Bring Your Desires To Life.


We reviewed last time how our feeling are the best feedback system to help find out if we’re on track or not. As a reminder,-The first step is to analyze our belief towards what we want .Do we have limiting beliefs associated with fear, lack, unworthiness etc… associated towards the object of our desires?

We need to examine ourselves thoroughly as this is critical step. Bring this into consciousness.

As I shared a belief in my opinion is just a “frozen feeling or emotion” in time. If an emotion is like water, which run through us and very fluid, the frozen water would be the frozen emotion in time- the simple fact is that our belief carry with them emotions associated with them.

As it is we need to allow feeling to guide us. As a baseline, since the brain think in pictures, it’s important for us to picture or concept the image of what we desire. That would be our ground framework or the “negative” baseline.

Now as we hold that picture in our mind, we need to notice what we are feeling and thinking. We need to pay attention to our states- This is the Human race edge over different creation.

We are “Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens”- We have the ability to think about what we’re thinking.

As we are aware of ourselves, the positive feeling or expansive feeling of joy, gratitude, etc.. Signal to us that we’re in synchronization with the object of our desires. It shows congruence between our subconscious repository and what we’re feeling at this very moment.

A negative feeling like jealousy, anger, frustration, shame, unworthiness etc… means there’s a conflict between our subconscious and what we’re feeling.

Time to adjust our beliefs. As belief are represented by neural networks liaison in our brain, they represent a photocopy or “snapshot” emotion frozen that happened in the past.

As it’s been proven lately that certain areas of the brain are activated when we feel certain emotion. We also know that there’s hormonal components release based on how we feel (that are triggered through and by certain organs based on certain emotion we trigger from our organs).

As we bring these emotions out of consciousness we can release the trapped emotions through different technique.

Then that would be the feedback system. As we go forward. The two choices are to go back either to affect our beliefs and reiterate the loop.

In that way we can use our emotions as a sign post or flashlight as we move into the unknown and into navigating into the direction of our desires and dreams.

Till next Time, Live Your Power, with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity

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