To Change or Not is Not the Question, But Are you Directing Your Change?



All of us at the end of the day are looking for transformation. A better career, a better relationship, a better life. We’re in an ever expanding universe, In fact it’s a universal principle, and we’re all seeking for growth.

Life is seeking to emerge through us so we can feel alive and live our potential. As the roots of the tree are seeking water, mineral in the ground, our human experiences and realities are leading us to grow and evolve or be “perfected”.

That’s been an obsession of mine, Transformation and change if indeed change is the only constant that there is and that is what we’re all looking for.

Let’s go back to the definition: Transform has the root “form”, which basically in this 5 sense(touch, smell, sight, gustatory,hear) perspective lead us to the 3  physical dimension materials world; “Trans” means change; so basically transform means literally changing form.

Now,  taking it further in our case, here we’re talking about deliberate transformation.

Now let’s look at objects around us in our daily lives.

How do you change or obliterate the form of a physical chair? Let’s say a wooden chair for example, one way for example is to destroy it? Or simply, one has to apply a stronger force/power in order to do that. At the same level of thinking, a lot of energy is required.

Now let’s take a step back as Einstein would say, problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking than when they were created.

Understanding the formula E=Mc2 is revelatory for us.

The same example of a wooden chair above. If we exert let’s say heat, or fire- in other words us using “higher” form of energy, the chair will melt and change it forms. That’s a faster and more impactfull way to change form.

What that means? If we want to make a change the higher energy we can put in, the faster the transformation will take place. To change lower state of energy, we need to bring in higher state of energy that will create movement and flow.

With the E=Mc2 formula, we’re lead back to the conclusion that everything is energy.

According to physics, energy is regulated through the law of vibration, which encapsulates frequencies, different manifestations like dissipation, entropy, resonance, attraction etc…

But let’s keep it simple, the law of vibration, is captured through frequencies exchange and one of it main operating law is the law of attraction, which has different frequencies and wave length.

The bottom line is this: to change a form, we need to raise our energy. In a simpler form, it means raising our vibration.

Next post will discuss how. Hope this foundation makes sense.

Till Next time, Live your power with purpose and passion

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