How To Effortlessly Maximize Your Productivity?

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The ultimate levers in our lives are our attention and our energy level.

As I shared earlier In fact, in term of our personal power, the most valuable asset we have is our attention. If you can deliberately control your attention you are tapping into your ultimate freedom.

If our attention is our most valuable asset, it’s absolutely necessary to sustain that our energy level is the most valuable currency we trade in, we trade with, and that we trade for in our daily lives and businesses. If you can control your energy level, there’s nothing in the world that can defeat you.

Because the only thing that never loses is nature itself. When you claim your energy, you claim your nature and your source.

Why one should care about energy is pretty simple- It’s the simplest idea that will change your life forever-One could say the biggest secret revealed (because not everybody knows the power of this).

When you Master your energy- You Master your fate.

In fact, what is the difference between a person dead body and that same person alive?

The answer is quite simple- it’s their energy level. Aliveness is characterized by “life Energy”.

What is that power, or energy that allows one heart to beat, or give us the ability to breathe? Life energy.

Not to be too esoteric, in fact if you look at your own life two succinct moments;

Situation one, you are in a low emotional point, doubting, sad or frustrated versus another situation two where you achieved a dream and a goal of yours after months of working at it?

Answer is simple again, the difference is your level of energy (you are happier, or vibrating at a different level of energy). One could say, who you have become in the process is what’s different and I would agree with that, but in the end, what’s different is that energy level.

It’s very relevant to understand that energy is that currency that defines how we trade our lives and our businesses.

The idea that an energy body surrounds the human form has endured since ancient times.

Even in recent times, the most prolific explanation that explain how our body is energy is Albert Einstein E=MC2. Energy in our dimension is the integration of speed and mass. From quantum physics mass moving at a speed of light is energy.

This translate the fact that our body which is material is indeed a “gross” level of energy vibration.

If one could look at one own hand, then zoom in further in that hand, it’s molecules of skin, further, atom, zooming in further, electrons; then quanta of energy; at the most infinite level, it’s all energy vibrating different level.

If one truly understand this notion, it become clear for us to understand that our physical form is held by a pattern of energy (invisible to our eyes).

This is where the idea that we’re all one and everything is energy stems from indeed. Because at the essence level and the most basic level we are all connected.

Let’s look at a simple idea.

A water ice cube is fundamentally made of molecules of water (H2O). What differentiate the ice cube from liquid water?

You guessed? It’s the temperature and the energy level.

Further what’s different between the liquid water versus the boiling water? You guessed it it’s the temperature and energy level.

In essence they are comprised of the same elements, but in form and in structure they are different and the difference lies in the energy level-Nothing more nothing less.

One thing is clear then-ENERGY PRECEDE STRUCTURE and FORM.

How powerful is that idea.

Some secular wisdom have been heard with the term that consciousness precede form.

In fact energy trumps time and space. Very simply because energy captures all the attributes and state of an element in (the time& space) dimension.

This is why the term love conquers it all come from, because energy is the integration of all forms; if energy is our essence, one could equate that love is energy and it is our source.

There’s nothing mystic about this, but knowing the power of this, make one realizes the power of controlling our energy. If Energy precede form, why aren’t people using it?

That’s why I believe still it’s the simplest idea that will change your life forever if you grasp the power of it the idea in all applications?

Why because what means?

That means that any action we take is either seeking to expand our energy field or constraining our field of energy.

Yes clearly it could be translated into psychology, any action we take is either giving love or seeking love at the root cause of it all.

If you can keep in mind that simple idea and most importantly endeavor to live it. You’ll be powerful beyond measure.

This is what great masters we’ve all revered have done throughout their lives.

They had maintained an energy level of the “desired” results they had always wished for.

Neville Godard and Dr. Wayne Dyer called this “Assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled”.

Isn’t the simplest idea but very powerful. If we keep the end in mind, and stick with it- we will create that which we are maintaining in frequency and vibration.

The End in Mind is the energy signature of what we want to be, have or do.

As we agreed, energy precede form, the key question now becomes, how long do I have to hold on the energy matrix of what I want to create so that it can manifest into our time and space form?

In other words water boils and turn into steam at 212 degree Fahrenheit and water become ice at 32 degree Fahrenheit.

What is the parallel in term of us translating our ideas into form?

I personally noticed three to four stages.

We’ll review the remaining stages in the next posting.

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