How to Use The Power of Gratitude?


What is the best leadership tool?

One simple Answer-Gratitude!

The Most powerful agent in any interaction is gratitude.

In Business and in life, the most powerful solvent in human relationship is being grateful.

As David Steindl-Rast in his Ted Talk about being grateful mentioned. When you’re grateful, you’re not fearful. When you’re grateful you’re open to grow and to receive…

What that means?

Gratitude is a state of being that combines an emotional fullness paired with a state of mind of being enough.

It’s basically a state of wholeness. Wholeness in a sense that we feel that we are complete.

As discussed earlier, human beings have two deepest fears which are “I’m not enough; so I won’t be loved”.

The state of wholeness, acknowledge the fact that we’re FULL as we ARE, that we have everything we would need at this present moment. The notion of time is also an element that we need to take into consideration as it allows one to present to the current moment. That moment of presence of “Now, is power to connect to something bigger than your own conscious mind.

As David Steindl Rast said it- when we are grateful, we acknowledge that it’s something of value and that it’s been given to us (given to us by something higher than ourselves).

In a way ultimately, it’s being grateful for the opportunity given to us. Knowing that within every moment is that gift.

In that way when we’re in that state of wholeness, we understand that we have everything we need. And we understand that we don’t have anything lacking in us, we move forward with confidence and resolve. Everything around us, will arrange itself to accommodate that certainty we have in us.

In that state, people around us will feel that genuine energy.

That authentic energy is undeniable and is universal. It will help Move Mountains.

It’s that pure energy that connect us as human. When you connect to that. You connect to  all humanity and from that place you can lead with congruence and with power.

Next time when you’re a doubtful situation, take a moment to pause and be grateful.

You will look back and realize the energy being aligned, and you will find  that you have the wind in your back pushing your sail forward.

Next time when stuck, ask yourself what are you grateful for in this situation?

What can you appreciate about that moment?

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  1. Great article! The power of gratitude can change your life and your business. I keep a gratitude journal and send gratitude letters as birthday gifts. Thanks for sharing more information about gratitude.

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