In this Post, we are continuing on Understanding the Human machine control part 2 theme!!I hope it’s  clear by now that our vibe, or electromagnetic energy that we project is a combination of both what we think/believe and  how we feel.

Let’s start to explore the Emotion landscape.Emotion, is “E”motion indeed, it’s Energy in Motion.

“What is a feeling and an emotion , how is created?  can we control it?

We do our emotions!! emotions don’t happen to us!!

In fact the TRIAD suggested by Tony Robins is a good example to illustrate on how the 3 molders of meaning (Physiology, Language and Focus), Influence and almost determine on a short term how we feel. The state of each of these 3 elements determine our state and how we feel. So if you wan to control how you feel; the easiest way is to change one of these 3 stated above.That’s why for example after working out we feel upbeat or better? or after listening to a song  our physiology change when we start moving and our state changes..

But on a long term it’s our filters and our beliefs.

But let’s look at our emotional state.which is is a physical sensation.

For example let’s stay  the emotion and feeling of “pleasure”; that emotion is triggered by hormones we secret in our body- mostly our organs (in this case in our brain secret dopamine let’s say). Dopamine triggered by neurotransmitter which are in our human lymbic brain. the negro-transmitter are triggered based on the “interpretation/perception of events  in our environment”.

Basically our perception control the  signal that is triggered by our neurotransmitter.

Our perception are determined  by our filters. Part of our filters are determined  by the  meaning we associate to events.

The meaning  and the association we attach to events is the basis of our filters. One of the leading filter is our VALUES.

Our values are being driven by our rules.for example , let’s say friendship is one of your highest value.

When you think about it, each of us have RULES about  for example what friendship means.

So our rules drive how we feel in the long term and consistent basis.So Homework is this:

What are your top 2-3  VALUES and what are your top 2-3 rules around this VALUES. The easiest way to find out about your rules is to ask yourself this question:


I hope you do the homework..these are important  to know yourself so you can transmute your destiny…

Until next time, live your power with passion and purpose

Let me your thoughts and feel free to share..


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