TWO Important Key Each Leader Has To Know

Are you a leader?  If you are reading this , I assume you are!!!

Well do you know what is your team leader orientation tendency ? As a matter of fact do you know your own orientation tendency?

Do you  do things out of necessity or out possibility?

There’s no right or wrong answer, but as a leader you have to know this about yourself and your team. Whether your team is your family, your children or at work.

We all have an orientation or a preference by what we are motivated the most.(not to confuse with the motivation filter we discussed couple podcast ago- between moving toward an moving away); these two notions seem close but they are different in a sense that one is a motivation strategy filter while here the possibility versus the necessity is an orientation filter strategy.

Why is this important to know as a leader?

The relevance is this when you have a team of people, and you have some tasks to be accomplished. The necessity person will be driven by “should” and “must” elements and factors. Positions like Quality control an security is involved will be well suited for people with necessity orientation.

While on the other hand, possibility seeker looks for newness, variety, new challenges and they are driven by  what can I do? What could I do? what are the possibilities? They are driven by the unknown almost. Explorer or maverick would fit this position.

Or looking for head of  research position, this would be a good position for the possibility seeker.

As it is this could be applied in all areas of our lives; at work , in our close surroundings; which is your leading orientation filter?

The homework today is for you first to find out your tendency(whether, possibility or necessity), then find out your closest friends and family.

One key question to uncover the tendency is for example to ask at a job. Why did you chose this position? this job, this company?  Keeping in mind and in fairness (we’re not talking about extreme cases of survival, where by instinct everybody will oscillate toward survival first).

let me know your comments? do you find this useful?

how can you apply this to your daily lives.

let me know your comments below.

Until then, Live your power with purpose and passion.








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