How Could You Handle Stress?

Do you know that 95% of all disease are based on stress?

Would it make sense to understand how this affects you?

What is known is that we all respond to events differently.

How do you respond to a challenge? We all have filter  that dictates how we respond to stress.

Where do you respond in the range from emotional to rational?

Do you tend to respond to challenges with a more THINKING (you become disassociated with the challenge) or do you tend toward a MORE FEELING(you become associated with the challenge) approach?

Cellular Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton has made the world aware of the next revolution (as Einstein did decades ago when he found (E=MC²), and it this: Epigenetics. Your genes don’t control your life BUT your perceptions of the environment control your life.

Genes are triggered and activated based on the receptors of your cells membrane. If one grasps this fundamental idea, the world becomes your oasis; because you understand that your perception will shape your behavior.

Per dr.Joe Dispenza,There are 3 types of stress- physical, emotional and chemical. The definition of stress is when your body is out of balance (out of homeostasis).

Physical stress is trauma, accident, injuries, falls  it’s basically when there’s a violation of the body

Chemical stress, is bacteria, infection, blood level, hormones, food, hang over chemical imbalances in the body

Emotional stress is felt  like at a traffic jam,  thinking about retirement etc…

Emotion has a stronger effect on the gene-

I.e. the emotion of anger, fear, stress, make us being more object focus, more narrow focus-which is ok in a short term; i.e. you have to run from the lion, you have to worry about time, you have to worry about your environment. For a short it’s ok but in long term not sustainable.

A good amount of stress can be helpful in order for us to move, to take action… But a long term stress can be harmful, because the body gets out balance hence the disequilibrium.

That’ where learning to know how you deal with stress can be helpful..

If your filter is more toward the feeling side, you would know how to identify it and act upon it and similarly if you are more thinking based (analysis paralysis), you would know where you are in spectrum…Knowing your meter is key..

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