Resonate with Your Desires


We Attract who we are not what we want- Wayne Dyer.

In last Post we discuss how emotions are the best feedback system we get on our way to achieving or getting what we want.

As we’ve discussed, everything in the universe is energy and would be associated then with a vibration or frequency. Our desires, or want (let’s say a new house on the beach), would have a certain vibration or frequency.

As we hold the image of the house or our desires, we should be aware and pay attention to how we feel. If we feel good, that means we’re aligned and in route to getting what we want. It means we’re aligned to our desires.

Now let’s say we feel negative or limiting feeling when we are holding the object of our desires.

First of all what that means? Very simply it means a miss-alignment (or lack of resonance) between what we want and who we are right now.

So two solutions-either to align ourselves or change the vibration of what we want. Obviously it’s the second options for the simple reason that we want is “fixed” and we are the variable.

Which means we would have to transform ourselves and change our vibration so we can be aligned with our desires vibration. That’s is why the mystics and wise masters have always claim that we get who we are and not what we want. This is why I’m so fascinated with transformation, because we have to become and align (from a frequency level to what we want) with what we desire. In order to get what we want we have to allow, and become that first- in that sense becoming is first, then being after ; which means being really precede having or manifesting. In a way it’s the universe reverence that insure that we get what we really intended. The key here is not Only about your thought but about how you feel (in fact that’s the universal language).

What are some of the causes of the miss-alignment?

Basically what we‘re a feeling is signal from our subconscious mind which is reading our core beliefs and the energy around us and comparing to the frequency of the desired object.

The mismatch then means that there’s a disconnect energetically from our state of being compare to the desire object.

In a way, the subconscious mind is reading the beliefs we hold (or our current circumstances) versus what we want.

How do we move toward an alignment?

The easiest way is to work on our beliefs first.

The first step is to analyze our belief towards what we want .Do we have limiting beliefs associated with fear, lack, unworthiness etc… associated towards the object of our desires?

We need to examine ourselves thoroughly as this is critical step. Bring this into consciousness.

A belief in my opinion is just a “frozen feeling or emotion” in time. If an emotion is like water, which run through us and very fluid, the frozen water would be the frozen emotion in time- the simple fact is that our belief carry with them emotions associated with them.

There are different modalities on how to change our beliefs and/ or how to release our trapped emotions.

I have seen couple them work and I will be happy to share some of them with you feel to email me at

I can suggest further readings or material on that subject.

Till next Time, Live Your Power, with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity

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