How to Amplify Your Results Faster?


If intention alone was enough to change the world, all saints would have change our current world, and peace and love would prevail, but intention alone is NOT Enough.

I asked myself this question since child hood trying to understand the process of transformation and change.

If intention is not enough what is needed then and why?

As we discussed in an earlier post, transformation stands for changing form. How to magnify our results as we’re looking to transform our lives, our business and everything else in our lives?

Let’s look at an element that is everywhere, water, as we know water constitutes above eighty percent of our body content.

I would like for you to follow the process of transformation of water.

For example Water is materialized (manifested) in this plane in three different states-Vapor (the less dense form, transient and everywhere), Liquid (fluid form-more dense than vapor) or ice (solid form).

As we’ve discussed in earlier post everything is energy. Our intention or thoughts are fastest elements that there is; the speed in which they travel etc… our thoughts and intention can be compared to vapor-very transient. In a way it is a blessing that the power of our thoughts alone is not enough to manifest realities into our daily lives. If we were to track every hour, the negative thoughts, reactionary and conditioned intention that course through our days, we would probably be extinct as species.

In a way, it’s a good thing that our intention alone don’t determine the outcome of our results.

Then what do we need to manifest the intention we hold?

Let’s look at cloud in nature. Vapor or cloud need pressure in order to become rain and water.

The environment, or pressure applied to cloud create the rain or the liquid water.

Similarly in order for our intention to be manifested (to leave the land of imagination) and to be amplified, we need to apply focus or the power of attention.

It’s the universe way of asking us to confirm what we “intend”.

Our attention is the pressure or the tool that allows us to sustain the pressure so that intention manifests itself in the land of realization.

In another example, one would use the burning glass or magnifier to create fire. With the sun rays.

In other words, the sun rays are not changing, what is changing is us applying the burning glass LONG ENOUGH in order for the sun rays being transformed into fire.

It is why people have said, the power of focus is key and important.

We’ve probably all heard, different says, like where attention goes, energy flows.

So we need to “attend” our intent in order to create faster results.

Well that’s not all.

What do we need for water to become solid or ice?

It’s another element needed. We need to change water temperature, or frequency or vibration.

In the realm of idea, what that means?

We’ll discuss more on the next post.

Till next Time, Live Your Power with Purpose, Passion & Prosperity.

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