How to Tap Into the Last Frontier of Your Freedom?

You’ve probably heard decision shape our destiny? It’s just half-truth!!!

What really shape our destiny is meaning!!!


For that reason, I have been obsessed with transformation in all field and areas. In fact after further analysis, all the masters that societies and culture revered have learned to master change; whether you are religious, atheistic, scientific or any affiliation; well-known masters, Like Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, Einstein, Michael Angelo, Plato, and so on.

In that effect, in my life obsession and quest, I always asked myself two primary questions:

What is the common denominator and/or what is the main difference between different modalities?

My core motivation has been to find -The most efficient, effective way to create deliberate transformation?

The second question has been: what is the easiest, fastest, tool or leverage to perform deliberate transformation? In that search, my motivation has been to find the most fundamental common element that would yield an uncommon yield. Like a nuclear fission would yield a higher power –

What is that fundamental element that would yield the most powerful yield?

I found it in one word- Meaning.

In that effect I validated my personal findings with different documents out there, but with slight different approach on it. Here I’m suggesting a “renaissance man” approach to this.


Because if you understand my perspective shared here, you’ll be forever able to tap in the last frontier of your freedom and you’ll be free like all the masters have been trying to teach through millennium.

A version of that freedom is what Viktor Frankl (author of Man’s search for meaning) called the last authentic freedom.

Another view, for example shared in the bible is the truth will set you free.

How about recently, Eckhart Tolle, the power of now.

All in all, I figure it boils down to this sequential implication that I was able to “connect”.

We make choices, but in the end the choices we make, Make us.

How we make choices is through the process of decision.

Decision shape which destination we end up on, therefore decision shape our destiny.

In the bottom of it all meaning shape our decision.

The meaning we give during each finite instances and or circumstance is what mold our decision.

The perfect and most extreme illustration is Viktor Frankl in the concentration called the last authentic freedom. That’s the freedom every one of us has if we exercise it to choose how we will respond to event at any given moment. We have the power to exercise and influence our inner experience.

I can hear skeptic says, but how do you that.

The practical approach is very simple. It stems from a fundamental principle.  No circumstance, Nobody, or Nothing in this world has a greater power on us than life itself working in each one of us all the time.

That power that allows us to wake up every morning, or that power that allow our heart to beat every moment.

The catch is to be in touch with that life so that we can have clear access to that power.

For that, we need to develop perspectives that allow us to build core belief about our deserving to be part of this power called life-

There are many modalities that allow people to develop that sense; one the most powerful one of these is humility and/ or gratitude to know that we’re just a tiny dust of this big entity called life itself. As it is,  at the same time being part of it, should give us the right to feel more deserving, because we’re part of that life.

Till Next Time, Live your Power with Purpose, Passion & Prosperity.

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