How to Feel the Way You Want to Feel Part 2?

As we discussed in last episode and posting we discussed how our “rules” frame what triggers us into generating our feeling.

The revealing question to uncover those rules “What has to happen in order for me to feel joy (for example) Etc.…

Exploring the rules that trigger our emotion is SO IMPORTANT, that I hope you will be listening to this podcast couple times. Late former disciple of Freud, Carl Jung said-There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.”CARL JUNG.Indeed emotions are the fuel to our lives and our actions, so understanding them is so crucial.

It’s imperative to remind ourselves about the fact that we do our emotions. ? We are at the source of all our emotions; we create them.Indeed, Emotions, even those that seem painful in the short term, are truly like an internal compass that points people toward the actions we must take to arrive at our goals.

So many of us feel that we have to wait for certain experiences in order to feel the emotions we desire. We’re always waiting for the right person, the right situation, the right combination to come along before we feel good.As an example, some people don’t give themselves permission to feel loved, happy or confident unless a particular set of expectations is met.

In reality, who determines whether this is the right person or situation?

Let’s face it, when you do feel good, who’s making you feel good? You are!!! Not the person or the situation. What is happening is that, we simply have rules/filters we have developed and build per our beliefs system that says we have to wait until X, Y and Z C occur before we allow ourselves to feel good.

You know  what the good news is my friend?

You can feel any way you choose at any moment in time.

Yes even for people addicted to drugs or narcotics. Our brain has neuro-transmitter that are triggered based on our filters, which make our body secrets hormones like (dopamine in case of joy as an example)…etc…

So the exciting news is this principle that we can create our emotion. Why wait for them and NOT create them a will. This is the WHOLE premise of Emotional target.

We want to “reproduce” at will, feeling we want to experience.

Because in the example in the example of joy, love, or gratitude, why wait for events to “confirm” our rules? Why not build our own rules so that we can feel what we want to feel?

Unlike animals we can design that for ourselves. That’s what the wise men have called paradise on earth; if you grasp this nuance and apply it, not only theoretically, but also practice it, it will change your life…

To close the loop, let’s refresh ourselves that our perceptions are controlled by what we focus on and the meanings we give or interpret from things. And No doubt, like Tony Robbins teaches we can change our perception in a moment, just by changing the way we use our physiology or by asking different or better question.

I invite you to ask yourself this question-What do I really want to feel?

What would I have to believe in order to feel the way I’ve been feeling?

This is your homework before next week practical podcast where we roll up our sleeve to really determine/set some of our new rules.

Till next time, live your power with purpose and passion

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