How to Sustain Your Results?

In order for our results to endure, we need a key ingredient-Expectation-

In the previous post we reviewed how to amplify our results faster.

As we were reminded, in order for our intention to be manifested (to leave the land of imagination) and to be amplified, we need to apply focus or the power of attention.

It’s the universe way of asking us to confirm what we “intend”.

Our attention is the pressure or the tool that allows us to sustain the pressure so that intention manifests itself in the land of realization.

How do we uphold our realization?

Let’s look again in the example of the 3 states of the water, rain, cloud.

Almost all the air in the environment is humid; basically it contains water in the form of haze, fog.

Mostly, our eyes cannot see it because water spray is in gas form, but its water.

Isn’t it the same with our intention, in the land of imagination?-We can’t see, but it certainly there “floating” there in vibration; that’s why I’m not the fan of the “term” fake it until you make it.

Which means we’re supposed to lie to ourselves? That’s something a coherent-congruent person cannot tolerate. Indeed the word “fake” it is not appropriate if you understand that the idea or intention already exist But just in different plane or form; which means there’s no reason to “fake” it.

This is where the power of expectation comes in- Some people have called it “faith”, maybe “trust”.

Simply it’s the courage to take action, with a certainty that, it’s the last stage of the manifestation.

Coming back to the water analogy. Water exist in three states, liquid, solid (ice) and gas.

As I was reading the rain cycle, what I learned was that, to get rain, the water condensing in the clouds has to become heavy enough to fall to Earth. The small droplets just aren’t heavy enough to fall. Just like in the shower, they go whichever way the wind and eddy currents blow them, or they just hang there, suspended in the air.

To become heavier, the droplets need to grow into drops. To do this they have to acquire more water and become larger. Some will collide with other droplets and become larger, and others will grow as water condenses out the air directly into the droplet. Others will grow by both methods.

Similarly, for our results to be sustained, we got to bathe our attention with actions with a “certainty” and expectations that it’s already in existence.

In other word, action or expectation solidify and uphold our intention that we have attended for a while. It’s the way to reinforce the results vibration and frequency.

As we know water become ice when we drop the temperature of the liquid water.

It’s the same effect that expected action has on our ideas, intentions.

So check your vibrations, are you applying or missing any of these steps discussed.

Hope it’s add value.

Till Next Time, Live Your Power with Purpose, Passion, &Prosperity

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