How Intention Lead to Optimal Leadership?

Every one of us has a positive intent, regardless of the actions carried out.


How can this be said to an obnoxious person or to a despicable person?

That is the secret that all powerful and influential leaders have understood in the world, regardless of their origin, gender or fields.

As we know true leadership is one world “influence”.

How true leaders move people to actions without force rather just by inspiration?

Not only they understand elements like having and sharing a vision, but most importantly, people follow them because they feel compassion and true heart felt from the leaders. That distinction is very important and it was all coming full circle for me, as in my journey to helping people, I was at the same time fearful as I wasn’t sure of human unpredictability.

This is what I understood that change my perspective about people and leadership for life. I believe that’s what true leaders have understood- Each human being has a positive intent regardless of their behaviors. That’s a strong belief I think all true leaders held strong to.

Why, am I saying that?

Because that’s what create true compassion. Understanding that everybody has ultimately positive intent allow you to give everybody the benefit of the doubt.

Where is the catch?

It’s the next level of understanding the power of positive intent. When you think about it even a despicable person has a positive intent. Now the catch is to be ahead of them, or be one step ahead in understanding those people better than they do at understanding themselves. The reason one person would be repugnant or offensive is a result and a symptom indeed revealing the model of the world of that person.

Everyone wants to survive, and express more of life. Life wants to express more of life (not less). That is why everybody has a positive intent.

Now people interpretation, and actions carried out may not be necessarily positive- and this is based on their model of the world.

I knew of a gentleman who was very resentful and very feisty-What we discover is that from his childhood he belonged to a gang and in order to survive, he had to be the tough cookie otherwise he will be eaten alive as he would be seen as the weak link. That model of the world followed him as he grew in professional environment later on.

That is where the secret power of the true leader resides in- They can anticipate people model of the world-(people beliefs, decision tree etc…).

Coming from that place of understanding, accepting people from this approach creates naturally compassion. It creates a true curiosity, in trying to understand people, of trying to first seek to understand. Not only theoretically, but really this knowingness anchored in me an unshakable compass in being myself and being confident that I can enter any environment with that foundation.

Truly as we understand and adhere to that idea that everyone has a positive intent, only two things are left for us a world class leaders-

Number one then is what is their model of the world?

Two-is it ecological sounds? (Is it inductive more of life in the environment? Is it prosperous for everyone-win/win situations?)

If it is as a leader- How can we provide and fill that need? If it’s not, as a leader our role is to help people change their model of the world so that they can be contributing to the community and their environment with prosperity.

If you look at any leader in the world that is revered, that leader has created one or two these situation I described earlier.

It’s not magic, it’s just encoded in our nature.

When we know that our leader care about us, we are willing to follow that leader, not because of his status but because we all understand that the leader is coming from pure positive intent. As it is, intention is felt, it is energy, and it’s what bound us all.

I’m suggesting that as we look at leadership and influence we should look at intention as a sibling with same parents of these two. Because truly, it doesn’t matter of your status as a leader, what people will always remember is how you made them feel…

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