How Do You Tap into The Most Powerful Redemptive Force in Your Life?


Imagination is more important than knowledge shared Albert Einstein many years ago.

With Easter week end we just had, I was pondering about the meaning of redemption.

Our Imagination has a powerful redemptive function. With imagination we can renew ourselves.

That’s one of the reason probably Albert Einstein mentioned that Imagination was more important?

If we come to this realization, there are two main reason to be aware.

Number one- knowledge is already known, while imagination is what could be.

Second, imagination is the most powerful redemptive power we possess in our human experience.

If you can think about a wave, imagination is like a wave, full of possibilities, moving changing, vibrating while knowledge is discreet, it’s known, like a particle, it could be compared to a bucket of that ocean

Why this matter to you?

It matter, because if imagination is the most powerful redemptive resource we‘ve got.

In order for us to change, our thoughts must change. Our thoughts change as we create the ideal of what we want.

Let’s first dig into the meaning of redemption, or to redeem. To redeem means to buy back (something you already had).

What that means for you?

With imagination we’re helping ourselves to buy back what we have already inside us.

Let’s think about this thoroughly.

Water is made of molecule H2O, so does oxygen and air in our atmosphere contain the same molecule but in a different configuration.

Similarly, in our essence and nature, as human we are made of similar elements.

Hence the idea that we’re all energy and everything is energy; the clue is to realize the power of the following; difference does not consist in variety of substance, but rather difference in form consist in a different arrangement of the same substance.

Many people seems to understand this, But I’m not sure that many people understand the power of that statement above.

If we truly understood the power of this statement we know that there’s only one time to claim our power it’s is Now, and only one place to claim here.

In a way, all is here within us right now, like all the sages have claimed in all tradition. What we have to exercise then is the power to redeem ourselves, by assuming with our imagination what we desire.

In fact, Wallace Wattles said -By thoughts, what you want is brought to you. By only action what you want is received. So you need to act in order to receive.  In The science of Getting of Rich.

The biggest secret is controlled imagination.

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