How To Get More Victories Your Way!!!


If you close your eyes naked and get closer to wood burning fire, how do you know that you might get burned?

Very simple, our skin(which is our largest organ) sense that there’s higher temperature that might burn us and/or put us in danger.

As it is, we’ve been gifted many more senses (eyesight, smell, hearing, taste and touch of course and more like intuition etc…).

Those senses help us navigate the “imminent”. One of the most important sense that the common people overlook is our emotion.

Our Emotions are further sensors.

Everything we do there are two sides of the coin. In this plane, polarities are here to make us grow and improve.

Let’s look at a simple example-Wellness and Sickness.

There are two ways of expressing the desire for good health.

One might say-I want wellness, and another person would- I don’t want to be sick.

As it is, 80% of people have been trained the ladder (I don’t want to be sick), to express the desire of wellness. The problem with this thinking or language is that the mind “doesn’t” know any negation (or opposite). There’s no such thing as I don’t want to think about an elephant (one would have to think about an elephant anyway).

Why is that common people are trained this way?

Simply because it’ easier for us to discern what we don’t want- because we’ve experienced it someway and we might have a strong or significant negative emotion attached to it. So the brain want to “save us” from that “pain” we’ve had in the past.

The trick is to focus on what you want- which is wellness.

Why is it harder for common people? Because in order to think about what we want, we’ve got to imagine- Imagination is what could be while knowledge is what has been. (No wonder Albert’ Einstein said that Imagination is more important than knowledge). A lot of people have lost the power to exercise their imagination after childhood, because we’ve been “beaten up” by real life and we’re supposed to stop dreaming-Which is tragedy advise in fact. Keep imagining and dreaming.

The mind role – the mind knows how to do one thing- separate things; knows how to analyze, to judge, to evaluate. There’s nothing for the mind to do (when it’s at rest). The mind divide things.

So as you focus on what you want, you will keep growing that you want and what don’t want will dwindling. Like a muscle you don’t use.

In that way, you are losing your old self to become your new self.

That way, you’ll create more flow in your way; because the thought and desire will become the dominating thought in your consciousness and you are all the time on guard on evidence, specifics and proofs that would align themselves to help get closer to what you want.

In this way you create more win your favor.

As your mind would help you adjust your sail toward the direction of your wants and desires.

Stay Calm and Keep sailing!!!

Till Next Time, Live your Power with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity

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