How to Strategically Win in Your Life & Business-using 3 Powerful Timeless Judo Principles. Part 2



In our previous post we discussed the foundation of Judo and for what it stands.

Judo stands for “Minimum Effort/ Maximum Efficiency”- Minimum Effort/ Maximum Yield or ROI.

In my opinion understand the principles of Judo can be the most powerful tool that will change your business and your life forever (if understood, and mastered properly).

As we learned in the last part, the first principle deal with the break fall principle; learning how to fall; how to fall safely?

As we discussed, it’s not the matter of how many times you fall, but rather how many time you stand up again after you fall.

For that matter, it’s all about recovery time.

What is your recovery time in all major areas of your life and your business?

Are you holding to these events of “hurt” or “betrayal”?

If you haven’t I just wanted to share a black mamba story with you.

Where I grow up in Central Africa, right by the equator, it’s a region which has very rich ecosystem full of animals and I grew up being comfortable all around almost all animals but two of them-black and or green mamba snake.

They are world known and deadliest snake on the planet. As I grew up and went to university, I got a chance to study further about them and how to “rationally” protect myself from them.

There was one thing that freed me- People don’t die from the mamba strike or bite regardless of the depth of the wound. What people die from is the venom being mixed into people bloodstream. The fastest you can get rid of the venom, the safer people are.

That was a powerful metaphor for me, as I got into self-development and got deeper into Judo and grew. Most Events (not talking about fatal accidents where we can be physically extinct of course) in our lives might not be always the deadliest. The events for the most part are like the mamba bites, it hurt because of the bites; but what kills us, is people holding to the “negative-limiting” meaning associated to the events that happened.

Again how quickly can you recover from those “setbacks”?

How quickly do you recover emotionally, physically and mentally?

Without a doubt it’s all about recovery time- break fall- learn how to rebound quickly.

As you remember I talked about the 3 principles-BBL

First Break Fall-

Second is the principle of Balance.


Above you can see 8 planes of balance in judo Front, Back, Side Right, Side Left, Front right Diagonal, Front Left Diagonal, Back Left Diagonal, Back Right diagonal.

After learning to break fall, learning these 8 planes of balance or out of balance plane is critical for the judoka.

Judokas primarily are trying to throw each other, swipe each other, on the mat/ground with as much as impact as possible.

Knowing and learning the plane of balance are critical.

These are fundamentals that a practitioner need to know about and study and be aware about.

The center is where we are in balance and one cannot be out thrown. This is where the game lies -In order to win or throw your opponent, you want to move or induce your opponent into either one of these 8 planes (that’s how you’ll be able to “not” use strength or power).

This is where the word “gentle way” comes into play. Knowing these plane allow a masterful judoka, to notice the opponent stance and use the opponent own strength to throw them.

If the opponent full weight is for example front right diagonal as the opponent is pushing forward on us, it makes sense to pull the opponent into the same direction to break opponents’ balance- in that way it’s like using the momentum of opponent own strength.

Enough of Judo, now. How does this apply to my life or my business?

Very simple, in our lives and in our business there are couple “balance” planes.

Plane of rhythm-everything has its tide-rise and fall

Plane of Polarity-everything has its pair of opposite

Plane of cause and effect-everything happens according to law.

Plane of Vibration- everything vibrates.

As we wrap ourselves around these four planes in our business and or in our lives we want to put it in context of mentalism and correspondence.

Everything is created twice, first in the mind, second physically. Even tough everybody knows about this, not everybody understand the power of this.

If one can understand this balance principle, and be aware of it, one can be prosperous and be in harmony and win the game very easily.

Then the winning principle consist in checking ourselves or our business daily as a checkup point.

As the Judoka need to know first where her own balance is, she would need to also notice her opponent balance in order to win the game.

Similarly, in major areas of our lives for example (health, relationship, career, hobby, and finances) we need to track our planes of balance-Are we in the upward swing (Rhythm plane), are we on the opposite end of the goals? (Polarity plane) etc…

In business are we on the upward swing in revenue, in growth etc… (Rhythm plane),

Are we attracting talents in our hiring or not? Are we growing as an organization or the downward swing?

Now your turn to think and apply this principle of balance.

Is there something in your life or in your business that needs tracking that can optimize this principle?

The reality is this we’re either in expansion mode or contraction mode.

Expansion is welcoming creation and acceptance while contraction is more restraining.

Checking our Balance plane is a gauge that help us as a compass.

Next week, we’ll discuss and review the third principle leverage, my favorite, it wrap up all these two principles and take it to the next level of impact.

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