How to Lead with Impact using the Quantum Do™

How to deliberately create an impact, freedom, legacy and wealth?

This has been a perennial question if you are an entrepreneur or a leader.

It certainly has been mine for almost 2 decades.

What I found is encapsulated in the Quantum Do™, which is the cardinal of deliberate transformation and leadership.

As we discussed in a previous podcast and blog post. The first steps in deliberate creation is awareness first, and of course Intention. Those two steps well defined is the “Empower” stage where the goal as a leader to be rooted. That rootedness gives strength as it ultimate outcome is Clarity. No clarity, no deliberate growth, No change.

The second stage of the Quantum Do™, framework is to inspire. “Inspire” from Latin roots means breathe life into. At this stage of transformation as entrepreneur or leader, our role is to hold our attention. Holding our attention and not let distraction or wind sway us from what our vision is.

From the Clarity developed in the first stage, the second stage allow us to be inspired and be connected with our environment, our community, or our team. When we breathe life into our ideas, our leadership becomes intrinsic leadership so that we can start moving element around us. With that vision as the outcome in stage 2, we start activating the transformation process…

Finally what is left is natural process, which is to “Resonate” and to vibrate with clarity and that vision we have been inspired with. The last step of the Quantum Do, is accomplished through action. Ultimately the dance between Actions and our vibration is the focus we get as an outcome.

That’s right the Quantum Do, is this easy three 3 steps that is the canon of deliberate transformation and leadership.

In fact that structure is found in transformation phases.

How can an entrepreneur or leader utilize this framework?

Quite simple 3 easy steps. As would say Brendon Burchard “common sense is not common practice.”

That couldn’t be truer in the Quantum Do™ framework.

It’s all about first being a student of it, which I think, using this will empower to have the impact you want to have. At a high level. Now there are different modalities about “how” to go about these steps.

Well What I’m excited about is that the Quantum Do™, is found at many level.

I would love to share about it in the coming weeks.

If you found this interesting, let me know your comments.

Till next time..

Live your power with purpose and passion

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