What Trigger People to Feel a Certain Way, part 2

We can predict the way we want to feel in many ways!!! Taking control of our emotional state is so important in our daily lives.

How to take control of that?

In a previous posting we discussed about how everybody has a different set of anchors whether it be a certain song, or a certain fragrance or maybe a certain picture?  Each of us have certain triggers that make us feel a certain way? Are you aware of these triggers? If not I highly suggest to check the previous podcast and blog..

Awareness is the  first step to transmuting your destiny…

Now that we have identified our anchors, why don’t we design anchors we want.. yes   Anchors have many applications such as

Accessing resourceful state in ANY situation.. As   a performer ( ie. artist, teacher,sport person ,Doctors, sales etc), one has to perform at its best game…being able to access optimal state will be very helpful.

Condition responses in a different way that you  used to react(ie. in a relationship, if you know your spouse scream regularly and you can’t tolerate that? can you anchor yourself to respond differently- absolutely you can.. an intellectual knowledge is not enough. the anchor creation can allow you to design it at will.

Be in control of your emotional state at all times, move from procrastination to motivation, create positive association with co-workers etc…

How can I do that?  Here are 5 keys

5 keys to design and create an anchor.


Make sure  you are in a desired state and not in mixed feeling state. ie for example you are happy and empty not thinking/feeling about anything else.


Make sure you are in a heightened emotional phase. because our brain and nervous strive on emotion. the higher the emotion, the more powerful  the impact in creating new neural connection and association.


The brain learn out of mistake and unique information(as it has to learn to self preserve itself). and also the idea that anchors have to have an effect and we don’t want them be diluted.


You have to be able to  repeat.It shouldn’t be a one time wonder 🙂

You have to be able  to replicate it..

and of course

Repetition and Volume

Like in the Pavlov dog example, the more often  we condition ourselves, the more its get molded.. this is proven in all sciences.. Malcolm Gladwell talk about he 10000 hours expertise to be a master. In fact it’s the way we get most our belief while we’re kids.. a certain beliefs/behaviors are repeated upon us , over and over and over again until it become a habit..

Now you know , the factors that are involved into deigning an anchor.

Homework for next time

Decide on one anchor you want to create.. What is one  anchor you want to create that  if executed properly would change your daily productivity?

Till next time, Live Your Power with Purpose and Passion


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