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How Do People Make Decision ?

How do people make decision?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to anticipate or to predict people decision?

Whether it is at work or it is at home with family and friends?

Here we’ll discuss how we can learn to predict and understand people way of making decision.

It’s a fact that we all have tendencies when it comes to exploring and making decision.

What are your tendencies? What are the tendencies of your spouse? Or of your business partner or of your teammates?

What evidence do you rely on when you make decisions?

What do I mean by that?

We all primarily explore the universe and our surroundings with different senses. Some people are primarily visual, some people are primarily kin-esthetic, and some auditory first etc…

So the awareness question is to find out “Are you more convinced when you see evidence, hear it, read about it, OR prove it by doing it?”

What is more relevant for you? What is your decision making filter?

That understanding and awareness will help to feed it back at that person so that so you can be more effective in your communication.

The next level of this awareness is to understand what’s your convincer filter?

How often you tend to go through your decision-making strategy or how much time you need before you are convinced to take action or make a judgment

Are you convinced automatically OR must you weigh a number of options before you make a choice?

Knowing these will allow dealing with yourself or people in your surroundings.

The homework is in this time is for you to find out what is your decision making filter and what is your convincer filter?

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Master Your Emotions!!!

Master Your Emotions!!!

You are the source of all your emotions!! Not the events, Not the circumstances, not your spouse, not your manager, not that person you have always talked about!! you are the source of your emotions!!You are the ones who creates them!!

Indeed we are always waiting for the right person, or the right situation to come along before we feel the joy, the happiness!! But who’s to decide and dictate when to feel good? I always like to ask some of my clients this “stupid” question.. let me aks you that question as well.. Do you need someone permission before you laugh?

The answer seems obvious isn’t?  Well  similarly, why would you need a particular person, or event to feel good?

The answer is simple, we’ve created RULES, Triggers(or ANCHORS), that control the way we feel.

If you want to learn more about that, please check previous podcast or blog posting where I discuss in details how to master these elements!!

The beauty of this is the target emotional application, or emotional targeting. which is the “premeditated” way of feeling what we want to feel. If you master this , you master your emotions and you master your life!!!!

Listen to the podcast for more details!!Exciting  informations!!

Till next time, Live your power with purpose and passion