Understanding the Human Control Machine!!!!

Albert Einstein said “God doesn’t play with Dice” while  looking at  the universe, its pattern and the world. What a statement of profound humility from one of the most respected brain of of human history. In fact He learned enough science to understand the why and much of the how. He could see the consistency and relationship between all things. Thus, to him, nothing was random chance. Truth is absolute and works every time!

As above so below, So below as above… The same wonder and conclusion can be drawn when looking at the human mind.

From a builder/designer perspective, let’s dive into our mind.

When one creates a product (i.e a car, phone, telephone etc..), the creator always ask 3 fundamentals questions: THE WHAT, THE WHY, and the HOW.

Fair  enough our brain is wired that way.


Our brain is ALWAYS in one of this binary state. there’s no in between.Indeed we’re either growing or dying.

Dying is restriction, shrinking, constraint, it’s survival. VS. Creation  which is growth, expansion, aliveness, movement .


The revelation here is to understand that no matter what our actions are, every human being has a POSITIVE INTENT. the action or behavior could be damaging to its surrounding, but ultimately, the intent is positive… really? why..

Ultimately, our mind intent is always one these 3 things:

Protect, Prevent or Provide.

Which means when people act they have one these intent(consciously or unconsciously)


As we discussed in the last post (your perceptions create your reality),  our mind is exposed to 2 Millions bit of information each

second; while the brain can process only about 120 bit of information/second. Which means the brain to be optimal operates 3 modes(Delete, Distort or Generalize).

Very fascinating isn’t it ? Nature might not be random after all?

Or is it random?

Before you answer this question, I’m inviting you to look at your daily actions the next seven days(work and domestic environment).

Can you identify 3 behaviors/actions where you apply the WHAT, WHY and the HOW. Even better can you deliberately design patterns?

What do you think?

Listen in the audio for more details!!

Until next time,Live your Power with Purpose and Passion


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