The Most Successful People Ninja Tricks.


What Separate successful people and people that are not?

It’s the Successful people Ninja’s tricks.

Given the same skills and experience and same field, what differentiate success and failure is the way people think (their beliefs) and the way they feel.

I believe the way we think has been discussed in many literatures. What I want to share here is a perspective that’s not much discussed and that allowed me to change my relationship with performance and results.

If you’ve been in athletics or any kind of performance activities you probably will relate.

It has to do with the way our culture has entrained and conditioned us; now is THE time to unlearn.

As we know, actions is what generate results and performance. The issues is that people won’t act if they don’t feel confident.

Confidence is highly correlated to how we feel (about ours skill, competencies on the topic, subject we need to act on).

Now the biggest issue that I have seen is the way we’re conditioned; basically most of the time our emotions and feeling are the results or outcome of our actions and most of the time they are not chosen by us.

Especially, people will not act if they don’t feel deserving; on top of lack of confidence, the “not” deserving feeling is what stop people from actions.

Let’s dive in.

For common people, Emotions and the feeling of deserving is a result and an effect. In our daily lives for 99% of people.

Why, because of the Pavlov Dog conditioning effect.

As we’re growing up, we have to eat our vegetables before we’re allowed the “ice cream”.

The cause/effect intent is worth it. It’s the idea that every action we do carry a result and consequence; which is the responsible way of education for a productive society and culture; you reap what you sow.

However, if it’s not done with strategy it can impede our growth.

With that model the results of our actions are at cause and our feeling of deserving is an effect.

The key word here is result.

We’ve been conditioned in this order- to associate our results and outcome and then feel after that.

While the ninja trickster and the successful people understand that you have to feel first and act first. Feeling must precede our actions (especially if we’re going after something out of our comfort zone).

Taking luck out of equation, as an athlete in order to win a championship, you have to feel deserving of winning; which will boost your confidence for action.

That’s the main secret for all masters of this world- they are masters of their emotions.

The key and secret to all masters’ success through all human ages is that they were able to generate their own emotion regardless of the circumstances. In fact, as an athlete, if you truly analyze all your key successes, you had to feel first that you were winning before it showed.

Here’s the challenge-

In our daily practices, most of us wait for outcomes and events to trigger our emotions, but the truth is we can trigger our own emotions, by changing our rules or neuro association to events that we’ve created along the years through conditioning. We’ve confused achievement with feelings. We’ve associated them, and like the Pavlov dog, being conditioned to salivate and emote only when there’s result and outcome. We became slaves to the outcomes.

We become depress if we don’t win a super bowl ring, or this or that… where in opposite that’s when we need to double our feeling of hope and trailblazing emotions to move forward.

I understand if you’re saying easier say than easier done. Let me share with you few tricks that help me and that can serve you. It’s the Successful people Ninja’s tricks.

Here’s what need to be done.

So we’re going to reverse engineer. We’re going to create the emotions at will First and create new rules.

So for example the feeling of being alive.

When I was on the judo mat and competing as an athlete at world class level- For example , the feeling of aliveness for me was easily generated when I was on the mat and whenever I throw my opponent, I would feel alive, because I knew I was doing my best and I was 100% present.

Now the question is how can I can generate that same feeling of aliveness without depending being on the mat and competing. Notice I’m using the word “generate” and create that same feeling of aliveness. The premise is clear, as we feel great, well act great and therefore produce better results. We’re not waiting for “results” to validate us.

So we’re going to reverse engineer. Now the idea is to rebuild the same neuro association in a heightened state that I had when I threw my opponent. The goal is to create a simple rule.

In a way it’s like Outcome Reversal. We’ve reversed our outcome orders, by starting with the emotion at first. Because as we emote we’ll be able to act as if.

We need to put ourselves in heightened state and use a simple place on our body that we can reuse (but not use all the time). Let’s say our arm pit just as an example (assuming it’s not frequent body part you use or trigger all the time like your hand etc…)

The new rule could be, I feel alive whenever I touch my armpit and create that neuro association (like we were conditioned with the Pavlov dog example).  The key is to have heightened emotion attached to it; and repeat that connection couple times.

Personally, now the new rule I created is I slap my heart with my right hand, I stop and stand still, I take a deep breathe air with my eyes closed, I feel alive. So basically I go back to that emotional “zip code” I use to feel whenever I was competing.

In that way I’m able to keep the emotional component first, which will allow to trigger the physical elements (regardless of the workout).

In that way I’m generating my own emotion first. Using physical anchors to trigger emotion so I can act (versus waiting for results and feel after that).

Being able to perform outcome reversal will be so key in order to be able to relive the emotional and physical self-expression.

It’s not a secret that high performers have control over their emotions, because they understand that they are at cause for their emotions.

On top of changing their beliefs this key understanding is so overlooked that I think if truly understood and applied, one can achieve wonders.

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