How To Tap Into the Secret of Your Emotions?


Sensations precede outcome and manifestation. Energy precede Form.

Our state of being is captured by how we feel and think. In previous posting we’ve discussed on what to think; here, I would like to explore about more the hidden power of our emotions; especially in our current western dominated civilization we tend to discount our feelings; while understanding them and leveraging them can make you powerful beyond measure in business or in our personal lives.

Why is that important?

Because it’s been proven that 80-90% of our disease (“dis- ease”) are stress related.

Emotional disturbances, especially suppressed are the cause of all disease. Our body is an emotional filter and carry and store the most prevalent emotions we’ve had in our past.

This is why the golden rule that is been expressed across all cultures and all era is so powerful, because it is ingrained into our cells. The most popularized version is “do unto others what you want done unto you” or the reverse I’ve heard is “don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you”.

From the behavior perspective it makes sense to suggest to control our actions. But I think we need to go to the root and further teach it from childhood- before the Doing part, we should suggest, the thoughts, and the feel- in a way it should be –

Do not think, Do not wish or Do not feel “ill” of people, because you don’t want that to be done unto you.

You don’t want to entertain the feeling of regret or failure towards your outcome, because your body will register that which you feel. Instead feel the feeling desired or sought after.

Both our conscious mind and subconscious have their role into helping us navigate this plane.

Our conscious mind which is the male element is discerning, personal and selective, while the subconscious is more the female element of our mind, very accepting and welcoming.

The caveat is that the subconscious preferred language of communication is “emotions/feeling and pictures”.

If the subconscious mind is welcoming all emotions, we ought to make sure that we “control” the emotions we welcome into our subconscious mind. Because in the end every feeling makes a subconscious imprint.

The dominant of two feelings is the one that is expressed into our subconscious mind. Therefore we need to choose carefully our feelings.

It’s important to notice here, that choosing and control notions are not necessarily synonym of “suppressing”, rather the disciplining of self to imagine and dwell upon the feeling of expansion, joy, abundance, simply because The dominant of two feelings is the one that is expressed.

It’s important to express the feeling and let them flow, but at the same time understand that nature doesn’t “allow” void; which means counter balance the “negative” emotional signals with the positive ones.

Also most importantly the “negative” emotions are guidance from our subconscious mind signalizing to us that we’re getting out of our “comfort” zone, therefore threatening our current sphere of identity or knowingness.

That self-awareness is indeed a compass for us to wake up and act.

Understanding these two principles about our emotions help the masters of this world because they have understood How to tap into the Secret of their own Emotions.

For quick homework, action guide.

Can you track your own state of being this week? Daily each morning for 4 hours

Look at the variation of emotion you go through, let’s say from the time you wake up to about your noon time.

Step 3- monitor those feelings. Do you find yourself into the “warning emotions” (which are the negative emotions” or do you find that you are mostly into positive ones.

One thing you’ll notice is that if you are finding yourself bathing into the warning emotions, you are probably in transition phase while the positive emotions are saying that you are looking forward a compelling future.

Whichever it is, don’t forget The dominant of two feelings is the one that is expressed into our subconscious mind. Therefore we need to choose carefully our feelings.

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