How To Transmute Your Life with the Power of Integration?


What is different between the average people and the ones who have made their lives a master piece?

They mastered the Power of Integration.

A  concrete step further  their beliefs-it  is their daily practices (which lead to habits).

Without clarity, there’s no integrity.

The power of daily practices is clearly stated in the quote below from tycoon Warren Buffet.

“The Chains of Habit Are Too Light To Be Felt Until They Are Too Heavy To Be Broken.”

In fact “owning yourself” is so important that average let it pass by.

Nowadays with all the distractions, the 24 hours news cycle, people are competing to get a piece of our focus and attention.

We become so widespread and spread so thin, that our ability to act with power get weakened.

What I realized, is the power of Integration.  It’s becoming even more critical. Let’s understand the meaning of Integration.

it stems from Latin integratus, past participle of integrare, from integer-. According to merriam webster dictionary

: to combine (two or more things) to form or create something

: to make (something) a part of another larger thing

or the best definition is this:

to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole.

Why is this important you might be asking? It’s very simple

The act of combining into an integral whole.

In a way on a daily basis, masters of this world, are taking time to integrate themselves.

Whether it be through workout, daily walk, daily meditations, journaling, prayers or just sitting still. That’s a critical habit.

The reason it’s important is because the act of integrating allows you to assimilate, to absorb, to incorporate; that very act act of realization and integration is the act of alchemy that transform you to your next level.

Now let’s take it to a practical level.

two simple practices I highly recommend , can change your life.

The practice stem from the fact that our mind get hooked with the questions we ask ourselves. The primary questions we ask ourselves daily lead the answers we get.

The two practices  below will help you  moving forward guarantee if you Do it consistently.

I usually ask myself two questions:

What I am excited for in my life ?

and What am I grateful for?

You probably have heard about the gratitude journal?

What if you ask yourself these questions 3 times a day?

What about if you ask yourself these question every hour? every 1/2 hour?

Why not create powerful integrating questions or habits?

If you do so, I can guarantee your life will be profoundly changed.

Let me know your thoughts!!!

Till next time, Live your power with purpose and passion.






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