How To Harness the Hidden Secrets Power of your Mind?

How to Tap into your  mind power using its functionality and structure?


Why the best sail-men are the ones who know how to harness the power of the wind by adjusting their sail appropriately?

The answer is simple because, they understand how to apply and USE the power of the WIND!!!! They wouldn’t be able to do that if certainly they didn’t understand, the functionality and structure of both the wind and the sail.

How would you feel if you can harness the power of your mind based on its anatomy and functions?

The answer is simple-Learn to use the power of Questions.

If you are in sale, you might have already heard about this, but please read further as  the perspective  I’m providing are quite different and could certainly help anybody.

Certainly any great skillful sales person has learned to use the power of question to “close” the prospect or the client move forward toward the client “best” interest, given its ethical, moral and legal.

As would say one of my former business mentor.A s a tool, Questions are  like the scalpel to a surgeon to you when you want to sell…

or if you’ve read T Harv Ecker book secret of the millionaires mind, he has this famous say “questions hook the mind..

Or another of my favorite is Tony Robbins “triad”, where he suggests  that “asking question in order to change your physical state” is one of the way to alter your state.

I would be curious to hear your little anecdote about “asking questions”. feel to share  int he comment below.

Now besides any story you have heard about, I wanted to share the perspective of why asking questions is by design a powerful tool  not to only move people but to move yourself a priori.

When it comes to physics, metaphysics, or science, I’m a geek (I’ll admit it). I’m obsessed  about understanding how things work and I’m obsessed about optimization (using the minimum effort for maximum results or yield).  What I’m talking about is similar to Archimedes and the Law of the Lever. when he says “Give Me A Lever Long Enough and a Fulcrum on Which to Place it And I Shall Move the World

Our mind works like a seeking guided missile.

The Human mind is a goal seeking mechanism that is optimal when you have a target; without a target your mind  can be compared to a V12 engine working  like a V4 engine.

A different way to look at it is the power of purpose- an image that stuck with me is Napoleon Hill in the classic “Think and Grow Rich” says “a strong man can be defeated by a child who has a purpose”;purpose is the touchstone of any accomplishment.

Now we know why, by asking questions why our mind go seek for an answer like a missile. Because with Neuroscience we now know that,

questions engage our RAS(reticular activating system)- which I discussed in earlier posts). basically the simple description of this RAS of your brain is this. When you buy a new car or something you’ve been emotionally involved with, chances are that you will start noticing that car on the road most often, not becasue the volumes of the car has increased during the same period that you bought, but becasue your RAS is noticing more.

Similarly, when you ask yourself a question, your mind is in action that is going to look for it as a perfect servant.

So it’s important, and it is sine-qua non condition to ask yourself powerful question. Not only because of what I describe above but also because when one ask questions we are “empowered” by design, to find that answer(whether we find it or not, at least our brain is guided into that direction). Like  Albert Einstein said ” Imagination is more important than Knowledge“.

That is simple  in case you ponder why?  Knowledge has been established and it’s what’s known while imagination is what could be and it’s boundless. Any major change in our civilization has been done with someone asking a different set of questions that has never been asked.

As a homework as I always do, I wanted to leave you with a powerful tool I learned in my top performance coaching as a tool with Robins_Madanes training- We all have a primary question we ask ourselves on a daily basis in most contexts. what is your primary question?  Bring it to life intentionally and with purpose; if you’re not happy about yours( after you uncovered it)- now I need you to create a new one that will steer your life the way you want it.

Mine, since I have been focusing on productivity lately is:”What are you going to produce today?”

Share yours below and let me know your thoughts.



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