One of The Best Holiday Gift From Santa Claus!!!


Do you remember the best gift you’ve ever received during the holiday’s season?

What was your gift last week?

As the year end it’s definitely a great time to reflect and take “inventory” about ourselves, our businesses, our career and our lives.

Last week with holidays I was reminded of the gifts and blessings I had.

Starting with my health and well-being, my wonderful family (married with 2 Toddlers), kept me grounded as I “purposefully “slowed down so that I can spent quality time with them.

I like the holidays just for those moments where we take time to acknowledge what we have.

Yet I understand how it can be stressful at the same time (especially for people that are not with family).

I had been in that place where as a student, I couldn’t afford to purchase tickets to fly overseas to visit my family and at the same time, where feeling of loneliness would “momentarily” creep in.

I would see some people severely depressed during those times; seeing that made me even more grateful to what I had.

As those years went by, I developed more deliberate ways to purposefully slow down and be grateful during the holidays.

This year was very special; on top of the gratitude I had for my family and my health, I had some worries when we found out with my siblings that my mother lost consciousness in the ICU with headache (which we found out is a brain tumor that we’re hoping she’ll defeat as I’m writing this message).

In a way, I was grateful, but a little anxious (As we didn’t know yet for my mother diagnostic).

Why this matter to you? I have a gift that was given to me, I want to share with you.

I want to share with you and most importantly, I hope you can take that with you as we embark on this New Year, which require new perspectives.

As I shared the context of my emotional state, I wanted to share the content of the message I wanted to share with you.

It’s a gift, I got from a random stranger on Thursday afternoon the 24th of December.

As, I went running an errand about a mile away from my house; it was a beautiful sunny day; about 55% degree Fahrenheit (about 12 degree Celsius). I had a white T shirt and a green running short when I went into the grocery for about 15 minutes.

I came out of the grocery store- It was raining –I’m surprised and concerned (I’m not properly prepared and dressed for rain) as I’m getting wet.

I’m starting to slip into “complaining” mode, all of the sudden, I caught myself like a little boy excited and I said it loud- Wow- “Rain and sunshine at the same time? Is there a rainbow around somewhere”.

I’m excited in a hurry, looking in the sky, trying to get a better view of the skyline so that I can find that rainbow.

As I was all joyous looking for it, I repeated my comments to an old man with white hair who was passing by “There’s probably a rainbow around somewhere “; As I said that, right in that moment I got the best gift from that man –

The gift was this

There’s always a rainbow in the sky, you just have to look for it “.

I still have that sentence resonating in my body-

There’s always a rainbow in the sky, you just have to look for it “.

Right in that moment as I was present to the vanishing man in the crowd, I thank him for the best gift I got-That was the gift of perspective during those holidays season-

I was grateful to him and I tried to run after him to thank him, but he disappeared-

There standing, I was thankful about what just had happened.

I was grateful I was present so that I could receive the gift of perspective from a “random” person.

How many of us receive message from people on a daily basis but we can’t receive them because we’re not looking for it or are not ready for it?

As if you would ask to receive some money by opening your hands and simultaneously close your fist (thinking that we’re asking and not receiving at the same time).

This was wonderful reminder for me at many levels, I wanted to share-

We cannot receive if we’re not open.

As it is I wanted to share with you the gift of perspective in these holidays season- the gift of perspective- What new perspective can you adopt coming into this New Year that would help you move forward?

As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say in graceful manner what quantum physicist have proven-“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

That was the gift I receive from that strange man-

There’s always a rainbow in the sky, you just have to look for it “.

Happy Holidays to you!!

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