What Everyone Ought to Know about Taking Action!!!

Any great achievement was done by people that knew how to manage themselves.

As we discussed previously amply, EMOTION is E-Motion (Energy in Motion). Emotion is the fuel to our actions.

What motivates you? How do you get motivated?

Is it car, compensation, it is a great house? what is it?

The good news is it can be boiled down into two things: Pain or Pleasure!!!

We are all motivated to take action based on

  • on our perception of pain(closely related to your survival instinct).
  • our expectation of a pleasure for future or expectations

Even-tough we can generalize,  each of us as a predominance toward one of the other.Which one is yours?

How do I find out? Ask yourself.

What do you want in a career/relationship/business/environment…etc?

Let me guess your answer?

You said one of these two things I want/like/love xyz or abc, lmn.. or you said I don’t like-want-love xyz, abc.. or was it a combination of both of these.

Depending on your leading answer for the most part, if you started with I want, it means you are moving toward motivated person.

On the other hand if you started with I don’t want , it suggests that primarily(at least regarding that area-business-relationship etc..)  you are moving away driven.

There’s no wrong answer but only an awareness needed. As these don’t changes really unless significant emotional impact. How this can be useful for ourselves when to take action.

It  is  very relevant in many applications as I explain in the podcast.

For example at a personal level if you are for example in sales(where you have to generate your own income). If you know where you stand you can lead your way into actions. for example a move away  person usually will be  triggered into working /taking actions for the most part when into time crunch or under pressure or when the person is in its goal threshold.

If the person is moving toward driven, the best way to move yourself could be for example to post in front of you , or around your phone station or computer, an image of the wanted car, house, expansive watch, vacation or whatever there is that is your goal or target.

That can be applied in any areas of our lives, or career.

Now the next level of mastery, is to look for the people around us at work or in our relationships.

what is their dominant motivation framework?Is it toward, or away. That could be  your homework for next time..Look at the two closest people to you and find out what their leading motivation frame..

That would be helpful as you will be  able to effectively communicate with them.

Stay tuned for the next post as we will be talking about leading ourselves and taking this to the next level.

Was this post helpful to you. Please Post your comments below and let me know if you have any topic you want me to address in my next post. And please if this was of service to you, feel to share this podcast around to people that you think will benefit from this.

Until next time, Live your Power with Purpose an Passion



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