Resurrection and the Power of Now , What Do They Have in Common?


Phoenix rebirth coming from it ashes.courtesy from dreamz

A deep scrutiny through ages in Human history reveal stories of resurrection. Whether it be in Babylonian mythology, Secular wisdom worldwide, Eastern Philosophies or current western legends, the stories of being reborn again has existed in our human psyche.

Yes major monotheistic religions adhere to that idea even if in the surface only Christianity through Jesus Chris Story seems to be emphasizing the resurrection story.

Why is that story of rebirth prevalent everywhere? One view could be described and captured in that hero Journey that Joseph Campbell describe well; at a point the hero goes through tribulation and the denouement is happening as the hero is being transform again.

The mythic bird “phoenix” has been imbued in our culture. In fact that is a perfect example of resurrection and being born again.

Being born again has one of the best leadership example, because, in the end, we are looking for a better house, relationship, car, etc…

Being born again suggest a renewal, a new beginning. What better time, to do it if not in Spring equinox?

Why is that Notion important for us today?

It’s because, each moment is giving us that chance to be reborn again and again.

TIME is the only commodity that is distributed equally to all human beings. The biggest differentiation is how each of us use that twenty hour. Period!!!

From that vantage point, each moment, this now, is a gift. That’s why the present moment is called a “present”.

So the real differentiation really is the answer or decision some people have made about the ultimate point in the TIME relationship which sums up like it’s well said in the movie “The Only thing you have to do is to decide what to do with the time that has been given to you”.

In other words, what are you going to do with the gift that has been given to you?

The Now is the gift. The most important thing for you to ask is actually what are you going to do with that gift? With that now, what are you going to do with it?

This is where I want to thank from my sincere heart the great Eckart Tolle who wrote the book the “Power of Now”; great book highly suggested. One thing tough that I would like to point out is my personal opinion through experiences is the nest level. It should be said- Your power in the Now (not the power of Now). Now has been already given, our power resides in the now. Not in the past or in the future but in the now, because we can act and impact tomorrow.

As it is your Power in the now.

Here’s where resurrection and the Now interconnect!!!

Each moment is given each of us the power to be born again, to reinvent ourselves!! How is that?

The answer resides in the meaning you create for that Now.

Truly speaking our power is in the moment, in the present…As we become present to the moment about ourselves and the event happening around us will reveal the power, the transformation we’re seeking in order for us to evolve and be born again. So that answer resides in that moment.

The power of creating a meaning- Your power in the now. Not the power of Now.

In fact, I always asked myself, if there’s a nuclear atomic tool that can help us transform what would it. I found out the answer –it’s meaning in the now.


As we are present in the “present” we have the ability to truly transform ourselves by the power of our attention in that moment. That attention will provide the meaning we will assign to the moment.

Whoever master Meaning, Time, will understand the power of the present moment and at that point the individuals are given a gift of resurrection, not sometimes down the road but right here and right now!!!

As we transform, we understand, we understand not only the power of Now, But most importantly we understand our power in the Now.

Because we understand in the end that it’s all about reinventing self at each moment.


Till Next Time, live your power with purpose and Passion

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