What trigger us to feel a specific way?

In the previous post we discussed what an emotional target is.

The emotional target is a systemic approach and way that allow you to “feel” a specific desire emotion at any given time.

here we’ l l discuss about ANCHOR!!

The idea is to systemically build it into our nervous system so we can trigger it at will.It seems lunatic isn’t it?

But it’s not!! Follow me here for a second. In previous posting we discussed how the brain does 3 things because of the Excessive amount of data we receive on a daily basis. The brain Delete, Distort or Generalize information in order to be able to handle the 2 billion of data per second it’s bombarded by.

Part of the “optimization” done by our brain is to simplify so it can be effective and efficient, so it classifies.

So an anchor is a trigger which is based on a link between a specific stimulus and a response or state.It’s basically a neurological association.The most famous example of anchoring is described in the experiments of Ivan Pavlov. Every time he fed his dog, he simulteaously rang a bell or a tuning fork, and that time his dog would salivate and be excited… he did the experiment many times…

And then even when there was no food, but he would ring that bell, the dog would salivate!!==> ringing the bell was the anchor

Basically, Anchoring is the process of creating neurological associations by applying a specific stimulus to one or more of the five senses while the person is in an associated, heightened state.

So Anchoring gives quick access to any past emotional state, so that someone can experience that state at any time that they choose.

We can also have unconscious anchor in our lives during which a particular stimulus is either intense, or repetitive or both in a way;

Most of the time anchors are created in two ways.

Intensity of a state – As an individual is in a heightened emotional state while a specific stimulus is experienced, the two become linked.

Repetition of a stimulus over many hours or days. When a particular experience occurs with such

Regularity that the individual links the stimulus automatically to the simultaneously occurring state.

As you can imagine we all have anchors in our lives.

They are all around us; based on your dominant five senses (Kinesthetic, Auditory, Visual, Olfactory, Gustatory), We all have those anchors (listen in the podcast to hear more..

Part of the homework before next week podcast is for you to look at your daily life and find anchor in each 5 sense in your life?

Is it a particular smell? Music? What is it?

Next week will be amazing as we will learn how to that…

Until then, Live your power with purpose and passion

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