The Best Feedback System On your Way to Success-How to Master it?


What is the best tool that you can use to track your way to achieve your desired results?

The answer is simple but please don’t overlook it (I’ll share why below): Your EMOTIONS!!!

E-Motion or Energy in motion is the Energy that moves you!!!

The power of emotions cannot be praised enough .Emotions are feedback system.

Not Only they are feedback system, I want to share a perspective here, that can empower people to leverage emotions as a tool and gift of our human experience

It might be necessary to remind some of us that our mind which can be divided into conscious and subconscious is a powerful tool. But we know that the subconscious is about 95% of that mind.

That subconscious mind has memories stored, emotions stored.

As Dr.Joe Dispenza would say-Your body is your unconscious doesn’t know the difference between an experiences in your life that creates an emotional response versus an emotional response that we have fabricate by our thought alone.

The bottom line is this when we react to conditions in our lives, there’s an emotional component that begins to create chemistry in our body-Different hormones are secreted within us.

So for the most part, emotions are the end product of past experience. Basically changing our experiences helps us create new neural path and connections. As the neuron string together, they connect and another part of the brain release chemicals (i.e. hormone), this is why we can remember our experience, through feelings and emotions.

That’s why it’s the perfect feedback system. As we’re on our way to achieve new path and succeed at things we’ve never done- our subconscious is a feedback loop from what we know.

This is why reprograming our subconscious with a vision and a picture of what we want is necessary; because the reference point should be the wanted results (not where you are- as emotions are record of the past- we would never achieve where we want to go.).

That’s why a clear vision of what you want is critical- as you need to know how you would feel. Create that in your mind so you can stamp it in your subconscious mind and create neural path will help you create emotion in the future of something that hasn’t happened yet (to help generate that feeling, visualization and gratitude is important; as you would generate Joy, gratitude etc…).Those feeling will be attached to new neural path in relation to your goals.

As people memorized their emotion reactions (which is a signed of being addicted to our emotions, which is also due to a hard wiring of our neural network), the consistency with the pattern emotions creates a mood, which is prolonged becomes a temperament and a personal trait.

Which is why with no doubt, true transformation occurs when we break from our old selves, by staying congruent to the new self that we have built and imagined.

The easiest thing is for us to look at we want (emotionally and rationally or practically) and paint that picture.

So tracking our emotion is a great way to track the gap, between where we are and where we want to go.

If we get a feedback of the same limiting emotions over and over again that would mean that we might have a block (it’s something we’ll explore next week).

Till next week, Live Your Power with Purpose, Passion & Prosperity


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