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“If you understand the power of Leverage and you apply it appropriately you’ll have a dream  life you would have never imagined”; those were the words I remember and wrote down during my college graduation commencement speech from that multi-millionaire and mega successful investor.

As I much as I can remember this is the only sentence I could remember of his long speech as the rest of the time,  because of the excitement and celebration anticipation, my mind was wandering.

I knew somehow that the true understanding of this sentence could alter my life positively as well; but I wasn’t sure how.

Why I had that intuition and agreement with the speaker?

Simply, at that time, I had been successfully practicing the martial art Judo for over 16 years. In fact being part of the Judo varsity team, I had won twice competitively the silver state champion in California.  Judo basics is all based in understanding three fundamentals – Balance, Leverage and Force.

In fact Judo stands in translation from Japanese as the “gentle way”; I know some friends have made fun of us Judokas (the Judo practioner) on the fact that slamming people on the ground or choking people, or arm barring them was NOT gentle at all.

I always found it funny and didn’t understand their perspective as for us Judokas(compared to different martial arts- for example striking martial arts can be very offensive and energy draining)it is all about using your opponent energy and its own force against himself. I grew up with that concept and forgot how relative it was. Judo founder Jigoro Kano, was a small teacher from Japan- and the principle he had in mind was “minimum effort for maximum efficiency”. Which basically summarize the principle of leverage.

Nothing less, nothing more-True leverage means -Minimum effort for maximum results.

What that means in our daily living?

That’s what I had tried to understand for all these years; after all, the concept of leverage is used in finance with borrowing and cost etc… But how about applying into our daily lives?

I came to realize some of the application where it is used and indeed I confess and I just started to understand the meaning of that sentence after decade and years.

You show me any successful people in any endeavor and I‘ll show how they have understood and have applied  leverage in their art/success.

You probably heard Albert Einstein famous quote” The significant problems we face cannot be resolved at the same level than they were created”. This is clearly, someone that understood the power of leverage.

How about in negotiation, in leadership, can we use levers to get faster results?

Can we use emotional levers unto ourselves to move unto fast actions?

How about in businesses- the power of recruiting talent is understanding the leverage of talent and skills.

Each of us has twenty four hours in a day. A business owner who has employees has multiplied his personal hours by hiring the people working for his business. He’s leveraging his time and talent.

In fact the most successful and influential people in the world have all understood & mastered TWO things –They are consistent in mastering and leveraging their Time and Talents/Relationships”

What are you leveraging? 

To help you put in perspective here’s a simple tool to help you put in context.

A lever has 3 component- The Fulcrum, Force applied and force produced.

Mastery consist in finding and adjusting where to exercise and apply our force(relative to the fulcrum).

The further away from the fulcrum you apply a force, the more you can multiply the force of your weight. If you sit a long way from the fulcrum, you can even lift a much heavier person sitting at the other end—providing they sit very close to the fulcrum on their side.

The important thing to remember about lever is that it challenges Isaac newton 2nd law of dynamics which states that for every action there’s an equal reaction.

With the lever the force you produce can be bigger than the force you apply.

Think about that isn’t this magical? (Minimum effort maximum results!)…

How about in high performance, can we apply lever to our performance? You bet we can…

You just need to  find out any important emotional matter to you and linked it to a result you need to achieve. We’ve all heard stories where mothers got “miraculous”  supernatural powers to save their endangered children. That’s psychological leverage.

We could do the same with our daily work to increase our daily productivity, to increase the synergy in our relationships, to increase our impact and influence…

Next time when you feel tired, or jaded, or stressed, take a distance. I invite you think about this sentence” What Can I leverage to get the results I want?”

Till Next time, Live your power with purpose, passion and prosperity

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