How Do You Tap Into Your Freedom of Self Expression?

You Cannot Be FREE and FEARFUL at the SAME TIME!!!

Why are we all moved by heroic stories whether they are myths, legends, movies, sport, entertainment?Am-I-the-bulb-that

It’s because we recognize those qualities of  strength, power, courage and most importantly that freedom that we long for is in ALL of us.

It’s not a chance that the whole world celebrate the Olympians efforts.It’s simply a deep recognition in human psyche of what each of us could become.

Now where to start? it’s all start with our Heart!!!

The word “courage” stems from French “coeur”, further down the roots in Latin, meaning heart.

The courage that the human has to brave is the story of the human experience and paradox.

James Allen in his book ” as the man thinketh”, main theme is that “As the man thinketh in HIS HEART SO IS HE”.

It’s not a chance that he  doesn’t say as the man thinketh in his brain or mind BUT rather he says  “think in his heart”.

The heart is like the elixir that connect all of us in a powerful way.

It’s that heart that recognize the dance between our evolution and our progress;that balance between being and becoming.

The grand master in any field of excellence have understood that principle ” You got to have death in order to have life”. The old has to disappear or transform so it can make for the new.

That’s where our true freedom stems from. understanding that life is always on the border of death But living it powerfully.  and once you lack fear of death you get the power to live strong , to be bold.

Some people have coined it , burning your boat, or ALL IN… all these are images ,metaphor that tries to capture that essence.It’s the story in all heroic themes.

courage to be self expressed is found in that quest.

Joseph Campbell captures it  so beautifully when he says in  the hero with thousand faces” The realization of your bliss, your true being comes when you have put aside your passing moment with its terror and with temptation, and its statement of requirement of life that you should live this way or that way”..

This where true freedom comes from, it’s that liberation from our expectations.

It’s an understanding that each moment that we’re living is bringing to us the experience we need in order to evolve and to go the next level of our better selves. which means there are no wrong moments and we  ought to take out of our daily vocabulary” the word- “should”… Should is just a “mental” prison, we’re self inflicting to ourselves.

Instead let’s unchained ourselves by knowing that each moment we;re entering is meant for us.It’s  meant for us to be our better selves. it’s mean for us to be perfected.

So go ahead and use that birth right of liberty!!!

Until Next time. Live your Power with Purpose and Passion.

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