Transmute Your Destiny!!!

Many people are living stressful and renounced lives. As it is, many people believe they have no power to change the course of their current lives and destiny. Activity without purpose is a drain to a life of fulfillment as would say Tony Robbins. In this introductory session your transformation buddy Soul Ongoiba, shares with you what he believes in and How this podcast can and will help you to Transmute Your Destiny. You can “live your power” with purpose, intention and passion. As it is, you’ll get a chance to meet Soul and understand why he’s passionate about human potential…with his eclectic background in engineering, entrepreneurship/business, elite athlete, martial art and human potential; Soul Ongoiba has been able to reinvent himself multiple times and wants to help people do the same. I truly believe, that everybody deserve to live their best life…Don’t let anybody or any event beat you down so you would give up on yourself or your dreams!! You are here to manifest your glory and your magnificence that was bestowed upon you by the universe and its creator. Don’t waste it!! Your life Matters!!! Live Your Power with Purpose and Passion..

Do you believe you can change your Destiny?

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