How to Strategically Win in Your Life & in business -using 3 Powerful Timeless Judo Principles. Part 3


So far we’ve discussed in the previous two parts, the importance of recovery time (through learning how to break fall) and the necessity of learning the concept of balance (through learning and tracking the key elements and structure around our relative position to our goals and objectives).

To reiterate, first of all, in all successes (regardless of the field or of the era), we’ve seen that it’s not about the fall, rather it’s all about the rise. Whether in business, in sport, in life, in relationship, we’ve all heard, read or lived the fall before the triumph. That’s a natural path to any “success”. Even though we know this intellectually, I still think that majority of people don’t know the power of this. Learning to pick yourself up after a fall is far more valuable skill than winning in itself. Why?

Because someone that masters that skill will always be willing to explore new territory. Someone not afraid of failing will be able to discover new “edges”, new ocean shores because of the confidence, belief and skill developed along the way. That’s why in judo, the number one fundamental skill taught is how to fall. The break fall skill is a basic skill that Judo practitioner are gifted with in their beginner stage before they develop mastery. In fact I remember learning snowboarding in Lake Tahoe in my late twenties; I learned so fast because I wasn’t afraid of falling (I knew how to fall and to pick myself all over again and again).

The second concept we reviewed was the Principe of balance. As The Judoka primarily goal(while standing in the face-off with opponent) is to throw its opponent on the floor with as much as impact as possible which means the judoka needs to understand the principle of balance, why?

Gravity and balance are two major components in the “game” of throw. The master Judokas, know where their own center of balance plane is AND where their opponent center of balance is. We’re pulled by gravity, all the time; so learning our position in regards to that is very important. In Judo there are 8 major planes where you can easily off balanced and defeat your opponent if you track effectively those planes.

Similarly, in business, in life, what are the major forces, metrics that you need to keep track on?

In your life are you keeping track of the major areas (health and well-being, Relationship (friends, family, and partners), Time, Vocation etc…?

In business are you keeping track of your key metrics? What are they? Where should they be? Are you tracking the big rocks?

Now let’s move on the next step. You know how to break fall, you know how to track your balance (along with your opponent); what’s then?

The third law that masterful Judoka have learned is the power of using Leverage.

Again, Judo stands for “Minimum Effort/ Maximum Efficiency”- Minimum Effort/ Maximum Yield or ROI.

In my opinion understanding the principles of Judo can be the most powerful tool that will change your business and your life forever (if understood, and mastered properly).

Let’s face it,

How can a “one hundred and forty pound man” can throw and subdue a heavier two hundred and twenty pound plus man?

In case you’re wondering, yes that happen all the time in Judo; that’s what the founder of Judo was all about?

This is why, Leverage is one of my ALL TIME favorite word.

Archimedes of Syracuse was an Ancient Greek mathematician, he said the following-

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

Let’s even take to another level, more recently, Albert Einstein said “problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them”… What that means?

It’s plain and simple, we need to act from a higher perspective in order to solve a problem created at a lower level.

I love this concept so much, that if really understood one can live a freer, fuller more expanded life in any areas.

In fact the most powerful leverage is “knowledge” and awareness of the law. When people say knowledge is power it’s really applied knowledge which is powerful. Applied knowledge means someone is applying the lever at the fulcrum point.

Now let’s bring it down to our businesses and our lives.

What type of leverage can we apply to our business?

The most powerful point of leverage comes from the activities where- if we spend twenty percent of our time we would yield, produce eighty percent of the results. You’ve heard of the Pareto principle?

In your business, one should be insanely crazy about this principle. As you can imagine that principle is in context of our goals- Which is why principle two is important (because we’ve learned and defined the most important metrics of our business).

So if you act from a deliberate perspective, your twenty percent action in one field would yield you the eighty percent results and performance if you are singly focus on it.

That would apply to your business, product, and project in context of the season as well. What season is your business in (start up, mature etc…)?

How about in our lives, what are the key levers and fulcrum point?

The ultimate levers in our lives are our attention and our energy level.

In fact, in term of our personal power, I’m venturing to say that the most valuable asset we have is our attention. If you can deliberately control your attention you are tapping into your ultimate freedom.

On top of that, If you can control your energy level, there’s nothing in the world that can defeat you.

Now back at you, where your attention is right now, are you controlling it or you’re letting it to the mercy of advertisers.

How about your energy level? Could you generate high level of energy and enthusiasm at will?

Those are the ultimate levers in your life. You have to take charge

Next week we will explore of how to use these levers.

Stay tuned till next time.

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