How to Harness the Power of Decision To Your Success?


Success truly is the result of good judgement. Good judgment is the result of experience, and experience often is the result of bad judgement. Tony Robbins.

What a good reminder is this powerful sentence? However, it appears that many of us have hard time making decisions.

How can we harness the power of making decision to succeed?

Making decision is a process that runs our daily lives; but the average person seems to not recognize its power in their lives. I truly believe that if we knew the power of making decisions, many of us would urge to learn to be alert on how to make them. Unfortunately, many of us have been “hypnotized” to believe that our circumstances and conditions determine our decisions.

In fact I’m going to suggest that Upward of Ninety five percent of our population believe that they know what making a decision is, but the reality is they don’t know the power of making a decision.

Why I’m saying that?

Because people that have understood the power of making decision are leading their lives in the direction of their “conscious” choices.

Literally, we can agree that our decision determine our actions, our actions define our results, our results define where we end and land which is our destination; our destination (if not changed) become our destiny.

Naturally understanding the power of decision making means that we can deliberately choose our desired destination. Clearly, a lot of us are in that process of understanding  that first still and then trying to navigate that knowledge.

I am suggesting an easy tool that could help all of us to make effective decision.

It’s that same decision making system and tool that the most successful people and masters on the planet have used for millennia of years. Their decision is based on their vision and their higher self; unlike the average people who based their decision on current circumstances.

In that vision led based decision-It important to ask ourselves the 3 questions below?

What is my vision/purpose?

What am I trying to achieve?

What are my current conditions?

As we anchor ourselves into these 3 questions, we need to pay attention to our attention.

Is it fixed on the opportunity or is it on the challenge?

As we pay attention to our vision we put ourselves into a position of strength. We get pulled in by higher energy.

And then we can harness the power of our decision.

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