If you filter all the dirt and debris out of a tornado what would you see?The logical answer is nothing!!! But certainly if I had asked what would you”FEEL”  ? the answer would be different isn’t it!!!

Did you get a sense of where I’m going ? If not let’s continue and let’s say you are driving your favorite car into that “tornado without debris”; what would you experience ?

Now, I think the visual make it easier now with the experience of probably our favorite car being smashed down by the “invisible” tornado.

Why I’m sharing this story  with you while I’m talking about Influence ?  What is that the tornado has in common with with influence?

one word: ENERGY!!!

I felt compelled to share this tornado example when I read the book “the honey moon effect” from Bruce Lipton.

In fact the “invisible” tornado is just a reflection or the recognition that “invisible” energy force field around us that we cannot see.

As quantum physician have clearly demonstrated everything around us is energy.  You cannot talk about Influence if you don’t talk about energy.

The bottom line is this. whether or not people want to acknowledge it in this new day and age. Human are broadcasting emitting and receiver of frequencies and vibrations.

In the old days it used to be “mythologies” and stories of only shaman or witches, but nowadays it’s clear  our brain is a broadcaster machine. In fact  our body Electromagnetic field can be measured. I highly recommend Stanford Emeritus Professor (PhD William A Tiller work in his book-science and Human transformation).  That book with scientific experiments and results, clearly demonstrate how Matter=Energy

If that is the case the question is how to influence that.

Relating to our simple physics class in high school, energy vibrations and frequencies that are in same phase are called to be in constructive interferences(similarly, opposite frequencies are destructive interferences and cancel each other).

To use our daily language, a leader  or a person is supposed to have a good vibe when our vibration is in phase with that person. it is the same thing when we feel bad vibe from a person.

So ask yourself are you emitting/broadcasting good vibe or bad vibes?

Well This is exciting becasue it means we cannot hide and we can use our power.simply put it that way:our brain broadcast thoughts, which are emitting certain frequencies.  Like a tuning fork, we will resonate what we broadcast.

The great news  is this , since everything is energy, we can influence from New York someone that is San Diego or in India. How powerful that mean?

The relevance is this :we can influence ourselves instantly and Not wait for anyone, or any substances, or anything else.

The gift we have as human, is that with our highly evolved big brain, we can create at will, good vibes or bad vibes. It’s a little hard for some people still to accept this idea, but when in doubt  please consider  the tornado example- energy is real, even tough we might not see it , YOU CAN FEEL IT and experience it!!!

Why is that we’re moved by big leaders, it’s becasue their conviction or their belief is being broadcasted with strength and power!!!

next time when you’re in trouble influencing yourself or someone , I urge you to ask yourself, what I’m broadcasting right now.

Clearly you will find that Rumi’s suggestion was really a wise suggestion and in fact a version of that truth has been pervasive in many cultures.

“Yesterday I w as clever, I wanted to change the world, today, I’m wise I’m changing myself”


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