How To Use Decision To Stand Out?


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The Power of Decision in transmuting your destiny is pivotal.

The Power of Decision in transmuting your destiny is pivotal.

You might have heard the saying that our Decision shape our destiny? I also heard about this years ago; the very first time from Tony Robbins.

What I realized is that a lot of people might have heard a version of this saying or are aware of this saying, but most importantly I believe 95% of the population don’t realized the power of this.

First, let’s look at the definition.  From the Merriam Webster dictionary, to Decide is to make a choice about something to reach a conclusion about something because of evidence.

In fact, it comes from the roots, the Latin Decidere, which means to cut off any other options.  It’s basically choosing and being resolved, to conclude. To set aside any other option.

You might have heard the analogy of burning the boat etc…

Why is this important, it’s because when we make a decision, we’re choosing a destination, when we choose a destination, we’re choosing where we’ll be ending which lead us to our destiny.

So it’s important for us to explore the power of making a decision.

Currently, all of us are being paid in direct proportion of the decision we have made and that we’re making.

Clearly, if you feel you’re not being what you’re worth, it’s because you have made decision towards monetary regards that have led you this end. It doesn’t apply only to financial. Our whole life is dominated by this same power. Our health, our relationship etc…

Regardless of your career, there are people making different amount of money. So why that is someone with the same career and same experience is making fifty thousand Dollars a year, while someone else with the same position is making more.

Clearly it’s the awareness paradigm, which is uncovered by the decisions we have made to bring us in this present moment. Regardless of how you might want to slice and dice, it boils down to the decision we have made.

We are all making decisions based on our awareness.

That’s why I want to emphasize the fact that people might know about this, but they don’t know the power of this.


Because when you put aside any other option, a Conscious decision moves molecule.

This is physics and energy. Not just theory.

Yes, because when you desire and you decide in consciousness to become, to have what’s necessary for your vision to manifest, there’s nothing on earth that cannot unfold for you.

Clearly, that leads you to your transformation on an energetic level by renewing your heart space and your mental space.

When you make a decision you are allowing yourself to become what you wish to become or to have.

Decision making is so closely related to what Napoleon Hill call a definite purpose.

As we’ve amply discussed definiteness of purpose allow people to saturate people in their mind about he decision they have made.

In fact peace of mind doesn’t come from external conditions; it comes from internal decisions we’ve made and we’ve come to conclusion with.

When you decide you’re whole. You root out any ambivalence or any internal conflict.

Making a decision, that I’ll be living from this place will change your life.

More to come on next blog… next week.



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