Progress Not Perfection!!!

Do you know that perfectionism is a self-esteem problem?

If you are a perfectionist I hate to share the news!!!! You won’t be perfect as you think you can be!! But you need to know you are supposed to be “perfected”…It’s all about Progress But not Perfection!!!Progress-notperfection

In fact in trying to strive for perfection, one is unconsciously fool the world about believing something that we might not believe ourselves. It’s about progress or excellence; about being your best!!! Being better than your past best self.

Progress is what is ingrained in us. Its life seeking fuller expression; it’s evolving, and improving self.

When a seed drop into the ground, in the act of living it produces more seeds. By living with progress life multiplies itself. Yes it’s part of the perfected plan but not a perfection from the seed, why?

The significance in the nuance is to understand that every act, lead us to learning another one.

The urge for us to prove that we‘re perfect is in fact one of the deepest fear rooted in our human existence paradox. One of our deepest fear is that we’re not enough, and the second fear is the fact so that we won’t be loved.

In order for us to compensate for that fear of not being enough, from the baby stage, the child is working hard to “deserve” the parents or care taker love. As the baby grow, he/she wants to know that the parents will take care of him/her; for that the baby interpretation of “I’m enough for my parents, so they can love me”.

That way we create a model of perfection in our mind which is supposed to be matching our care takers models.

In reality it’s about progress, not perfectionism.

How to determine progress? It’s important to have a gauge isn’t’?

As it is it’s important to not confuse activity, change with progress.

Do you have a direction? Do you know where you are? Are you tracking where you’re headed?

3 simple questions yet helpful to track your progress..

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