How Commitment Boost Your Influence and Results?


I Wish I had known the difference between Decision and commitment.

Just in case, If you are wondering if they are the same, I would venture to say that you are probably thinking like me just couple days ago; but if you read further you’ll understand the nuance and the real power of distinction between the two and why it is so important.

We’ve discussed earlier the power of making decision. As we saw earlier, to decide is to “cut out” any other option. The power of making a decision is to get out of the ambivalence (the cause of ambivalence is indecision) mode. Certainly the greatest hurdle in making decision is our life circumstances. This is what differentiate powerful masters from the average person. The masters make decision based on their vision (not based on their circumstances). They live a vision driven life.

In that process and contemplation of that idea, I was struggling with a personal decision I had made but I wasn’t feeling complete. Even tough, my mind was made up about what I wanted to do, I still felt an anxious feeling. A feeling of “chasing” the result of what I was after (even tough I had decided already to keep moving forward).

As I was looking for an answer (subconsciously) and after further talk with friends, I came to realize the difference between making a decision and committing.

After couple days of reflection, the answer became finally transparent to me. What I needed was commitment (above and beyond Decision).

In fact Commitment is coming from Latin from com(“together”) and mitterre t(o “send“). In other words to bring together.

This is where the power of commitment lift off where decision left it off. After you have clearly cut out the options you will make or not (decision), the next level is to bring yourself together in committing.

I would argue that it might be subtle, but there’s huge nuance between these two.

Commitment invoke a different and higher level of our being.

Why? Because commitment invite the idea of transferring from one’s self to the care and custody of another.

As we commit, we generate a wholeness state; a state of knowingness and a powerful state of ownership that moves molecules and energy around our universe. That state of knowingness if so powerful that it can only be felt.

As I thought about that idea and as father of two precious toddler, it made me think .I would guess as a parent the love for your baby cannot be explained, but only felt.

In that state of commitment or knowingness, all the forces will rally for you, because you are vibrating at a different level and all the cells of your body know about it-no more doubt, no more hesitation.

In that state, there’s not an inch of space for words like “I want” (suggesting that you don’t have), or I “hope” (vibrating hesitation). When one commit, the only space left is I AM- a good substitute that was suggested to me by a friend was “I INTEND”.

I realized that nuance and it came to me-In fact commitment is the secret of the great masters!!!

That was a big revelation for me. As I asked myself .What is my level of commitment on my decisions?

What is your level of commitment on your vision? What is your level of ownership on your decision?

That’s what I found out. Decision alone is not enough, the key is in commitment, because it amplifies not only what you have decided but most importantly it amplifies you and lead you forward into stepping into your vision.

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