How to Effectively Communicate Your Message ?

The Essence of Effective Communication is one word ” Rapport”.

Anything is possible int he presence of rapport” said the famous Milton Erickson.

Rapport is a state of trust and responsiveness.

Look at any powerful communicator you’ve always  admired; they had the magic “sauce” of creating adequate trust with their audience. The secret to any powerful communicator reside in how effectively and quickly they can establish the state of rapport.

his true to almost any powerful influencing situation(whether it be between a doctor and its patient, or student and teachers, a general and its army etc..

The quicker one can establish that state of rapport the faster one can establish trust.

Regardless of your political affiliation here in the US, two presidents that were good at that were president Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton.

So what was their secret?

They understand one thing, whether consciously or subconsciously, the key to communication doesn’t reside only in words but it’s the opposite.

In fact many communication are beyond the words.

It has been estimated that in communication the

Words account ONLY for 7%

The TONALITY account for 38%

PHYSIOLOGY for 55%..

Maybe you’ve seen these numbers somewhere or you haven’t  yet..

Regardless Common sense is not common practice..I urge you to ponder on these numbers again.

The next time you find yourself doing a  presentation, think about the impact of these ratios!!!!

How you say thing is much more important than what you say!! Isn’t this the power of marketing!!

If you are entrepreneur, I hope you see the need of going in video now?

Your customer need to see you..your full expression..

Makes sense?

Homework for the next week,

let’s be aware of our tri dimensional aspect of communication .

Are you able to measure the impact of your communication?

Post below your comments.

let me know what you think…






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