How to Move Mountains with the Power of Emotional Integrity?

How would you feel and act if you knew that you ARE COMPLETE and you have everything you need and WANT right now, right here?


I know it seems like a utopian question at first, but seriously I’m inviting you to think about this question for a minute or two?

I’m not sure what you are thinking right now, but I hope you use the power of the mind. It’s that gift that we Human have. Albert Einstein is well known for saying that Imagination is more important than knowledge. I always wonder why that is? I found out why- it is simply because of the fact that knowledge has been already been established and it is known, while Imagination is for the most part WHAT COULD BE!!! How powerful is that?

That realization always makes me use my imagination even if it seems impossible. As Nelson Mandela would say “it always seems impossible until it is done”.

So I’m inviting you here and now to imagine yourself – How would you feel, if you knew that you ARE COMPLETE and you have everything you need and WANT right now, right here?

I hope what you can pause here and do the exercise-

The outcome of this should be the feeling of “wholeness”, or emotional integrity or close to it.

Let’s review. What is Integrity? As we reviewed in previous posting, it’s the integration of two or more elements into one.

Nowadays, with twenty four news cycle, we are constantly bombarded with input from all angles as marketers and everybody are trying to grab our attention.

We all have filters that allow us to “triage” information so we can optimally functioned.

Now Emotional integrity is closely related to our identity. As we know by now- the most powerful force in human psyche is our need to remain consistent with our identity (the way we see ourselves, our values, our vision, our beliefs etc…). It is for self-preservation encoded in us.

Even more potent for human being, the basic fear that we have as the fear of not being enough drive people to feel “empty”, and have the sense of lack. The feeling of being incomplete is exacerbated at the root, because of our need of wanting more and feeling incomplete.

This is why some school of thoughts in the east, have suggested to annihilate desires, which I ‘m not pledging hundred percent, but I think that concept can be used as technic to move to the next level.

Really, what that is suggesting if done consciously, is an energetically shift, that creates a feeling of wholeness.

How to balance desire and wholeness is the next big question then?

That is accomplished by letting desire come to you and consciously plan for it, but at the same time, learn to surrender after the work and actions have been accomplished.

It is a complementary action between the male energy and the feminine energy. Let’s look at a warrior with his arch and bow; the warrior need to aim with his arch and need to pull the arrow with the bow, that’s the tension needed, the male energy going with purpose; complementary action is the “release” of the arrow or letting go, or some call it surrender in order for the “full action and purpose” to be materialized.

In that duality process, there’s a need for emotional integrity, and it’s that energy of wholeness; that shifts the creation process or the attainment of the goal/target. Some called it trust.

The bottom line is this, with that feeling, you align with the energy present, bigger than self in order to make it happen.

To generate that feeling of emotional wholeness, few things like imagination are necessary in order for us to go to that next level.

Till next time,

Live Your Power with Purpose and Passion

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