also crashes!!!”

What a very simple concept but yet profound lesson in leadership, business and into our daily lives.

After deep observation, I realized how powerful this message was (I’m not sure that even Bruce Lee had realized the depth of his quote-As I believe Bruce sharing was more philosophical and metaphorical?).

I wanted to share below, how we can learn so much more from this foundation so that you can optimize your year productivity.

Why this matter to you and Why water?

Yes because you are a Bruce Lee fan like me or joke aside, you need to care because most importantly the human body is made up of close to eighty percent of water and even further fundamentally our planet earth is called the blue planet because about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and with the oceans holding about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water.

First let’s look at water from a micro view perspective.

Not too be a chemist but I think this is really interesting.

Water is called the universal solvent because more substances dissolve in water than in any other chemical (just to be to clear, no solvent, including water, dissolves every chemical); in general “like dissolves like.” Basically, polar solvents dissolve polar molecules, such as salts. Nonpolar solvents dissolve nonpolar molecules such as fats and other organic compounds. Water is polar because of the difference in electronegativity between hydrogen and oxygen. The highly electronegative oxygen atom attracts electrons or negative charge to it, making the region around the oxygen more negative than the areas around the two hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen side of each water (H2O) molecule carries a slight positive electric charge, while the oxygen side carries a slight negative electric charge. This helps water dissociate ionic compounds into their positive and negative ions. The positive part of an ionic compound is attracted to the oxygen side of water while the negative portion of the compound is attracted to the hydrogen side of water.

Clearly, water “duality” nature and microscopic structure allow water to be that universal solvent. What can we learn from that?

If we are up made of water in majority, we should have the ability to behave like water, UNLESS we’re disconnected from that nature; especially that many of us live in a polarized environment, or realities (good/bad, etc…).

As a leader what can you do to lead your team to success based on your teammate’s tendencies, and their different strengths and weaknesses?

Leading like water, means being able to attract and lead both opposite side of the spectrum but yet still be effective and meet the team objectives. It means being a unifier not a divider.

How can we lead like water then?

One of the best microscopic property is that universal solvent attribute- Simply, it also means being able to have compassion because a GREAT leader can relate and lead MOST (if not all).

That quality of being a universal solvent means that the leader is trusted by his team; which makes the team unified. John Maxwell puts is well-Leaders touch the heart before they reach for a hand.

Trust is a non-negotiable quality and attribute to influence and leadership. In fact trust is the cement for any relationship; even more relevant for a leader who is guiding a team for a single focus objective.

Now another element that is so valuable to a great leader is RESPECT earned from the team.

To understand how we can learn from water let’s look at the macroscopic behavior of water.

This second approach or water relate to what Bruce Lee quote closely.

Water ability to flow or crash is the key foundation of water power to master and influence its environment at the bigger level.

In quantum physics the quantum elements behave like a wave or a particle. Similarly water can behave like a wave or instead have a “fist punch” effect which is punctual.

The qualities of quantum elements being able to be both wave and particles is the most challenging concept to grasp still nowadays in quantum physics; but I believe if we put it in simple words and concept of either Wave=Flow and Particle = Single Focus, one can understand why this quality can earn people respect.

What can we learn from water Flow and water resilience or focus?

Flow might be categorized as “feminine” attribute because it allows one to “be more receptive” and more open. Which is vital in leadership in order to be present. As presence is felt by the team.

Focus might be categorized as “masculine” because it allows one to be “single focus” and be forward reaching; which is vital in leadership, in order to create followers, one need to show confidence and progress, and share vision and what the future could be.

Flow and Focus gives the leader the second bed rock needed- which is RESPECT.

With both TRUST and RESPECT, one can create and foster an environment of acceptance and a team spirit. When those are embodied by the leader it creates an environment that foster synergy in a team.

So what’s next can we learn from water into our leadership abilities?

It’s the third element I want to share, that I think even wasn’t captured by Bruce Lee-

“Water can Freeze and solidify or water can vaporize and float in the air whenever necessary.”

Water ability to transform and adapt shows water ability to “empower” its environment; which is what create a sustained performance in a team. It’s the ability to adapt and self-reproduced; which is vital because for the future of the organization, a leader need to build other leaders- why?

Let’s think about it, as a trusted leader with a synergized team and a vision, what else is essential?

Team Empowerment, because in the end- everything falls and rise on leadership as would say John C Maxwell.

Here’s the best part or all-All the principles we discussed above, must be cultivated FIRST into ourselves so we can lead effectively and create the impact we desire as a leader.

And the beauty is this- Water is fluid, seemingly soft, however water will wear away “unyielding “rigid rock.

So let’s take it to the next level- “Be like Water, not only because it can flow, or crashes but because it can also freeze, and vaporize if needed”; But most importantly water is here to stay and it is the universal solvent that unify.

No doubt about it – To create an amazing Impact -BE LIKE WATER!!!

Did you find this useful and want to get a free  ignite your legacy strategy session. feel free to schedule with my dedicated  new year special.

What’s Your New Banner For 2016?


New Year’s resolutions might not be the best format if you have too many goals.

What I found work best is to create a THEME for the year.

A guiding framework for the year that gives you enough flexibility and simplicity, enough purpose and direction, that energizes you and give enough “juice or energy” to take daily consistent action.

I have read enough literature pro-cons about New Year’s resolutions. I have seen argument on both sides; regardless on which side you stand, I do think that it’s important to create a consistent practice where one should take “inventory” of their lives and create a purpose of what’s next step could be or might be; in one way or another it’s what differentiate the human race to more “primitive” animals. Our meta-cognitive skills which allows us to think about what we’re thinking about.

Now the intention, vision setting and planning exercise, the more frequent the better (Annually, Bi Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, why not even hourly based on the scale); whichever works for you; the most important thing is to have that vision clear with clear intention and to follow through. Let’s say that what is common is that most people do it annually unfortunately once a year and don’t follow through.

Regardless of what your frequency is, I believe it’s worth the try. We’re all in our journey and we’re all developing one way or another. That’s why, I do agree with the idea and intention behind the New Year resolution idea. Why?

Helen Keller the prolific American Blind author said “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

How many of us are living according to someone else’s plan and dream but none of it is our our? – In Theology books, it’s commonly known and accepted that people without a vision perish, or sometimes said that if you don’t know where you’re going you will end anywhere.

That’s why I personally believe that having a resolution is better than having none.

Let’s look at the word being RESOLVED-according to Merriam Webster Dictionary-“to make a definite and serious decision to do something”.

To me even looking at the definition, I stand by the word-“to be resolved”. It means taking charge and willing to take responsibility of our human gifts of meta-cognition (which again means we can think about what we’re thinking about). Even if you want to be resolute about “not being resolute “is a good resolution as long it’s done with purpose and intention.

Now what I have seen as one the majority of issues are issues with the follow-through.

The gym membership sky–rocketing in January is a perfect illustration where gym club parking are full first couple weeks of the year, to find themselves at a regular fill rate by Mid February. It’s not that resolutions don’t work or that the gym don’t work but rather we didn’t make it work.

To me the bigger issue become then to learn how to follow through our resolutions and make them work.

What we’ll discussed further below will give the most essential point about that.

But I wanted first to share couple quick technics/practices I just learn from different mentors and Friends these seasons.

One of them came from John Amaral here a Santa Cruz; An amazing gifted healer chiropractor-One thing that he does with his beloved wife is to sit down and write down their Gift, Grace and Gratitude in 2015 and of course what they are intending in 2016. What is the old energy they are willing to let go and not carry anymore from 2015.They write that list on paper – and Burn it and let it go- I thought this was a powerful symbolism and even carry strong energy most likely. More from John here-

I have decided to add that to my practice.

The second set of tools- very simple came from Andrew Devlin coach who did over   8000 thousands one/one coaching session-His idea is to build on what you’ve got. He suggests to focus first on 2015 as there are many lessons we can learn and if we don’t learn from past, we’re doomed to fail. We need to bank on-What worked last year? What didn’t work? What would you do differently from 2015? What would you do the same or better in 2016?

More from Andrew-

The third practice comes from Jeff Walker, the founder of product launch formula. Jeff is an amazing heart center entrepreneur who has changed the online marketing world literally. He shares his master planning process by mind mapping- on a chart-.His perspective is to have a balance on all areas of his life- What’s your ROLE in the different areas? Next what‘s your VISION on those areas? What are the GOALS/PROJECTS I need to set under this vision and ALWAYS MEASURE them so you can track them (even the hardest subjective ones like being a “great “parent could be like numbers of hours spend with children) and Last TRACK THEM in retro? Then From the mind map he connects and build the network of where 2-3 goals can be achieve by doing one activity ;(for example –working out with his son- encompasses health, working out, parenting). And then Drop those Monthly, weekly and track them continuously. See how tall this tie to the bigger yearly vision.

Last one is From Bo Eason-Which is a great perspective as well-As it allow people to have a bird eye view- Which means planning for longer term. That’s what differentiate the best performers-One year is not enough to be the best. Long term timeline. That reminded me something powerful I learned from Bill Gates-The DEPTH of VISION. Which basically can be summarized as an example- When you look at an acorn what do you see? Do you see an oak tree? Do you see the forest? What is your depth of vision?

Bo Eason suggest to be your best and have it set in your long term vision.More from Bo Eason

I felt these 4 strategies very helpful and they can be leveraged.

Okay Now, I hope you’re not feeling overwhelmed?

Here’s the best part- Save the best for last in three paragraphs-

I learned from some mentors that’s it’s good to have a THEME (if you want a productive year); since some people are not fan of New Year’s resolutions!!!
I like that Idea especially that it’s supposed to increase your productivity year round.

One thing that really keep us off track is the things we cannot say “NO” to-In other words, things we need to eliminate in our lives so we can be more focus and productive while we go out living hectic and busy days.

The power of this is idea is this -If any activity doesn’t fall into the theme-you can either table it or re-prioritize it.

My theme for 2016 is 3S- Simplify-Show Up & Serve.

Just curious what is yours?

I wanted to wish you an Amazing 2016!!!To a grandiose 2016!!!

PS: if you like some of the concept and if you want to implement further any of these strategies, I’m doing a special “IGNITE YOUR LEGACY “complimentary new year’s special the next 2 weeks-

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How To Take Control of Any situation Using this Single Principle?

The Single Principle That Will Change Your Life stem from this quote below.

“In nature nothing is wasted, nothing is created, everything is transformed” Lavoisier

Understanding and mastering this principle encompasses so many laws (including Einstein E=MC2) that it’s worth spending time on this.

The first time that I encounter this quote, was in my junior high school physics class. It had such profound impact on me right away, that I felt that it was a highly calibrated sentence and findings.

I didn’t how much of Impact it would have on me at that time, but looking back after almost a quarter of the century, when I look back, I realized that this principle had “haunted my life quest” and mainly, this principle changed my life forever and still is.

I wanted to share a powerful perspective that I believe could benefit anybody looking to improve their lives or businesses.

Lavoisier findings to me, explain mainly three overarching themes.

One, that in fact everything is energy; second that we’re all one whole and integrated, and third, that the only constant is change.

Personally, what I derived from that had been my life quest because it made me aware of the fact that

1-Energy precede form and that second in one’s life time, the number one skill to master and to understand is how we create deliberate transformation.

Let’s further explore the first theme.

I like the example of the tornado which is carrying such a powerful field of energy that it can destroy cities.

How do we recognize the power of the tornado, or of a disastrous wind?

The simple answer is by the damage they can produce. In fact if you can imagine a tornado without debris or dirt, one wouldn’t have known or notice the tornado itself.

The reason why this matter to you, is to illustrate that we human are also just different level of vibration of energy. Each human body is a “gross level” of matter vibrating at different frequencies.

For some people if this seems still too “futuristic”, I recommend getting familiarized with several healing energy modalities like Network chiropractic, Reikki, just to name a few. Or in another level, thorough research by the institute of Heartmath. In fact our heart emits an energetic electromagnetic field many times more powerful than our brain or any other organ in our body. A simple example is to put your hands close to a Radio Frequency emitter, which disturb clearly the field of the radio message. And that human field can be measured with voltmeter like an electric current could be tracked; in that vein is another great scientific explanation of the life energy -Heliognosis, a manufacturer of the Experimental Life Energy Meter.

Let us agree here again the main point, that energy precede form.

Without a doubt for example, Water being transformed into steam or vapor is a result of change in energy applied to the structure of water molecules.

One thing that I had been obsessed with is the question about- What is the critical point of energy and time needed to transform an object? Or to materialize an idea into reality?

In other words water boils and turn into steam at 212 degree Fahrenheit and water become ice at 32 degree Fahrenheit.

What is that critical point for us, where our ideas, our dreams, our projects can change form?

What is the parallel in term of us translating our ideas into form?

IF Energy precede form, what is the Energy matrix of what I want to create so that it can manifest into our time and space form?

Let’s explore and try to understand the process first.

Clearly, it’s important to reiterate that Energy precede form- In other words you probably know that a house is created twice, first in the blueprint which is a reflection of the architect mind creation then the physical creation with the contractor.

Yes everything is created twice, first in the mind then in the time, space dimension.

Now how do we apply this in practical terms?

If Energy precede form, it’s important to understand that the immediate causal factor of creating a form comes from our self-expression via our identity.

Let me explain, if our attention and our energy are the two ultimate levers we’ve got as explained in earlier posting. (cf. picture – The Quantum Do ™system of leverage). Our identity and our self-expression are the direct drivers of bringing our ideas into form into the human existence.

The bar used in the leverage system is the transmission between the energy and the object being lifted- In creation mode, this bar is impacted on the upper side by two things our identity and our self-expression.

Our identity is directly connected to the Energy point and our self-expression connected to the object being lifted. (cf. picture – The Quantum Do ™system of leverage).


Let’s clarify.

Energy precede form, but Energy need to be channeled otherwise it could be chaotic.

The first step which is the intent formation.

In the beginning was the “word” it says in the Old Testament. (Note that this step is a natural step regardless of the field or belief structure).

The next step is to define the vision, the form we want manifested, and so we need to clarify what we want to create.

Going back to redefine, our vision is important here. People without vision perish.


Because that vision, is what link us and connect us to source energy. Energy is infinite and “random” if we don’t channel it.

The vision inherently define and structure our identity- who we have to be in order to have the form xyz desired? The vision or the form ground the want and desire of what we want to create.

A desire or a vision is nothing but the need for self-expression of our being, spirit and soul.

That get initiated in this plane by our identity which further carry it out through our self-expression.

In simple terms,

The second stage is driven from our attention being directed into our vision of the future or of our dreams. In that stage the practitioner understand the concept that where our attention goes our energy flows. Therefore it’s non-negotiable at this level. One should define the concept, the vivid vision of the desire of our dreams and goals.

I’m sorry to say that 95% of the population failed at this level?


Because of the daily conditioning, many of us haven’t spent time to think about what we want in our lives.

Few people stop during each year, to make New Year resolutions. Which is a great start, if you follow up with those resolution weekly or even monthly. But statistic have proven that by February most people are back in their old patterns as sad it is. Not a myth, but health club owners and gym membership statistics are just an example of that…

Which is why this step is critical-Having a vision, a future concept of what you want and holding unto it. That is in other the form we want to create. (This will be the first step of creation- Everything is created twice, first in the mind then second in material form).

This third step initiate the energy, and the organization of the energetic field around us.

That level is for you to translate your desires into an “Energy matrix”.

Connecting to source is critical here. Like an electric current is the source of energy for most of our appliances. Here our source is the recognition of who we are.

That stems from an awareness and commitment to our identity- When we say “I AM”- we are plugging ourselves to that infinite source. The I AM statement is like the electric plug to the vacuum cleaner or a TV. The I AM command and direct energy. The I AM creates our communion between our being and the source. Our identity helps us contain the energy we need to carry out to perform the form we want manifested.

At this stage, it is the commitment stage-How would it feel to have the wish fulfilled?

People Dr.Wayne Dyer or Neville Godard would call this “assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

A similar idea is “fake it till you make it”- which is wrong in its definition- “faking it” means it’s not real. Which is a conflict with my “integrity” energy. I’d rather use the term assume the energetic matrix; Why?

What that means, in quantum physics is that, it’s real, and it’s already real even if we haven’t seen the manifestation yet. So there’s no faking it at the quantum level. And it’s not an illusion or positive thinking.

Quantum physics has proven that when you invest your attention into the future. You are investing your energy into the energetic matrix of that is that you want. You are building an energetic holographic blueprint field of your vision.

The bigger the vision, the more energy needed obviously and the more attention and repetition is needed daily.

As we reach this stage, the last step is self-expression, which carries out our action in this plane so we can manifest what we have dream about or envisioned about.

In summary it’s a spiral loop- Starting with intention and in clarifying our vision and the form we want to create; second in clarifying our energetic matrix blueprint, third defining our identity and last our self-expression.

As we climb that spiral loop, what we come to realized are Lavoisier principle. That in fact, “In nature nothing is wasted, nothing is created, everything is transformed

Which make us aware that one, that in fact everything is energy; second that we’re all one whole and integrated, and third, that the only constant is change.

Next time we’ll explore the challenge that people face- It’s the paradox of our human existence.

It’s the stage between tapping into the source energy and defining our identity.

Till Next time, Live your Power with Purpose,Passion and Prosperity

How To Effortlessly Maximize Your Productivity?

energy electrical good

The ultimate levers in our lives are our attention and our energy level.

As I shared earlier In fact, in term of our personal power, the most valuable asset we have is our attention. If you can deliberately control your attention you are tapping into your ultimate freedom.

If our attention is our most valuable asset, it’s absolutely necessary to sustain that our energy level is the most valuable currency we trade in, we trade with, and that we trade for in our daily lives and businesses. If you can control your energy level, there’s nothing in the world that can defeat you.

Because the only thing that never loses is nature itself. When you claim your energy, you claim your nature and your source.

Why one should care about energy is pretty simple- It’s the simplest idea that will change your life forever-One could say the biggest secret revealed (because not everybody knows the power of this).

When you Master your energy- You Master your fate.

In fact, what is the difference between a person dead body and that same person alive?

The answer is quite simple- it’s their energy level. Aliveness is characterized by “life Energy”.

What is that power, or energy that allows one heart to beat, or give us the ability to breathe? Life energy.

Not to be too esoteric, in fact if you look at your own life two succinct moments;

Situation one, you are in a low emotional point, doubting, sad or frustrated versus another situation two where you achieved a dream and a goal of yours after months of working at it?

Answer is simple again, the difference is your level of energy (you are happier, or vibrating at a different level of energy). One could say, who you have become in the process is what’s different and I would agree with that, but in the end, what’s different is that energy level.

It’s very relevant to understand that energy is that currency that defines how we trade our lives and our businesses.

The idea that an energy body surrounds the human form has endured since ancient times.

Even in recent times, the most prolific explanation that explain how our body is energy is Albert Einstein E=MC2. Energy in our dimension is the integration of speed and mass. From quantum physics mass moving at a speed of light is energy.

This translate the fact that our body which is material is indeed a “gross” level of energy vibration.

If one could look at one own hand, then zoom in further in that hand, it’s molecules of skin, further, atom, zooming in further, electrons; then quanta of energy; at the most infinite level, it’s all energy vibrating different level.

If one truly understand this notion, it become clear for us to understand that our physical form is held by a pattern of energy (invisible to our eyes).

This is where the idea that we’re all one and everything is energy stems from indeed. Because at the essence level and the most basic level we are all connected.

Let’s look at a simple idea.

A water ice cube is fundamentally made of molecules of water (H2O). What differentiate the ice cube from liquid water?

You guessed? It’s the temperature and the energy level.

Further what’s different between the liquid water versus the boiling water? You guessed it it’s the temperature and energy level.

In essence they are comprised of the same elements, but in form and in structure they are different and the difference lies in the energy level-Nothing more nothing less.

One thing is clear then-ENERGY PRECEDE STRUCTURE and FORM.

How powerful is that idea.

Some secular wisdom have been heard with the term that consciousness precede form.

In fact energy trumps time and space. Very simply because energy captures all the attributes and state of an element in (the time& space) dimension.

This is why the term love conquers it all come from, because energy is the integration of all forms; if energy is our essence, one could equate that love is energy and it is our source.

There’s nothing mystic about this, but knowing the power of this, make one realizes the power of controlling our energy. If Energy precede form, why aren’t people using it?

That’s why I believe still it’s the simplest idea that will change your life forever if you grasp the power of it the idea in all applications?

Why because what means?

That means that any action we take is either seeking to expand our energy field or constraining our field of energy.

Yes clearly it could be translated into psychology, any action we take is either giving love or seeking love at the root cause of it all.

If you can keep in mind that simple idea and most importantly endeavor to live it. You’ll be powerful beyond measure.

This is what great masters we’ve all revered have done throughout their lives.

They had maintained an energy level of the “desired” results they had always wished for.

Neville Godard and Dr. Wayne Dyer called this “Assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled”.

Isn’t the simplest idea but very powerful. If we keep the end in mind, and stick with it- we will create that which we are maintaining in frequency and vibration.

The End in Mind is the energy signature of what we want to be, have or do.

As we agreed, energy precede form, the key question now becomes, how long do I have to hold on the energy matrix of what I want to create so that it can manifest into our time and space form?

In other words water boils and turn into steam at 212 degree Fahrenheit and water become ice at 32 degree Fahrenheit.

What is the parallel in term of us translating our ideas into form?

I personally noticed three to four stages.

We’ll review the remaining stages in the next posting.