How to Become Powerful with Your Fear?

The bigger your identity the smaller your fear; the smaller your identity, the bigger your fear!!!The-bigger-your-identity

Throw away your ego and you become powerful!!! Fear and Ego have inverse relationship.

Fear is a function of our ego, and it’s the foundation of our survival. Basically fear begins where our ego ends. It’s a reaction of our psyche protecting the survival of our identity, perceiving that the ego is at “risk” of being extinguished, an indication that “I”

am in danger. That’s why fear is a function of our mind, since our subconscious mind mainly regulates our survival.

The more you associate with your ego, the stronger your fear. To disassociate yourself from your

ego is art and science, in order to move beyond the fear.

Fear is that signal, which is signaling our identity that we’re getting out of the comfort zone. As we begin to be stretched out of our comfort zone, our identity is widening out. The wider our comfort zone, the more we can tolerate, the more we can accept. At the same time, the more we can control as we have that ability to move within that surface freely.

As we learn to manage our fear, we are increasingly growing our comfort zone.

How do we grow our comfort zone?

It’s matter of realization and integration of events within our experiences.

First of all it’s an acceptance that fear is the most natural to our existence.

Feel free to toss away literature or arguments that suggest that you can remove away fear from who you are!!! It’s all marketing or maybe lack of self-knowledge.

In fact courage would not exist if fear did not exist.

As we’re clear in our understanding of this perspective, we need to go to the realization phase;

The realization phase is to understand that fear is here to reveal to us the path to growth.

It’s important to clarify your growth path. Which means to realize that the path of your path reveal your path to freedom!!!

The  key to the gates of freedom  are indeed the integration of the fear you have.

As you learn to integrate your fear, you transform the fear and create a new YOU!!!

Like the phoenix burning from his own ashes, you are being transformed to a BIGGER and BETTER YOU!!!

Why? Because that new you, has learned the lessons before the “previous” state of fear.

That New has grown out that previous comfort zone!!

That’s how your self-concept expand, that’s how your identity expand, because you have learned to let go of things that were attached to your ego.

As you grow out of different fear, your self-worth increase, your self-confidence increase, your compassion increase, your passion increase!! That’s how many leaders have been able to make their lives a master piece, because they have allowed their fears to stretch their ego!!!

Be Powerful, by letting your fear stretch you!!!

Until Next time,

Live Your Power , with Purpose and Passion


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