How Do You Perfom Optimally?

In what situation do you tend to perform optimally?

Wouldn’t it be nice as a leader to know the answer to that question, first for yourself and second for your team, organization, family or community?

Before we dig in, what is optimal performance?

Per Merriam Webster, the definitions of performance is as below

1- : the execution of an action: something accomplished: deed, feat

2- The fulfillment of a claim, promise, or request: implementation

3- The manner of reacting to stimuli:


In a sense a performance is a way to carry out an action.

How do you carry out an action optimally?

It is an interesting question? The next logical level is in what context?

Are you best as independent player, team player or the team manager?

In what context do you perform best? As an independent, or team player, or a manager?

In many ways, each of us has a performance filter tendency? Which one is yours?

You probably have a preferred interest filter as well?

What interests you most in life? Do you focus mostly on people, places, things, activities OR information?

If you had a perfect day, how would you live it? How would it be? If you can design it?

What do you prefer to spend your personal time doing? Do you focus mostly on people? Or is it on places? Or is it on things, or is it in doing things?

The tendency in your preferred interest filter is a good guidance in knowing your work satisfaction filter.

The key question to ask yourself is this: do you tend to like working with people, things OR systems? Is it people, things, OR systems?

The more you can figure out your frame of reference the more you can find out your optimal zone in performance.

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