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How To Be Unstoppable & Control Your Personal Power


The ultimate levers in our lives are our attention and our energy level.

In fact, in term of our personal power, I’m venturing to say that the most valuable asset we have is our attention. If you can deliberately control your attention you are tapping into your ultimate freedom.

On top of that, if you can control your energy level, there’s nothing in the world that can defeat you.

Now back at you, where your attention is right now, are you controlling it or you’re letting it to the mercy of advertisers.

How about your energy level? Could you generate high level of energy and enthusiasm at will?

Let’s start with the first lever which is the mastery of your attention.

The Ultimate Gift that we’ve been given as a species is the aptitude that allow us to think about what we’re thinking about.

As I recall my anthropology class, our current human species is classified as Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Human Knowing Knowing). As I recall in junior high school I wasn’t clear on the “redundancy” of the word sapiens. Why two times sapiens?

In fact the closest species to us from a biological perspective are monkey and apes (whether you believe in evolution or not it’s irrelevant) and they are classified as Homo sapiens (only- One word “sapiens).

They don’t have the ability to notice what they are thinking about.

That critical skill, and gift is what probably has made some religious group called the human race the favorite creature on planet earth, as that skill give us the capacity to have higher intellectual faculty to master our environment?

Whether you are an atheist, religious person or scientist (who believes in evolution), it doesn’t matter here, as the point I’m making here is why this matter to you– You have the power and the freedom to think about what you’re thinking about.

In fact right now, how about if you stop for few second and think about what you were thinking about just before you read this sentence?

To me I look at this ability as a gift.

Neuroscientist call this “Meta cognitive skill” or Meta attention.

I believe almost 100% percent of us understand the skill or have “flirted” with the idea to master this skill many times, But What I’m sure is that ONLY maybe 1-2 % of the human population understand and understood the power of this meta attention skill and gift.

That gift is the ultimate leverage that allow supreme masters of this world to command change in whatever they do. It’s that skill that give them the lever to turn anything they touch into gold as true alchemist.

Let’s explore different elements of this power so we can create more awareness about it in our daily lives, so that people can use this power.

In business, in fact that’s what true marketers and advertisers have understood, which is to control your attention.

The frequencies of the advertisement whether on television, radio or whatever medium that is being used is a way to use that ability -so that by way of repetition, people are associating and linking the product being promoted with the premise of the promise of the product or service.

For example, Nike Shoes reflecting “just do it” is associated with our idol Michael Jordan.

In that way, advertisers are “renting” customers mind share so that they can control customer attention.

Why would they want to do that?

Simply because you become what you think about most of the time.

As Earl Nightingale called it “The strangest secret “in the book with the same name. You become what your predominant thoughts are.

Now let’s look at our daily lives, as a young boy, I was fascinated by magnifiers; what you learn is that you can burn a sheet of paper using sun rays when using a magnifier. This illustrated to me, the power of attention (here one could use the word “focus” for attention; but let’s careful as they are not the same and could be different- Attention is broader than focus).

In quantum physics, if you haven’t heard, our reality changes based whether or not on the observer is watching an event or not.

In other word, reality is distorted based on the observer. That sounds quite intuitive, but not always understood.

In fact, Dr. Wayne Dyer made this phenomena in the main stream more popular with his statement “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”).

From psychological perspective or psychiatry perspective that seems to make sense intuitively as well?

Well What Is sure is that regardless of the field, common sense shows us that the same event lived from a different vantage point can provide different perspectives and different experience.

I love sport, the easiest example is watching a game in a soccer stadium or football arena; it can provide different interpretation (not only as a player or a spectator), but as a referee most important who are supposed to be impartial.

The major match game I can remember was the world cup 1986 in Mexico, Argentina VS England Quarter final. Diego Armando Maradona scored a goal with his hand, later called the “hand of God”. You can check it here –

Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ is one of the most controversial goals in soccer history.

In there,The Inexperienced referee and his linesman did not see the infringement and the goal stood and Argentina held on for a 2-1 win. Later, couple days after, Argentina in its glory days became world champion as they defeated England.

Here, the word perspective could be used isn’t it? What was the perspective of the referees?

Perspective outcome is that it provides a different vantage point which reflect a different attention.

This is a simple illustration to share that regardless of the field, our attention is a key lever that if ones understand its true power, one will be liberated.

Why is that, because where our attention goes and stay, our energy flows?

Our Attention has a powerful impact and close relationship to how we feel, to our intention and furthermore to how we react to events in our lives.

The way we interpret events make us act differently therefore providing different outcomes in our lives. That world cup example is a perfect ramification of how different perspective can change an entire history.

So I would like to make the point again. To control your life, to control your business, learn to control your attention. That’s the number one tool and most powerful lever you can use regardless of your circumstances.

To take an extreme case is the famous Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl a holocaust survivor who shares his story on how and most importantly why he choose to survive (after everybody from his family was murdered); great book to read (man’s search for meaning). In there Viktor Fankl ultimate realization is what he called- the last frontier of human freedom. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Now I hope that by all these examples, you would agree with the point above- To control your life, control your attention…

As I mentioned earlier, in a leverage system. Your Attention could be compared to the fulcrum point and the lever is your energy level.

As it is in a leverage system, the fulcrum point determine the amount of effort or energy is needed to move the object needed to be moved.

Now you are asking, easier said than done. How do I that? How to control our attention.

We could expand on different modalities on how to that. How to control our attention.

The good news is there are two sides of the puzzle.

First Good news is trainable.

Second Good news two is that each of us can exercise that power as long as you are clinically able to think on your own.

Third which is the bad news is it’s not free, you have to train it, like a muscle or a habit. That’s where our evolution and edge comes from.

We could expand on different modalities on how to do that, but I’m not sure that I have enough space and time in here to share that with you. For example have you heard of “mindfulness” practice? It’s just one of the modality that you could research on.

What I usually shares on intimate setting when I run my workshop and webinar are practical tools that one can use if interested go to and sign up for the newsletter to receive more information.

Next time, we’ll expand on the second leverage, which is energy and we can use it to create powerful results.

But in the meantime, never forget that rule number one, to control your life, control your attention.

How to Strategically Win in Your Life & in business -using 3 Powerful Timeless Judo Principles. Part 3


So far we’ve discussed in the previous two parts, the importance of recovery time (through learning how to break fall) and the necessity of learning the concept of balance (through learning and tracking the key elements and structure around our relative position to our goals and objectives).

To reiterate, first of all, in all successes (regardless of the field or of the era), we’ve seen that it’s not about the fall, rather it’s all about the rise. Whether in business, in sport, in life, in relationship, we’ve all heard, read or lived the fall before the triumph. That’s a natural path to any “success”. Even though we know this intellectually, I still think that majority of people don’t know the power of this. Learning to pick yourself up after a fall is far more valuable skill than winning in itself. Why?

Because someone that masters that skill will always be willing to explore new territory. Someone not afraid of failing will be able to discover new “edges”, new ocean shores because of the confidence, belief and skill developed along the way. That’s why in judo, the number one fundamental skill taught is how to fall. The break fall skill is a basic skill that Judo practitioner are gifted with in their beginner stage before they develop mastery. In fact I remember learning snowboarding in Lake Tahoe in my late twenties; I learned so fast because I wasn’t afraid of falling (I knew how to fall and to pick myself all over again and again).

The second concept we reviewed was the Principe of balance. As The Judoka primarily goal(while standing in the face-off with opponent) is to throw its opponent on the floor with as much as impact as possible which means the judoka needs to understand the principle of balance, why?

Gravity and balance are two major components in the “game” of throw. The master Judokas, know where their own center of balance plane is AND where their opponent center of balance is. We’re pulled by gravity, all the time; so learning our position in regards to that is very important. In Judo there are 8 major planes where you can easily off balanced and defeat your opponent if you track effectively those planes.

Similarly, in business, in life, what are the major forces, metrics that you need to keep track on?

In your life are you keeping track of the major areas (health and well-being, Relationship (friends, family, and partners), Time, Vocation etc…?

In business are you keeping track of your key metrics? What are they? Where should they be? Are you tracking the big rocks?

Now let’s move on the next step. You know how to break fall, you know how to track your balance (along with your opponent); what’s then?

The third law that masterful Judoka have learned is the power of using Leverage.

Again, Judo stands for “Minimum Effort/ Maximum Efficiency”- Minimum Effort/ Maximum Yield or ROI.

In my opinion understanding the principles of Judo can be the most powerful tool that will change your business and your life forever (if understood, and mastered properly).

Let’s face it,

How can a “one hundred and forty pound man” can throw and subdue a heavier two hundred and twenty pound plus man?

In case you’re wondering, yes that happen all the time in Judo; that’s what the founder of Judo was all about?

This is why, Leverage is one of my ALL TIME favorite word.

Archimedes of Syracuse was an Ancient Greek mathematician, he said the following-

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

Let’s even take to another level, more recently, Albert Einstein said “problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them”… What that means?

It’s plain and simple, we need to act from a higher perspective in order to solve a problem created at a lower level.

I love this concept so much, that if really understood one can live a freer, fuller more expanded life in any areas.

In fact the most powerful leverage is “knowledge” and awareness of the law. When people say knowledge is power it’s really applied knowledge which is powerful. Applied knowledge means someone is applying the lever at the fulcrum point.

Now let’s bring it down to our businesses and our lives.

What type of leverage can we apply to our business?

The most powerful point of leverage comes from the activities where- if we spend twenty percent of our time we would yield, produce eighty percent of the results. You’ve heard of the Pareto principle?

In your business, one should be insanely crazy about this principle. As you can imagine that principle is in context of our goals- Which is why principle two is important (because we’ve learned and defined the most important metrics of our business).

So if you act from a deliberate perspective, your twenty percent action in one field would yield you the eighty percent results and performance if you are singly focus on it.

That would apply to your business, product, and project in context of the season as well. What season is your business in (start up, mature etc…)?

How about in our lives, what are the key levers and fulcrum point?

The ultimate levers in our lives are our attention and our energy level.

In fact, in term of our personal power, I’m venturing to say that the most valuable asset we have is our attention. If you can deliberately control your attention you are tapping into your ultimate freedom.

On top of that, If you can control your energy level, there’s nothing in the world that can defeat you.

Now back at you, where your attention is right now, are you controlling it or you’re letting it to the mercy of advertisers.

How about your energy level? Could you generate high level of energy and enthusiasm at will?

Those are the ultimate levers in your life. You have to take charge

Next week we will explore of how to use these levers.

Stay tuned till next time.

How to Strategically Win in Your Life and In Business-using 3 Powerful Timeless Judo Principles


Truly, if there is a martial art and Olympic sport that is not much advertised, it is Judo; yet Judo is in my opinion the most powerful tool that will change your business and your life forever(if understood, and mastered properly).

The wisdom of this martial art or sport is so untapped that I feel the need to share its benefit to the general public.

Being a judoka (judo practitioner) for over 27 years now, has had so much profound positive impact in both my professional and personal areas that me sharing the benefits of its power here is just like paying it back just a penny on a dollar.

As an Elite Athlete for over 12 years , if there’s something that I understood was result and performance under stressful timeline and conditions

Even further advantage taught by Judo are the principles the martial art has been created on.

The essence and meaning of Judo is “Gentle Way”.

In 1882, Dr. Jigoro Kano (The Father of Judo) made a comprehensive study of the ancient self-defence forms and integrated the best of these forms into a sport which is known as Kodokan Judo.

The categorization of Kodokan Judo was completed about 1887. The Kodokan had three broad aims: physical education, contest proficiency and mental training

The term Kodokan breaks down into ko (lecture, study, method), do (way or path), and kan (hall or place). Thus it means “a place to study the way”. Similarly judo breaks down into ju (gentle) and do (way or path) or “the gentle way”.

The genius of Dr.Jigoro Kano is that he traveled the world and “democratized” the martial art in many countries. Which allow people to adopt the martial art and add their own perspectives to it.

In fact if you heard about Now popularized Brazilian Jujitsu, it got it roots with the Gracie family who was taught by a Judo master Mitsuyi Maeda).

Enough of history, How does this apply to business or life?

It’s very simple- Judo stands for “Minimum Effort/ Maximum Efficiency”- Minimum Effort/ Maximum Yield or ROI.

Jigoro Kano as teacher was a small and tiny man who was obsessed with simplification, efficiency, and results. Judo is all about using, converting your opponent energy.

Before we got to the 3 major principles that I’ m sharing below, I have to say, the number one thing that attracted me to the martial art is the principle of mutual welfare.

Each Judoka, before to go on the mat, bow not only to the mat(the room and space), but also the fellow practitioners and teacher. That symbolism of bowing is a recognition and acknowledgment of the person in front of you-It’s a sign of mutual respect. It’s honoring their presence. In a way it’s like saying “I see you”.

I have heard similar concept in Yoga or Indian tradition- “Namaste”.

That humility but profound awareness if understood is powerful because whether in business or in our lives we’ve got to connect, deal with and, relate to people. That recognition is just a way to ignite our compassion. Which can be translated in terms of customer care. Put into these terms- Businesses all around the world exist because they resolve people/organizations problems for profits, period; nothing less nothing more.

Having that compassion toward other can only be a competitive advantage regardless of your beliefs.

So it’s important to understand that anything after this foundation context is in this environment of mutual welfare and true prosperity thinking. Based on the fact that If I grow, we’ll all grow together, or universal golden rule-do unto others what you would want them do unto you.

Three Principles-BBL or Break Fall- Balance & Leverage.

First Break Fall-How to fall, how to absorb a shock? How to protect your head and your brain from throw and falls.

It doesn’t matter how much you fall all that matters is how many time you stand up.

In fact real elite athlete, across almost all sport will tell you that the margin of winning is accomplished on the edge of recovery time. It’s all about recovery time. How fast can you recover from a blow? Physically, mentally and emotionally?

It’s not a matter of how much failures you’ve gotten but instead how much failures you’ve risen from.

I didn’t understand when I first started the martial art. My teacher who was a true master made me spend over two months just learning about break fall; learning how to fall.

In fact there are so many style of falls that it became fun for me, to practice falls with obstacles, so on and so forth. I remember in the beginning being frustrated, as I wanted to learn the techniques right away looking at students that started before me. In the end learning this fundamental only led me to mastery. Why?

Because as I learned to fall (even eyes closed) and therefore mastered to stand up after the fall gives the student the absolute confidence to go all in, in most of the situation knowing that you’ll be able to recover and keep on no matter what.

In fact, I had noticed that judokas, that didn’t spend much time in mastering this skill, had the most injuries on the mat, therefore shorter athletic successes lifespan, which led to less confidence on the mat in the long term. It is subtle but critical.

Well In business, no need to emphasize that there’s competition. How fast do we recover from competitive products assault on the market place?

Or do we keep whining and trying to figure out what happened and move on quickly?

It’s all about recovery time.

How quickly do you recover emotionally, physically and mentally?

In Athletic, that’s the ultimate answer at the high level.

It’s not a matter of how much competition exist coming your way or not (if you don’t have competition yet, it’s a matter of time or it means you are not playing yet a bigger game).

The best people that recover have learned to reengage quickly- They have learned how to break fall in life and in business.

The how is another long subject that we can discuss at a later time.

To keep it succinct we’ll review the next 2 principles next time. But before I’ll would like to share a quick story from a great movie. Batman Begins.

Batman Begins is a 2005 superhero film based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman, co-written and directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale.

In that movie there’s a powerful line in there, which had so much impact on me.

It’s basically the foundation of how batman became batman.

The young “batman” who was 7-8 years old of age, fell down in an old well full of bats; from that event which was a significantly emotionally event for the young batman. After that fall he asked the servant “Why do we have to fall?”

The answer from the servant was this “The reason we fall is that so we can stand up again…”

I thought it was powerful line.

In fact looking at my two toddler when they were learning to walk, after each try, they didn’t get mad and say, I’ll never walk again. They stood up again and again after each fall till they started walking (all the falls they had didn’t matter anymore).

I could go further on this topic but I hope my point is well illustrated here. Learn how to break fall, because it’s all about recovery time; how fast do you stand up again after a  fall.

On this first principle, which is necessary for any long term success.

Now your turn to think about and apply this principle.

Is there something in your life, in your business that had impacted you negatively /positively and that you have NOT recovered from it yet?

What could you do to recover faster?

How to avoid The Number one Reason Why People Fail ?


In homage of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who just passed away two days ago-I wanted to share with you something from him that impacted my life in meaningful way.

His Book the Power of Intention, Learning to co-create your world your way-published in 2004, had a profound impact on me. As I was just finishing university trying to find myself.

One of the most preeminent reason why most people fail is because they don’t know what they want.

Wanting starts with intention, first.
Why don’t we dig deeper into the meaning of it.

Let’s go the definition-to intend according to Merriam Webster dictionary means-to direct the mind on, to design for a specified use or future, to have in mind as a purpose or goal,to be used for a particular purpose or by a particular person.

What that means clearly?

Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action in the future. Intention involves mental activities.

Ask yourself-What would I love Today, in my health, career, relationship etc…?

What I wanted to further discuss was the small difference but that make a big difference.

Being intentional and the verb to intend.

As it, we should scratch from our vocabulary the words, I want or I hope.

We should all adhere to I intend.

I intend implies a deliberate active effort to carry out the action desired.

As we intend we are using a part of our brain called RAS (reticular activating system).

What is the RAS?

Simple way to understand the RAS is this? Have you ever bought a car? To notice the next day that there are many more cars like yours…

The RAS allows us to pay attention to things that matter to us.

As we intend, during our daily activities we start to pay attention to things that matter to us.

The tragedy, is that the majority and average people just wish and dream, without properly “intending”.

Each evening before to go to bed and each morning make sure to “intend”.

Till Next time, Live Your Power with Passion, Purpose and Prosperity.

The Simplest Overlooked Tool to Produce Influence & Results


“If you understand the power of Leverage and you apply it appropriately you’ll have a dream  life you would have never imagined”; those were the words I remember and wrote down during my college graduation commencement speech from that multi-millionaire and mega successful investor.

As I much as I can remember this is the only sentence I could remember of his long speech as the rest of the time,  because of the excitement and celebration anticipation, my mind was wandering.

I knew somehow that the true understanding of this sentence could alter my life positively as well; but I wasn’t sure how.

Why I had that intuition and agreement with the speaker?

Simply, at that time, I had been successfully practicing the martial art Judo for over 16 years. In fact being part of the Judo varsity team, I had won twice competitively the silver state champion in California.  Judo basics is all based in understanding three fundamentals – Balance, Leverage and Force.

In fact Judo stands in translation from Japanese as the “gentle way”; I know some friends have made fun of us Judokas (the Judo practioner) on the fact that slamming people on the ground or choking people, or arm barring them was NOT gentle at all.

I always found it funny and didn’t understand their perspective as for us Judokas(compared to different martial arts- for example striking martial arts can be very offensive and energy draining)it is all about using your opponent energy and its own force against himself. I grew up with that concept and forgot how relative it was. Judo founder Jigoro Kano, was a small teacher from Japan- and the principle he had in mind was “minimum effort for maximum efficiency”. Which basically summarize the principle of leverage.

Nothing less, nothing more-True leverage means -Minimum effort for maximum results.

What that means in our daily living?

That’s what I had tried to understand for all these years; after all, the concept of leverage is used in finance with borrowing and cost etc… But how about applying into our daily lives?

I came to realize some of the application where it is used and indeed I confess and I just started to understand the meaning of that sentence after decade and years.

You show me any successful people in any endeavor and I‘ll show how they have understood and have applied  leverage in their art/success.

You probably heard Albert Einstein famous quote” The significant problems we face cannot be resolved at the same level than they were created”. This is clearly, someone that understood the power of leverage.

How about in negotiation, in leadership, can we use levers to get faster results?

Can we use emotional levers unto ourselves to move unto fast actions?

How about in businesses- the power of recruiting talent is understanding the leverage of talent and skills.

Each of us has twenty four hours in a day. A business owner who has employees has multiplied his personal hours by hiring the people working for his business. He’s leveraging his time and talent.

In fact the most successful and influential people in the world have all understood & mastered TWO things –They are consistent in mastering and leveraging their Time and Talents/Relationships”

What are you leveraging? 

To help you put in perspective here’s a simple tool to help you put in context.

A lever has 3 component- The Fulcrum, Force applied and force produced.

Mastery consist in finding and adjusting where to exercise and apply our force(relative to the fulcrum).

The further away from the fulcrum you apply a force, the more you can multiply the force of your weight. If you sit a long way from the fulcrum, you can even lift a much heavier person sitting at the other end—providing they sit very close to the fulcrum on their side.

The important thing to remember about lever is that it challenges Isaac newton 2nd law of dynamics which states that for every action there’s an equal reaction.

With the lever the force you produce can be bigger than the force you apply.

Think about that isn’t this magical? (Minimum effort maximum results!)…

How about in high performance, can we apply lever to our performance? You bet we can…

You just need to  find out any important emotional matter to you and linked it to a result you need to achieve. We’ve all heard stories where mothers got “miraculous”  supernatural powers to save their endangered children. That’s psychological leverage.

We could do the same with our daily work to increase our daily productivity, to increase the synergy in our relationships, to increase our impact and influence…

Next time when you feel tired, or jaded, or stressed, take a distance. I invite you think about this sentence” What Can I leverage to get the results I want?”

Till Next time, Live your power with purpose, passion and prosperity

How Commitment Boost Your Influence and Results?


I Wish I had known the difference between Decision and commitment.

Just in case, If you are wondering if they are the same, I would venture to say that you are probably thinking like me just couple days ago; but if you read further you’ll understand the nuance and the real power of distinction between the two and why it is so important.

We’ve discussed earlier the power of making decision. As we saw earlier, to decide is to “cut out” any other option. The power of making a decision is to get out of the ambivalence (the cause of ambivalence is indecision) mode. Certainly the greatest hurdle in making decision is our life circumstances. This is what differentiate powerful masters from the average person. The masters make decision based on their vision (not based on their circumstances). They live a vision driven life.

In that process and contemplation of that idea, I was struggling with a personal decision I had made but I wasn’t feeling complete. Even tough, my mind was made up about what I wanted to do, I still felt an anxious feeling. A feeling of “chasing” the result of what I was after (even tough I had decided already to keep moving forward).

As I was looking for an answer (subconsciously) and after further talk with friends, I came to realize the difference between making a decision and committing.

After couple days of reflection, the answer became finally transparent to me. What I needed was commitment (above and beyond Decision).

In fact Commitment is coming from Latin from com(“together”) and mitterre t(o “send“). In other words to bring together.

This is where the power of commitment lift off where decision left it off. After you have clearly cut out the options you will make or not (decision), the next level is to bring yourself together in committing.

I would argue that it might be subtle, but there’s huge nuance between these two.

Commitment invoke a different and higher level of our being.

Why? Because commitment invite the idea of transferring from one’s self to the care and custody of another.

As we commit, we generate a wholeness state; a state of knowingness and a powerful state of ownership that moves molecules and energy around our universe. That state of knowingness if so powerful that it can only be felt.

As I thought about that idea and as father of two precious toddler, it made me think .I would guess as a parent the love for your baby cannot be explained, but only felt.

In that state of commitment or knowingness, all the forces will rally for you, because you are vibrating at a different level and all the cells of your body know about it-no more doubt, no more hesitation.

In that state, there’s not an inch of space for words like “I want” (suggesting that you don’t have), or I “hope” (vibrating hesitation). When one commit, the only space left is I AM- a good substitute that was suggested to me by a friend was “I INTEND”.

I realized that nuance and it came to me-In fact commitment is the secret of the great masters!!!

That was a big revelation for me. As I asked myself .What is my level of commitment on my decisions?

What is your level of commitment on your vision? What is your level of ownership on your decision?

That’s what I found out. Decision alone is not enough, the key is in commitment, because it amplifies not only what you have decided but most importantly it amplifies you and lead you forward into stepping into your vision.

How to Harness the Power of Decision To Your Success?


Success truly is the result of good judgement. Good judgment is the result of experience, and experience often is the result of bad judgement. Tony Robbins.

What a good reminder is this powerful sentence? However, it appears that many of us have hard time making decisions.

How can we harness the power of making decision to succeed?

Making decision is a process that runs our daily lives; but the average person seems to not recognize its power in their lives. I truly believe that if we knew the power of making decisions, many of us would urge to learn to be alert on how to make them. Unfortunately, many of us have been “hypnotized” to believe that our circumstances and conditions determine our decisions.

In fact I’m going to suggest that Upward of Ninety five percent of our population believe that they know what making a decision is, but the reality is they don’t know the power of making a decision.

Why I’m saying that?

Because people that have understood the power of making decision are leading their lives in the direction of their “conscious” choices.

Literally, we can agree that our decision determine our actions, our actions define our results, our results define where we end and land which is our destination; our destination (if not changed) become our destiny.

Naturally understanding the power of decision making means that we can deliberately choose our desired destination. Clearly, a lot of us are in that process of understanding  that first still and then trying to navigate that knowledge.

I am suggesting an easy tool that could help all of us to make effective decision.

It’s that same decision making system and tool that the most successful people and masters on the planet have used for millennia of years. Their decision is based on their vision and their higher self; unlike the average people who based their decision on current circumstances.

In that vision led based decision-It important to ask ourselves the 3 questions below?

What is my vision/purpose?

What am I trying to achieve?

What are my current conditions?

As we anchor ourselves into these 3 questions, we need to pay attention to our attention.

Is it fixed on the opportunity or is it on the challenge?

As we pay attention to our vision we put ourselves into a position of strength. We get pulled in by higher energy.

And then we can harness the power of our decision.

How Making a Decision Allow You to Thrive?


Picture from

The difference stem from the fact that superior decision making people, make decision based on their purpose and their vision. While inferior decision making make decision based on their circumstances and fear.

When you decide you are putting aside any other options. Making Conscious decision moves molecule. This is physics and energy. Not just theory.

When you decide you’re whole and integral. You root out any ambivalence or any internal conflict.

95% of people know about this But ONLY 2-3% know the POWER OF THIS (Because they apply it and don’t just talk about it).

When you make a decision you are allowing yourself to become what you wish to become or to have.

“Any Dominating idea, plan or purpose held in the mind through repetition of thought and emotionalized by a burning desire for its realization is taken over by the subconscious portion of the mind where it becomes a blueprint that automatically influences the actions of the body towards the attainment of that purpose.” Napoleon Hill

This sentence above points out clearly that – when you desire and you decide in consciousness to become, to have what’s necessary for your vision to manifest, there’s nothing on earth that cannot unfold for you.

Clearly, that leads you to your transformation on an energetic level. Decision making is so closely related to what Napoleon Hill call a definite purpose.

As discussed earlier, definiteness of purpose allows people to saturate their mind about he decision they have made.

In fact peace of mind doesn’t come from external conditions; it comes from internal decisions we’ve made and we’ve come to conclusion with.

Making a decision, from where you are with what you have is the first element to thriving.

What differentiate Superior Decision making person Versus Inferior decision making person?

Very simple again-

The difference stem from the fact that superior decision making people, make decision based on their purpose and their vision. While inferior decision making make decision based on their circumstances and fear.

Where do you make your decision from? Are they vision based or circumstances based?

We’ll discussed next time, how to harness the skills.


Why Do You Want to Control Your Productivity? Learn How

Getting the most of your Freedom!!! What  the mass media doesn’t tells you is simple they want to  get  your attention.if they could, they will control your mind!!!.


The real battle for our mind share is the real battle that a lot of corporation have learned to  manage and optimize.

The art and science of marketing is a powerful discipline that many of us haven’t  understood its power.

When powerful marketing messages are effective, our mind becomes impregnated with the message.

When I Say Just Do it, you probably thinking “Nike”-

One simple example in our daily lives that speak to the power of occupying our mind.

As it is Nike is a great company and yes, they have great marketing department in that sense!!!

How do we optimize  this knowledge daily?

First of All, the bottom reality  is to acknowledge and be responsible for our gifts.

There’s no such thing as  something for Nothing-The ultimate price for Freedom is Responsibility and Ownership.

When and if you don’t value your freedom in society- The answer is jail-If one doesn’t respect  driving speed limit, the answer is tickets or jail from the police.

if one doesn’t take charge of one his/her own eating habits-the person is exposed to health issues (blood pressure, obesity etc…).

I would like to drive it home again  as highly emphasized by Andrew Carnegie

There are Penalties– and they are the Prices one must pay for neglecting to take possession of one’s own mind-Ill Health, Fear & worry, Indecision and Doubt, Frustration and Discouragement throughout life, Poverty and want, Envy, Greed, Jealousy, Anger, Hatred and superstition.

On the Other side- The Riches you may enjoy if you take possession of your own mind and direct it to ends of your own choice-Sound Health, Peace of Mind, A labor of Love of your own choice, Freedom from fear and worry, A Positive mental attitude, Material riches of your own choice and quantity.

Let’s look at our daily tools.

If you carry a cell phone that has alarms system.

You can program that alarm clock to rings and remind you at different interval time for you to think about topics you ant to handle.

if every hour you have reminder about your vision,  you have no other choice than to move your mind with  your visions and goals.

How about if you wrote your vision in your car toward the dashboard,

How about if you place your vision in your bathroom,

How about if you put your email password as a reminder of your vision ?

We can go on and on.. but all these are tricks you can use in your daily habits to keep reminding yourself about your goals/visions.

I will be curious to hear more from you.Any other idea you could share in your daily habits, that would allow people to remind themselves of their goals and visions.

Till next Time, Live your power with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity

What is the Hidden Price for Your Freedom in Your Daily Productivity and How it’s Affecting You?


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How to Take Charge of Your Productivity is all summarize in one “Take Charge Of your daily agenda by taking Control of Your Mind”.

Our current human species have been classified as Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens. Maybe that reminds you, your high school biology or archeology classes. If not, never mind, it stems from Latin, describing Human (Homo) Knowing (Sapiens) Knowing (Sapiens).

The two “sapiens” have been assigned to your current human race to describe our higher intellectual faculties over different species on this earth plane. Which is where lies our most important freedom that 95% of our population haven’t taken advantage of yet?

Most of us are still in an imprisoned mental fogginess, leading to a lack of awareness, which impede our productivity in any of our endeavor.

Being Productive, means to produce towards a targeted goal, while moving forward and progressing-(which means productivity IS measured not only toward a result/outcome, but most importantly towards a desired/wanted outcome).

As you read the following parts, I want to share a unique perspective that made me think differently and appreciate our freedom differently. I have been rereading the triune perspective.

The triune Brain evolution revealed through Paul Mclean since 1960, has had different pro and cons into its interpretation; however one thing is sure, it’s been rooted in many traditions(from ancients tradition, or philosophers, Plato, Sufism, Kabballah, etc..);

The Neurologist, Mclean refers to three brains as the neocortex or neo-mammalian brain, the limbic or paleo-mammalian system, and the reptilian brain, the brainstem and cerebellum.

The oldest brain, or reptilian brain is on the survival scale, obsessive, compulsive, on a defensive. It takes care of our autonomic functions, such as breathing, heartbeat and controlling muscles.

The limbic system or second brain is the old mammalian which deals with emotions and instincts, feeding, fighting, fleeing, and sexual behavior. It’s the primary location of emotion, attention, and affective (significant emotion-events) memories. The area include the hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala.

Transitioning with the third brain, the limbic has vast interconnections with the neocortex, so that brain functions are not either purely limbic or purely cortical but a mixture of both.

So, the neocortex is why we are called sapiens, sapiens- because the neocortex is about two thirds of our total brain mass. It’s what provides, the higher cognitive functions which distinguish Man from the animals. A man without a cortex is a vegetable while some animals like mouse can still function (at least apparently).

Faculties like intuition, higher reasoning, big picture, vision, imagination are in motor in the neocortex.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, that gift we’ve had had been used or misused by people that have known the power of this.

Apparently a lot of people think they know about its power, but the reality is not everybody is aware of its power (only the 5% of population really know the power of it’s) – because the people that know the power of this are the masters of this world.

Those are the people throughout human history that have shown mastery in their lives. In the endeavor they have chosen to excel into. From religious sages, prophets, to kings, and presidents, to famous athletes.

Name like Abraham Lincoln, or Winston Churchill, or Martin Luther Jr, or Mahatma Gandhi have been revered into their “productivity”. It’s because they have understood the most important thing” To take possession of their mind.

In fact, in the turn of last century, the wealthiest man on the planet (Andrew Carnegie), had tasked Napoleon Hill to write about the common traits about all the richest men in America.

At that time Napoleon Hill, summarized Carnegie wisdom in two sentences-

There are Penalties– and they are the Prices one must pay for neglecting to take possession of one’s own mind-Ill Health, Fear & worry, Indecision and Doubt, Frustration and Discouragement throughout life, Poverty and want, Envy, Greed, Jealousy, Anger, Hatred and superstition.

On the Other side- The Riches you may enjoy if you take possession of your own mind and direct it to ends of your own choice-Sound Health, Peace of Mind, A labor of Love of your own choice, Freedom from fear and worry, A Positive mental attitude, Material riches of your own choice and quantity.

As I read Ancient philosophies from Plato, up to sacred books, to nowadays psychologies, it occurred to me that I thought I had understood the power of taking charge of my own freedom.

It felt very humbling for me to realize that I’m on that journey seeking mastery. As it is the first step is awareness.

Are you up on that upward journey with me?

Next week we’ll be discussing some of the active practice and daily practices how it’s been used by the masters of this world (both for their own good and benefits).

Stay tuned, Till Next time, Live your Power, with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity