How To Crush it- 3 Simple Steps


The Elixir of Success

Did you ever wonder how successful people crush it in their respective fields?  it’s one word: Confidence.

Let me share with you ,How to develop confidence in 3 easy simple steps?

Doubt is the enemy of progress. Many entrepreneurs, business people, or couples fail because of the lack of this elixir: confidence?

What is confidence?  it’s generally described as a state of being certain about something!!

Let’s dive in. confidence stems from Latin confide-re-  meaning  “with FAITH“. it’s basically people moving forward with FAITH.

Faith as in, standing for a firm BELIEF in oneself, to carry out; Belief in one’s abilities to perform an activity comes through successful experience.

How can we develop that belief if we’ve never done that business, or never been in a similar situation?

Well 3 easy simple steps.

The first step is to be believe in one self ability, to achieve the object of the definite goal or purpose we had set. which means  you NEED CLARITY in what your definite purpose is. this is so simple, but that many neglect it and it slips away their fingers. Having that clarity will help the mind  to settle and be directed. Having no clarity is like being in fog;which increase the fuzzy state . SO PLEASE DEVELOP THAT CLARITY of YOUR PURPOSE. after that clarity is set, the way to develop a firm belief about that goal is to repeat it as often as possible in our daily routines so that i can be ingrained in our subconscious.

That’s the second step, repetition of the purpose, of who you want to be, or what you want to have. create a ritual or set of practices that make that purpose “actual” and real. You could write it everyday as an affirmation. You could visualize it?  Bottom line is you need to familiarize and bombard your subconscious mind so that’s it build neural networks relative to the goal. As we’ve seen in earlier blog; that will create and cause your reticular activating system (RAS- in neuroscience) to pay attention to your purpose.

The last step is to indulge yourself with the emotion and the feeling of having that goal. or being that person.

That last step is so important that many people miss it.The subconscious language is FEELING and EMOTION or PICTURE.

So even if it seems “corny” , add the feeling to your purpose. In fact, I like to describe a belief as “frozen” feeling.  Feeling is fluid like water , but a belief is stamped in your neural network.  That’s why the way beliefs are developed are two ways- either significant emotional events or through conditioning(which is like building muscle as we create neural pathway).

So As you can see these are skills that can be develop in any area . And yes people with experience in one area have develop these because  inherently they have gone through the 3 steps maybe many times, in one way, shape  or form. Isn’t why experience is so valued? Because people with experience in their field have  CONFIDENCE. and with confidence our ability to produce and carry out result increases. So if you think about it, when you hire, or want to carry out any future outcome. What you are looking for is NOT EXPERIENCE, BUT  CONFIDENCE.

if that is case, it;’s important to examine all  major areas of our life(business, relationship, health, family, finance, career, emotional etc..) and measure our confidence levels from 0-10.

If it’s below a 7-it needs some work and focus…

The good news  is it’s a skill than can learn and is teachable…

Let’s go do it!!

Live your Power, with purpose and passion





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