How To Take Control of Any situation Using this Single Principle?

The Single Principle That Will Change Your Life stem from this quote below.

“In nature nothing is wasted, nothing is created, everything is transformed” Lavoisier

Understanding and mastering this principle encompasses so many laws (including Einstein E=MC2) that it’s worth spending time on this.

The first time that I encounter this quote, was in my junior high school physics class. It had such profound impact on me right away, that I felt that it was a highly calibrated sentence and findings.

I didn’t how much of Impact it would have on me at that time, but looking back after almost a quarter of the century, when I look back, I realized that this principle had “haunted my life quest” and mainly, this principle changed my life forever and still is.

I wanted to share a powerful perspective that I believe could benefit anybody looking to improve their lives or businesses.

Lavoisier findings to me, explain mainly three overarching themes.

One, that in fact everything is energy; second that we’re all one whole and integrated, and third, that the only constant is change.

Personally, what I derived from that had been my life quest because it made me aware of the fact that

1-Energy precede form and that second in one’s life time, the number one skill to master and to understand is how we create deliberate transformation.

Let’s further explore the first theme.

I like the example of the tornado which is carrying such a powerful field of energy that it can destroy cities.

How do we recognize the power of the tornado, or of a disastrous wind?

The simple answer is by the damage they can produce. In fact if you can imagine a tornado without debris or dirt, one wouldn’t have known or notice the tornado itself.

The reason why this matter to you, is to illustrate that we human are also just different level of vibration of energy. Each human body is a “gross level” of matter vibrating at different frequencies.

For some people if this seems still too “futuristic”, I recommend getting familiarized with several healing energy modalities like Network chiropractic, Reikki, just to name a few. Or in another level, thorough research by the institute of Heartmath. In fact our heart emits an energetic electromagnetic field many times more powerful than our brain or any other organ in our body. A simple example is to put your hands close to a Radio Frequency emitter, which disturb clearly the field of the radio message. And that human field can be measured with voltmeter like an electric current could be tracked; in that vein is another great scientific explanation of the life energy -Heliognosis, a manufacturer of the Experimental Life Energy Meter.

Let us agree here again the main point, that energy precede form.

Without a doubt for example, Water being transformed into steam or vapor is a result of change in energy applied to the structure of water molecules.

One thing that I had been obsessed with is the question about- What is the critical point of energy and time needed to transform an object? Or to materialize an idea into reality?

In other words water boils and turn into steam at 212 degree Fahrenheit and water become ice at 32 degree Fahrenheit.

What is that critical point for us, where our ideas, our dreams, our projects can change form?

What is the parallel in term of us translating our ideas into form?

IF Energy precede form, what is the Energy matrix of what I want to create so that it can manifest into our time and space form?

Let’s explore and try to understand the process first.

Clearly, it’s important to reiterate that Energy precede form- In other words you probably know that a house is created twice, first in the blueprint which is a reflection of the architect mind creation then the physical creation with the contractor.

Yes everything is created twice, first in the mind then in the time, space dimension.

Now how do we apply this in practical terms?

If Energy precede form, it’s important to understand that the immediate causal factor of creating a form comes from our self-expression via our identity.

Let me explain, if our attention and our energy are the two ultimate levers we’ve got as explained in earlier posting. (cf. picture – The Quantum Do ™system of leverage). Our identity and our self-expression are the direct drivers of bringing our ideas into form into the human existence.

The bar used in the leverage system is the transmission between the energy and the object being lifted- In creation mode, this bar is impacted on the upper side by two things our identity and our self-expression.

Our identity is directly connected to the Energy point and our self-expression connected to the object being lifted. (cf. picture – The Quantum Do ™system of leverage).


Let’s clarify.

Energy precede form, but Energy need to be channeled otherwise it could be chaotic.

The first step which is the intent formation.

In the beginning was the “word” it says in the Old Testament. (Note that this step is a natural step regardless of the field or belief structure).

The next step is to define the vision, the form we want manifested, and so we need to clarify what we want to create.

Going back to redefine, our vision is important here. People without vision perish.


Because that vision, is what link us and connect us to source energy. Energy is infinite and “random” if we don’t channel it.

The vision inherently define and structure our identity- who we have to be in order to have the form xyz desired? The vision or the form ground the want and desire of what we want to create.

A desire or a vision is nothing but the need for self-expression of our being, spirit and soul.

That get initiated in this plane by our identity which further carry it out through our self-expression.

In simple terms,

The second stage is driven from our attention being directed into our vision of the future or of our dreams. In that stage the practitioner understand the concept that where our attention goes our energy flows. Therefore it’s non-negotiable at this level. One should define the concept, the vivid vision of the desire of our dreams and goals.

I’m sorry to say that 95% of the population failed at this level?


Because of the daily conditioning, many of us haven’t spent time to think about what we want in our lives.

Few people stop during each year, to make New Year resolutions. Which is a great start, if you follow up with those resolution weekly or even monthly. But statistic have proven that by February most people are back in their old patterns as sad it is. Not a myth, but health club owners and gym membership statistics are just an example of that…

Which is why this step is critical-Having a vision, a future concept of what you want and holding unto it. That is in other the form we want to create. (This will be the first step of creation- Everything is created twice, first in the mind then second in material form).

This third step initiate the energy, and the organization of the energetic field around us.

That level is for you to translate your desires into an “Energy matrix”.

Connecting to source is critical here. Like an electric current is the source of energy for most of our appliances. Here our source is the recognition of who we are.

That stems from an awareness and commitment to our identity- When we say “I AM”- we are plugging ourselves to that infinite source. The I AM statement is like the electric plug to the vacuum cleaner or a TV. The I AM command and direct energy. The I AM creates our communion between our being and the source. Our identity helps us contain the energy we need to carry out to perform the form we want manifested.

At this stage, it is the commitment stage-How would it feel to have the wish fulfilled?

People Dr.Wayne Dyer or Neville Godard would call this “assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

A similar idea is “fake it till you make it”- which is wrong in its definition- “faking it” means it’s not real. Which is a conflict with my “integrity” energy. I’d rather use the term assume the energetic matrix; Why?

What that means, in quantum physics is that, it’s real, and it’s already real even if we haven’t seen the manifestation yet. So there’s no faking it at the quantum level. And it’s not an illusion or positive thinking.

Quantum physics has proven that when you invest your attention into the future. You are investing your energy into the energetic matrix of that is that you want. You are building an energetic holographic blueprint field of your vision.

The bigger the vision, the more energy needed obviously and the more attention and repetition is needed daily.

As we reach this stage, the last step is self-expression, which carries out our action in this plane so we can manifest what we have dream about or envisioned about.

In summary it’s a spiral loop- Starting with intention and in clarifying our vision and the form we want to create; second in clarifying our energetic matrix blueprint, third defining our identity and last our self-expression.

As we climb that spiral loop, what we come to realized are Lavoisier principle. That in fact, “In nature nothing is wasted, nothing is created, everything is transformed

Which make us aware that one, that in fact everything is energy; second that we’re all one whole and integrated, and third, that the only constant is change.

Next time we’ll explore the challenge that people face- It’s the paradox of our human existence.

It’s the stage between tapping into the source energy and defining our identity.

Till Next time, Live your Power with Purpose,Passion and Prosperity

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